That’s Gamertainment – The top five fools of April



April Fool’s day is great! It’s the one day of the year where you can openly deceive anyone you want without being labeled a jerk afterward. Usually I try to create an original April Fools post for the site, but this year I decided to post the top five April 1st ‘announcements’ I found on the internet because they’re way funnier than anything I could come up with. Enjoy!



5. Super Duper Street Fighter 4




Street Fighter 4 is easily Capcom’s greatest IP since they gave Mega Man the ol’ heave ho for some odd reason. As such they try to keep it going as long as possible by releasing ‘new’ versions like Super Street Fighter 4 or the upcoming Ultra Street Fighter 4. Even though fans like myself will always buy the new version because, ‘Hey! It’s Street Fighter!’, but we all know that their doing. Well Capcom isn’t going to let the fan base stop their roll as they just announced the next Street Fighter 4 title – all I got to say its Duper.





4. Titanfall: Optimus Prime DLC




Titanfall, for all my nitpicks, is still holding strong as a multiplayer title to while away the hours; so naturally they’re going to strike while the iron is hot with some DLC that is just prime. That’s right, the leader of the heroic Autobots will be players next Titan. Now although Optimus is a peaceful, diplomatic being when the freedoms of all sentient live forms are bring threaten he’ll throwdown like any giant death machine. My only complaint is where’s Megatron?! It ain’t a true metal on metal warfare without the brutal master of the Decepticons. Oh well – I guess we’ll have to wait til the next DLC for meggsy.




3. Blizzard Outcasts: Vengeance of the Vanquished




Ah Blizzard, if there’s one gaming developer that’s willing to give supporting and butt monkey characters there time in the sun it’s them. Blizzard Outcasts: Vengeance of the Vanquished is a new fighting (a la Divekick) game in development where it takes those oh so sorry background extras and gives them a chance at the impossible: meaning a crap. From motivational dead wives to magic addicted wannabe rulers Vengeance of the Vanquished has a wide, varied cast of losers to pick from. The stages are as familiar as the bland characters they’re based from, and moves set so broken that you’ll be asking your money back in record time. Want to play a game so bad it’s bad in a bad way, then Blizzard Outcasts: Vengeance of the Vanquished will give you all that and less this holiday season.






2. Google Maps: Pokémon Challenge




Let’s see, Google has:


  • Email
  • Maps
  • Apps
  • Calendars
  • Web Browsers
  • Tablets
  • Translators
  • Finance stuff
  • Google + no one uses


So why not Pokémon Masters? Yep Google announced yesterday (to throughout today) that they are looking for a Pokémon Master to work for Google. Using the Google map app on your smartphone they want applicants to get as many Pokémon entries as they can by exploring all over the world through forests, deserts, icecaps and yes grasslands. For many this is a once in a life time opportunity to not only to work for Google but to be an official Pokémon Master with business cards and everything. I myself would love to take the challenge but I already have a sweet gig exploring the nature of Pokémon’s dreams with Professor Burnet. I think we’re close to a breakthrough.







1. Will Smith NCR



Who doesn’t like Will Smith? That’s right nobody, a skilled TV and Movie actor most of the things he’s in are at least entertaining. However did you know he was a rapper back in the day, bet you didn’t. Well he decided to get back into his roots and release a new album called NCR. It’s not ready yet, but he was nice enough to put on YouTube one completed track as an audio appetizer for the things to come. It’s not bad in my humble opinion but we’ll see how the rest sounds when NCR is completed.





Gameroween 2012 – Video Game Characters that make awesome costumes (Day 16)


Well this is it my friends, Halloween is today and let me guess you waited til the last minute again (actually because of Superstorm Sally a lot of neighborhoods in the states have rescheduled trick or treating to next week so you slackers have some time yet. Still…); don’t worry once again Armada gots your back with the easiest costume yet: an NPC. NPCs, or non-player characters, are the epitome of background character in a video games. They come in many shapes, sizes, races, realities and can be found in almost any game played. They’re quirky, informative, malicious, devious, noble, loving, spirited, and much much more. In fact the only thing an NPC can never be is a player character – until now. For a person going as an NPC for Halloween is as easy as wearing whatever you want and given handy advice to anyone you want. When they ask why, say you’re doing your duty as an NPC from your favorite video game. They’ll ether respect you or call you lazy, but hey you didn’t have to spend any money of your costume – which makes you a genius, congratulations!


