Gameroween 2014: Video Game Characters that make good costumes (The rest of the Smash cast)



Well people Halloween is here already and despite my best efforts (thanks to poor planing) I couldn’t showcase all of this years Smash contestants for costume choices. However since the 3DS version of the game been out for a while now not only have you all played it, but I’m sure you all have chosen your favorites for the upcoming home console release. Well hype up your favorite character by going as them for Halloween: show your Dedede pride, tell people why Greninja is great, make the Pikmin your pick, etc. Whosoever your favorite wear it on your sleeve, your head, and your toes because on November 21 words will mean nothing and the true Super Smash Bros will begin. Today though we get fat with candy – Happy Halloween!




Gameroween 2014: Video Game Characters that make good costumes (Meta Knight)

Meta Knight

There he is, the original bad boy of Dream Land – Meta Knight! He’s a mystery, wrapped in a enigma, stuffed in a nesting doll, you never know what his motivations are. Sometimes he’s trying to save dream land, other times he’ll try to conquer it, on one hand he’ll defend a sacred piece of the Star Rod to keep ultimate evil from returning, other times he uses phenomenal cosmic powers to awaken the strongest warrior in the galaxy – just to fight it. Meta Knight is definitely his own man. Sadly his actual skills in Smash are hit or miss, but hey maybe I couldn’t handle the awesome powers of the Meta Knight. As for him as a costume it’s pretty simple; other than a spiky sword (its name Galaxia in semi-canon) and a cape (wings are optional) the only key item you need is a mask over your face. Since Meta Knight is mostly face, similar to Kirby, what else you wear is completely up to you. Now I know that is almost like Vega, but when you show them Galaxia they’ll quickly get the point (Get it? Because Vega doesn’t use a sword and a sword is pretty pointy in general – you get it).





Gameroween 2014: Video Game Characters that make good costumes (Kirby-again)


Kirby, Kirby, Kirby is a name you should know, because he is as video game as anything! In fact he was the first costume choice we ever suggested when we introduced Gameroween back in dickety 2 ’11. So instead of writing a new post on why Kirby is still a great video game costume, while still maintaining the Smash Bros theme of this year, I’ll provide the link of the Kirby post I written and save some time, effort, and repeating myself – everybody wins (especially me).




Characters of Color – The Brown M & M


YES! FINALLY! The race line in candy treats has finally been erased! M & Ms are quite possibly the most delicious, easy to eat, candies ever. The tagline, ‘melts in your month, not in your hand’, is true because the thin candy shell keeps the precious chocolate from spilling out due to hot weather or the like. It’s not perfect, but what is really? Anyway to add to the appeal, the candy shells were colored red, yellow, blue (added in the 90’s), green, orange (also a newbie color), and even the color of the chocolate itself – brown. Over time each one of the colors became mascots for different types of M &Ms like peanut butter or almonds, even having their own personalities – except for, you guessed it, the black M & M (or rather the brown M & M if you want to be technical). For years this injustice was unaddressed, until yesterday on the Superbowl. The whole world was witnessed to the final lost M & M in one of the best commercial of the night; Ms. Brown turned out to be intelligent, worldly, and sets the record straight on a common misconception about her. But please I can only tell you readers so much, watch the awesome commercial yourself and see why she’s today’s  Characters of Color.




Gameroween – Video Game Characters that make good costumes (Day 1)


Halloween is only 15 days away from us all people; but it’s more than its Celtic beginning or the sugar industry trying to make kids (and us by proxy) fat and happy. No, when it comes to this spooky time of the year – it’s all about the gear baby! Where the whole world for one day becomes cosplayers and no one asks why. So in celebration of that fact, Armada will present a daily segment called ‘Video Game Characters that make good costumes’ until the witching hour has arrived. Starting with the pink powerhouse himself – Kirby. Now this could be the easiest costume to make, it’s basically a ghost (a white bed sheet with two cut out eye holes) but only pink with red shoes (come to think about it, it could a perfect setup for Pinky as well). For more hardcore ‘weenies out there, get a rounded costume of some kind, put the pink sheet over it, then put flip-flops on your hands,and boom – instance Kirby. The best thing about this choice is that when you pig out on candy you can say: “I’m staying in character” to retain your dignity. got this pic, but was incorrect about Kirby being a 'anime' character. Nice try though.

AFK Articles – TBL’s 10 Best and 10 Worst Halloween Treats

Ohhh…that was the best Halloween haul I’ve ever had, now to do the lists. Huh…November sev…oh fuuuno nonononononono, I’m so dead, which would have also been appropriate for Halloween. Oh I know, if I do the lists and pretend that I did it on Halloween, then no one will realize I messed up. Yeessssss…excellent.

Heh heh heh…**ahem** Hi there, I’m True BackLash and this is my list of the10 Best and 10 Worst treats for Halloween.

Ahh treats is there any other reason why we celebrate Halloween? Well except for dressing in costumes, and egging peoples houses and well, getting treats is very important. Getting the right treats can make or break a night of pounding the pavement in the middle of the cold dead of night. How does each treat stack up, well let’s stop with the banter and get to it.

Honorable Mention Worst: Candy Corn
Candy Corn
You see, I’ve never not liked Candy Corn, wasn’t a favorite of mine, but I don’t have anything against it personally. No most other people will tell you it’s worse than death and I’ve never understood why. So as a courtesy to all who hate Candy Corn, here ya’ go.

