(AFK Article) Product Placement – Blood & Zombie Blood energy potion

Alrighty people what bile thing I’m I going to try for this post Halloween product placement.

Blood and Zombie Blood by Harcos Laboratories … Ok, right. Well I survived downing all three favors of rancid Mountain Dew during their Dewmocracy campaign (can’t believe White Out won) so I fear no pain – let’s do this!


The Look:

Blood: Well how to put this… It looks and is shaped like a medical Blood Bag for Blood transfusions. On it says ‘Blood energy potion – for Drinking, B ah Positive’; also found is various red finger prints around the edges on the bag. Numerous factoids are on the pouch as well such as:

‘Similar nutrients to real blood’

‘Succulent source of electrolytes’

& of course ‘Garlic free’

The most eye catching thing about this however is the crimson red liquid inside, I swear if I didn’t know any better I would say it was the real bloody thing – which is the point I suppose.

Zombie Blood: Same with this except for some extra, zombie based, information such as:

‘Lifeless Lime Flavor’


‘Taste the sweet nectar of the Undead’

Also the ZB liquid is actually green instead of red, but zombie blood in the movies or games was always a gritty dark brown color or dust depending on outside factors. I’m not going to dispute it however, I’m not a zombie expert, I only shoot them on TV (via gaming console).


The Taste:

Blood: Once I opened it the smell almost knocked me backwards – it wasn’t bad, but it was strong. It went down the hatch quickly, so quick in fact I missed the favors the first time so I did it again. It does have a fruity taste – like berries, citruses of some sort, and then gone again. The one thing that does linger for a moment is the strange aftertaste – metallic, almost like blood… Ok… Makes my throat a little dry too.

Zombie Blood: Now this one doesn’t have much of a smell, which is a little surprising since normal blood was a big ol’ punch in the nostrils. Anyway, I drank some and it went down just as quickly, same metallicy blood-like taste, made my throat dry as well (though quicker than Blood); but it doesn’t have a lingering after taste like Blood and it does taste little more limey (non-UK) – if that lime was genetically fused with mall restroom soap.


The Aftereffect:

Blood: Well I’m pretty wired up, but not so much that I’m bouncing off the wall. Laughed pretty good at TV shows that weren’t so funny so this stuff may make you laugh, but that’s about it. I’m still thinking about how this tastes like blood (at the end) actually; is it weird that I want to start biting necks?

Zombie Blood: Brains…. Brainnnnnss…… BRAINNNNSSSS!!!  Other than that it’s the same as Blood.


The Verdict:

Halloween’s come and gone so these products won’t find much demand with anyone right now (accept the staunch Twilight and Walking Dead fans). However next year if you looking for refreshments for your stone cold ice box or something to freak out your uptight neighbor or loved one you couldn’t do better than Blood and Zombie Blood by Harcos Labs. They’re not bad tasting, give you some quick energy, convenient and easy to store, has a very good shelf life (trust me), and are not going kill you if you ingest more than two on the same day (supplement facts are pretty good). All & all above average products and H Labs doesn’t stop there; their website is chock full of nerd based consumables for your purchase. So you know what that means; future product placements will involve more multi-colored, highly suspicious, ill-advised substances I will eat and/or drink sooner or later. Peace.

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