And with that marks the end of this year’s Gameroween costume choices, so now get out there and represent video games with honor, respect, classiness, and freak out a bunch of little kids too. Remember stay true to the holiday, mwa ha ha!





Now here a perfect example of a real life NPC, provided by Alain-Christan. Eye catching stance, unusual hat and of course the tell tale exclamation point over the head.That always means a quest to do, or that you’ve been discovered while sneaking around.




This just in (Or not) – Diablo 3’s various announcements


This past week Blizzard announced a few interesting details for their upcoming dungeon crawler, Diablo 3, that cause a little tizzy within the fan base – and it wasn’t a release date to be sure. The first of which is that the game with always need to be connected online to actually play it online or off; which is not a big deal really, mods are neat but really unnecessary for players to enjoy the game. Also a person who’s going to buy a purely PC game (for now) and doesn’t have internet access on their PC is a person that doesn’t exist. As for the second detail, the game is going to allow two types of auction house to be used by players. One that sells in-game items for game currency and another for real money. Now this bit of news has generated the most ire from players – but why? We all knew this was coming when a lot of games went F2P; they got to make money somehow. Only this time players who post the items for real money can actually make profit for themselves, and that’s my friends is a very good thing. Think about it, if I’m playing a 2H Barbarian that focuses on tanking and I find a rare ‘Necromantic Staff of Eternal Sufferings’ that summons a bone buddy for 30 sec. Now I could sell it for game currency, and that’s fine, but most likely I’ll sell it for real money and suddenly look who has disposable income (minus Blizzard’s flat fee cut).  Now I know what some of you are saying:


“This will unbalance the game!”




“They didn’t earn that ‘X’ item!”


All I got to say is: so what…. Having people paying for rare item will not ‘unbalance’ the game especially since Blizzard will not provide any items in the auction house – only players. Plus all weapons will be level locked; meaning an lvl 5 Demon Hunter can’t use an lvl 55 Devil Bane Sword for at least 50 more levels. As for not earning the weapon, well I may have not ‘earned’ the items I bought in TF2 but I’m sure enjoying them. Which is the point to video games: you have fun with them but they’re also meant to challenge you. Weapons don’t make the player, the player makes the weapon. What someone buys through normal means or not should not concern you in the slightest – if you got the skills you’ll beat (or out preform) them regardless. If not right away, then keep at it and get better. It’s either that or maybe Diablo 3 maybe be the game for you, just saying…

This just in (or not) – World of WarCraft: Cataclysm update begins, Class talents overhaul also begins.


Well, right now I should be playing WoW, hyping up my character as fast as possible for the upcoming Cataclysm launch on Dec 7. But I can’t because the people at Blizzard are enacting a massive patch/maintenance update for Cataclysm – so all I can do right now is read their upcoming changes. Well apparently they’re changing (and adding) quite a bit including the class talent trees. How so? Well, in order the stream line them (or maybe as a response to the ‘Star Wars: The Old Republic’ Advanced Classes System) they are getting rid of ‘lame’ talents by reducing the trees to 31 points only per tree. Players will only get 1 point per 2 levels gained, so they can alternate between new abilities brought from trainers and skill tree talents. What else? You can’t go between trees anymore – not until you fill up your ‘primary specialization’. Truthfully I don’t know what to think about this, but I can’t wait to try it out – couple more hours to go… Want to know more, click the banner up top.

This just in (or not)… – World of Warcraft: Cataclysm release date confirmed

Well I guess I owe True Backlash twenty dollars, I never thought Cataclysm would make the holiday season this year – but I guess I was wrong 🙂 . That’s right people, this week Blizzard announced the release date of the long awaited expansion to World of Warcraft:

All I got to say is – YAY!


This is going to be the one that turns all of Azeroth on it’s ear; beastmen and goblins, more classes for previously locked out races, new professions, new enemies, new lands, old lands destroyed and replaced by new-old lands. This is a good thing all, a very good thing.  Go forth all and preorder my friends, the time is now!