Honorable Mention Best: Chips
Potato Chips
They’re salty, greasy and can get stuck in your teeth, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say that they were very tasty. They got noting on the sweet stuff on Halloween, but yeah, chips, along with nachos and cheese puffs are satisfying enough.

10 Worst – Hard and Stale Gum
I love gum, and despite its great taste you can’t digest it. That’s a cruel enough blow on a holiday of eating primarily sugary sweets, they to give trick or treaters (especially little kids) your leftover gum or giant gumballs only to have them spit it out once the flavor runs out is unforgivable.

10 Best – Fruit Candies
Whether they are gummies, Skittles, Jolly Ranchers or Starbursts, Fruit Candies gives you a juicy taste of fruit in candy form. It’s a delicious fusion of flavors unlike just fruit (I’ll get back to that in a minute).

9 Worst – Sticky Candies
Salt Water Taffy
By this I mean stuff like Sugar Daddys and Taffy. Does anyone even want to put the effort into eating stuff that will slow down the process of eating the rest of your treats? Besides, for older trick or treaters that crap is murder on your teeth.

9 Best – Mint Candies









Tasty, sometimes chocolate-coated, low-fat and it freshens your breath. Yep no downside from where I see.

8 Worst – Bland Popcorn
I ain’t talking about Orville Redenbacher here folks. No, this is saltless, butterless, fake cheeseless and overall flavorless Popcorn. The only things that this Popcorn shares with the good stuff is you can expect to get a kernel stuck in your teeth, or worse, under your tongue. And no making it a Popcorn ball doesn’t help.

8 Best – Sugar Candies
Pixie Stix
Pixie Stix, Nerds and Smarties aka raw sugar with colors and flavors. The guiltiest of the guilty pleasures these treats are quick to eat and addictive (it’s mainly sugar after all).

7 Worst – Coupons and Gift Cards
Gift Card
It’s a nice thought, but honestly if it can’t be used that night (most stores are near closed during trick or treating), it defeats the purpose of giving a treat on Halloween.

7 Best – Little Hugs
Little Hugs
Little juice with tamper-proof wrapping, perfect to drink during trick or treating, let alone after.

6 Worst – Educational Literature
Future 5
Why? Why give anyone comic with a PSA in it? Why give some kind of pamphlet or statistic? This is Halloween, school can wait for a bit Even if it makes treaters informed, the Ed. Lit. will probably be in the nearest trash bin soon enough.

6 Best – Rice Crispies Treats
Rice Krispies Treat
Rice Crispies Treats are Marshmellowey, gooey and crunchy. But they are also tasty with the added benefit that it doesn’t get stuck in your teeth. Turing cereal into a delicious treat is better use than getting your daily vitamins IMHO.

5 Worst – Dental Products
Dental Products
Again, while it’s admirable, giving Toothbrushes, Floss or Mouthwash on Halloween is just wrong. Not only would they be the antithesis to everything on my best list, but just to give out fun size Toothpaste and Mouthwash that’s only good for half a week shows how much the person giving out said products really cares about your oral hygiene (fyi not much).

5 Best – Chocolate Bars
Hershey's Bar
MMMMMMmmmmm, Choclate….. (drools), They come in all shapes and sizes filled with nuts, nougat, caramel etc. they are all unique, but the ones with just chocolate are classic.

4 Worst – Fruit
A Candy Apple is pushing it, but an Apple? Fruit just feels out of place on Halloween. It’s more unpopular than Candy Corn. They also whack out your tastebuds after you eat candy.

4 Best – Tootsie Rolls
Tootsie Rolls
They’re little, but don’t get it twisted. Tootsie Rolls are so versatile. They are choclate, vanilla, fruit flavored, tall short, wrapped in wrappers, embedded in suckers I can go on and on. Whatever your fix, Tootsie Roll can satisfy it.

3 Worst – Black Licorice
Blech Licorice
Probably the nastiest garbage, I’ve ever tasted. I almost got nauseous from eating it. Makes a good paperweight or doorstop though.

3 Best – Hard Carmel Candies
Hard Carmel Candies
Smooth, creamy flavor Carmel Candies feel like they are wrapped with love. It’s not too sweet or too big or small, it’s just right.

2 Worst – Pennies
Honestly, what can you get with a Penny nowadays. You can’t even get Penny Candy with a frikkin Penny. There’s only one injustice that’s worse than this, but first…

2 Best – M & M’s











It’s an American classic; M & M’s are often duplicated but never perfected by countless ripoffs. Like Tootsie Rolls, these hard shell candies are very versatile. Pick you pleasure, peanuts, peanut butter, pretzels, and almonds? you crave it. M & M’s will likely have it. Classic.

1 Worst – Nothing
Not much to say here other than, at least with the other worst examples, there was some effort put into it. Heck even by giving a Penny, money was spent.

1 Best – Peanut Butter Cups
Peanut Butter Cups
IMHO, the tastiest treat ever on Halloween. Right size, right shape, filled with peanut butter and covered in chocolate. It’s the perfect treat (unless your allergic to peanuts, then sorry). To get a handful of those made my night when I was a kid and I know I’m not alone.



Well there you have it folks, enough treats to last till Thanksgiving. Now excuse me **nom** I’ve got to get back to **mmmmm** my precioussssss **ahem** til’ next time…ummm this is TrueBackLash and this is MY CANDY!