Watchout (and for)! – Deus Ex, BH Online, and Hutball


Ladies and gentlemen; the lil’ Jimmies are back in school, certain TV shows are getting new episodes, and the weather can’t seem to make up its mind so you know the ‘Fall of Games’ has arrive. Finally! Seriously Team Fortress 2 going free on the PC was the best thing to happen because without it I would have gone stir crazy this summer. The wait is over however and soon we’ll all have enough good titles to choke a pig – starting with Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Despite this game being a prequel and my all communing hatred for thing prequel I’m willing to ignore that fact because a) Square Enix had a hand making this title and b) because it looks cool (hopefully it plays cool too).  Now the game comes out in the states tomorrow so if you like this series and also like pre orders rocket launchers and secret missions I suggest you get your affairs in order before zero hour.



Hey remember a week ago when Armada reported that MMO report reported about a European MMO called Bounty Hounds Online was currently in Beta but North American people can’t participate because of legal issues, but G4TV said they has some beta keys and will give them out in the near future. Well that’s today people, so if you want a chance to play an interesting (albeit incomplete) game check your G4TV Twitter and Facebook feeds every so often and cross your fingers.



Finally (and on the topic of MMOs) Star Wars: The Old Republic released an video on a new player v player mode in their upcoming, world ending, bring people to the point riot game. Pvp on MMOs really never interested me that much (I’m more of a twitch killer actually), but this takes me back to Blitzball and Smash TV so it’s worth a play through once – or twice.





This just in (or not) – Google+ and Facebook make Bounty Hunting in the future easy to do!


Ah, the dominance of video games continues forward, so much so the two biggest names on the net are vying for your gamer time (or soon will be). Recently Google+, Google’s social network: ‘Faceoogle’ if that helps you, has enabled games to some of their users and more every day. Google+ games are small, colorful, mini games that will at least kill an hour if none of your friends are online at the moment. It’s a small selection now, but it is reported that they will add more games in time. Oh well, you already play Angry Birds on your iPhone, iTouch, Chrome browser, Android phone, and what have you, might as well play it on Google+ as well.



This story isn’t over yet because Facebook, the world’s largest social network, is upping the ante. Everyone knows Facebook is used to keep track of your friends and current events, but surprisingly it hosts quite a bit of mini games as well. Not just solitaire people but proven winners like Farmville or the upcoming ambitious f2p mmo Prime World. Facebook has the gamer market covered and is not letting go without a fight. So they made improvements to their gaming interface, made it easier to track player scores and achievements, and finally a booking marking feature to make getting back to their games that much easier. As for me, I was never a ‘Farmville’ kind of player (although I did dabble in the Harvest Moon series for a time / however the Prime World games has peaked my interests) on this tale of the tape Google+ has a long way to go before they can dethrone the champ.





Finally a new MMO was featured on the MMO Report, it called Bounty Hounds Online. It’s your standard post end of world war three scenario with the players playing as sci fi Bounty Hunters to take down alien and criminal scum. This games’ draw however is that each hunter gets their own Combat & Tactical Unit or CTU; think of them as your own personal transformer that can aid in attacking enemies, defending, or supporting your hunter – which is great, who wouldn’t want their own android girl Friday with rocket launchers attached. Now the good news is they’re in open beta now, the bad news is that it excludes North American for now (or so the website told me when I opened it up, I think I’m going to try to sign up anyway) as a result is holding a beta key give away. Just favorite them on Twitter and Facebook, keep an eye out around Aug. 22, and cross your fingers. Me, myself, I already got Star Wars: The Old Republic, Guild Wars 2, and Prime World to look forward to on the MMO front so if I don’t get into the beta here no sweat off my back. However if I do get in, play it, and like it; well I guess I got to kick more friends to the curb – I didn’t like them anyway.