Let’s Playthrough: Bayonetta 2 (Part 5)



Happy Halloween, almost! The time of year where candy, costumes, and craziness are the focus! And while due to time limitations we couldn’t round up any video game costume choices for this year; we are restarting the Bayonetta 2 playthrough for you all! Something that is both a trick & a treat – Enjoy!



Let’s Playthrough: Bayonetta 2 (Part 4)


Boss fight tyme! Don’t worry though, when it comes to big, long, floppy things Bayonetta is a pro at handling them.

Let’s Playthrough: Bayonetta 2 (Part 3)



You know who’s got some serious brass balls? Bayonetta. Too bad they’re inflamed.

Let’s Playthrough: Bayonetta 2 (Part 2)


Last time we left off Bayo’s sister, Jeannenene, got her soul blasted out her body; in which got snatched up by the underworld soon after. Can’t let that stand so she’s hunting down a door that will take her to the underworld to save her. But forget all that – look! A squirrel with bling on it! AMAZING!

Let’s Playthrough: Bayonetta 2 (Part 1)


We finished the first game so it was only a matter of time before we got back to Bayonetta. This time around though I got Blu as my wing man (woman?), so will she like the game or will she be offended by the huge amounts of T&A&T&T&A&T? Let’s find out as we begin Bayonetta 2.

Gameroween 2015: Video Game Characters that make good costumes (Bayonetta)



OK so this one is a little risky, and yes I wouldn’t wear this at any PTA Halloween mixer, but ladies you know you want to. I mean Bayonetta is a powerful witch that doesn’t take any mess, can rock any outfit from princess to her own hair, and has the best time management skills out of anyone I know. Halloween and Bayonetta just goes great together like high heel shoes and small caliber pistols. And what’s great about dressing up like her is that, like the Saint’s Row Boss, it can be practically anything save for two rules. One: low profile glasses are a must and two: the actual costume must a little provocative. Hey don’t look at me, I didn’t make up the rules, I just enforce them in a holiday devoted to candy and scaring people. If Bayonetta is not a fav then just disregard today pick; however if your brave, bold, and got the goods (and your know it) then suit up and strike a prose – your time is witch time this year.




Let’s Playthrough: Bayonetta (Wii U version) Conclusion

Well as we reached the end of the game (yes really) I’ve learned a lot from this title: lollipops can help you recover from the gravest of injuries, giving strange black men the remains of angel demons is always a good idea, and of course hair is the greatest power in the universe. Thanks Bayonetta!