VGA Quickie: Fallout 4 (2016)


Now it seems like overkill for a radroach, but it was a legendary radroach, so I’m justified.





Let’s Watch: Bethesda’s E3 Press Conference of 2016

E3 2016

Next up in our show is Bethesda Game Studios, now they may not have as many games in their library as the others in the show, but their titles are almost flawless – and their entry last year stole the show (depending who you talk to). Let’s see if they have the same amount of luck this year!









This just in (Or not): Fallout 4’s first DLC – Automatron

Come on now, I know I wasn’t the only one disappointed that Codsworth was our robot companion in Fallout 4. I mean he’s cool for giving me water, but his combat abilities in the wasteland are garbage compared to even the rustiest Protectron. Well thanks to the Automatron DLC we can have the death machine of our dreams!

Mini Game Review: Fallout 4




Alright people I’m going to keep this short because, surprise, Fallout 4 is great and I want to keep playing. The start of the game begins 200 years ago were you (average Joe or Jane) are enjoying a life of peace with family, unfortunately that peace is shattered when the nuclear bombs fell and the great war began. Only by sheer ‘luck’ did you and your family make it into Vault 111 before one of those bombs hit your neighborhood; however whatever luck you had in getting there ran out soon after. Now, through the story, you are the sole survivor of Vault 111 and the world has changed far more than you could possibly imagine – this is Fallout 4. From there the Commonwealth is your oyster: you can continue the main story, or you can explore the devastated wasteland to see what trouble you can get into yourself, how about rebuilding? In a first for the series you can found and grow your own settlements. Make sure plant crops and provide fresh water and the people will come. Of course to deter raiders, super mutants, and the like; set up defenses and turrets – you haven’t lived until you see a rocket launching turret at work. Or not – you can just go around selling your skills to different factions and people for rewards, allies, and more.






I’ll say it again: Fallout 4 is great, game of the year no question. It has flaws (random glitches, character clipping, dialog hic-ups) and I wouldn’t say Fallout 4’s story is the most groundbreaking either, but all Fallouts since 3 were amusingly glitchy and don’t do anything to cause the player any grief. Any other problems found in this game are nitpicks, plain and simple. Buy this game now and become the sole survivor you want to be.





Gameroween 2015: Video Game Characters that make good costumes (Vault Boy)

Vault Boy



Now this one is a bit of a cheat seeing as Fallout has been a thing for a while now, the iconic Vault Boy (sometimes Pip-Boy) however was never the main character of the series, just a throwback mascot. Recently however there was a game called Fallout Shelter, which gave the Vault Boy and his people(?) a chance to create a perfect vault. Because of this game the Vault Boy makes the list – not that it stopped fans of the series from dressing up like the VB anyway. All you need is a jumpsuit (blue and yellow are the official colors) and a number on the back (any number will due) and your done. However any harden vault dweller knows that the jumpsuit is a blank canvas just waiting for your artistic edge. Add shoulder pad, some bandoleers, maybe a pistol or two. How about a flight cap, some cardboard wings, and some tube socks. Put on a dog suit and make the jumpsuit for your dog, with Vault Boy it means possibly, expression, and the fact your S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Take advantage of it this month, just don’t scavenge all the candy for yourself.





Armada’s E3 picks: Fallout 4 (11/10/15)


Sorry people but due technical difficulty I won’t be able to post the Let’s Watches of this year’s E3 (yet!); so we might as well as get started with the E3 picks of this year leading with Fallout 4. But honestly what could I say about this megaton game that the E3 trailer couldn’t. It’s an automatic buy just because it’s Fallout 4 for goodness sake. However if your still are unsure why Fallout 4 is such a big deal then watch the E3 trailer and see for yourself.




Trailer-Rama: Fallout 4


FALLOUT 4!!!! And it’s about time.