Let’s Discuss: Bethesda E3 2019 press conference


While most will remember this press conference for nakamura, I’ll always remember it for… COMMANDER KEEN!!!! *da-da–da-da*







Let’s Review: Bethesda’s E3 2018 Press Conference


After all our faces were melted from the sheer awesomeness of the Microsoft press conference; can the good people of Bethesda keep up the pace?











Games and Gear (of E3 2017): Heroes of Skyrim (Elder Scrolls Legends)


Don’t go to the library while playing Elder Scrolls Legends, because you’ll be shouting a plenty thanks to the newest DLC: Heroes of Skyrim!






Let’s Discuss: Ubisoft E3 2017 Press Conference


So this was going to be a review of the Ubisoft press conference, but I got True Backlash and Blu to watch it with me and it turned into quite a lengthy discussion about it. So if nothing else the video will be entertaining as well as informative, click on to begin the adventure.





Let’s Review: Bethesda E3 showcase (Bethesda’s E3 Press Conference of 2017)


After all our faces were melted from the sheer awesomeness of the Microsoft press conference; can the good people of Bethesda keep up the pace? Well…






This just in (Or not): Become legendary on your tablet (or Steam) today!


How? Watch today’s ‘This just in’ and find out.




Game Review – DisHonored


Ah Dishonored. This game’s been on everyone’s radar since it was introduced months ago. Even more so since being published by Bethesda Softworks the famed video game company responsible for legendary epics like Fallout & The Elder Scrolls as well as personal favorites like Brink and Rage. Like BioWare, Bethesda don’t make no junk; so the question now is that is the game good, perfect or the game of the year? Read on to find out but I’ll tell you all this people: no one walks away Dishonored here.




Now this tragic tale starts in the far off land of Dunwall, and all is not well. Their island is besiege by a ‘rat plague’ which not only a rat bite spreads a disease that turns people into, for a lack of a better word (seriously – the game calls them ‘weepers’), zombies; but turns rats into feral carnivores that, in a pack, will strip the marrow off your bones. The empress tries to keep her country stable and people protected; as for the player you’re Corvo – bodyguard to the empress and her daughter Emily. Despite you’re efforts however unseen enemies take the opportunity to shrike by killing the empress, kidnapping the daughter – and framed you for both crimes. As it turns out it was the royal spymaster, Hiram Burrows, that had ordered the assassination and kidnapping. Without any obstacles he who took power and rules with paranoia, subjugation and without a care to the people who can’t afford to live well or buy medicine for the plague. Now as the only person who knows the truth, and a person with a serious axe to grind, Corvo will find a way to not only to save empress’s daughter but to punish those whose taken so much from Dunwall. Beware though; nothing is ever black and white in the land of Dishonored.


The first person adventure / shooter is almost an require style of gameplay for all Bethesda Softworks games and Dishonored is no different. In your quest for revenge Corvo can take many roles: a warrior that can use swords, pistols, crossbows, and explosives to annihilate opponents; a mystic that (though means I would ruin if I say here) can summon rats, deadly wind, possess the living and even control time; and a assassin that can sneak into anywhere and any time and eliminate a target quickly and quietly. It’s up to the player on how to use Corvo skills the best because Dunwall is a harsh, unforgiving country whose leaders controls armies, assassins and the occult – and the only one who can threaten it all is you.






I’m sorry if this particular review is a little light but I’m really limited on what I can say without ruin the whole thing so I’ll stick with the facts. Dishonored is quite possibly the best game of 2012. The country of Dunwall is beautiful and gritty yet surreal and otherworldly, the characters are smart and have personalities and opinions, the enemies are tactical geniuses – they will attack with a purpose and cover weaknesses with sheer numbers. They can even change up their patrol routes just in case you go the stealthly route and pick off foot soldiers one at a time. The weapons, items and abilities you use are inventive (and you’ll be surprised how many ways you can use them) making you a force to be reckon with but they’re not overpowered thus keeping the game balance in check. My ‘only’ two complaints are this: the story is simple, bad guys killed my ‘X’, REVENGE!!!1!! I know there’s more to it but that what it boils down to at its core). The other is more kills = dark ending. See I’m a paragon player, meaning I like to be a good guy and help people. But at the same when some bum tries to end me with a bunch of his friends or a the walking dead who want nothing but to see if I taste like chicken the last I want to worry about is how icing a couple of baddies will turn the world into a disease ridden nightmare. That’s the big hook in Dishonored, all lethal deaths (outside of rats of course) will creep you closer toward the dark ending – which sucks. Half the abilities are devoted to combat and I can’t use them in my good guy playthrough because killing is frown upon. I know that not a big deal to most gamers but in my eyes it takes away from the true freedom of choice. If I want to see the world burn, let me choose to press the button and not let the game choose for me when I step on some bugs one too many times. Other than that the game’s completely perfect.