Characters of Color: Numbuh 5



Abigail “Abby” Lincoln, Numbuh 5, closes out of Characters of Color for 2014. Now she may look like some normal kid but in reality she a highly trained ‘Kids Next Door’ agent, where she is the 2nd in command (by her choice) of Sector V. Their mission is to preserve and protect the freedom of all kids everywhere from adult tyrant; ranging from recovering stolen deserts, brings back recess to schools, and even crazier stuff. Numbuh 5 is the glue that hold sector V together, her coolness is legendary as she keep the other agents on task when things don’t go to plan. Also despite being just a kid she shows more wisdom than most adults, know what’s important in life, but not being a know-it-all about it. She would later become leader of Sector V and all of KND during her time, as well as an adult KND operative – an opportunity not given to many. So as Numbuh 5 is a perfect example, you don’t have to be an adult to be an awesome Character of Color, just to ride the awesome ride at your local amusement park.







WTF/FTW: Long Eared Drifter


This is a definitely bitter sweet WTF/FTW people. The Looney Tunes Show; the same show that had a dry wit with its own brand of wackiness, the show that asked the question: ‘What would Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig, and the rest be like if they existed in our normalized society?’, and the show that brought us Daffy Duck: the Wizard two years ago: is canceled… Why? Why must Cartoon Network cancel the things I love? *sigh* Well it is what it is people, and seems networks are only good for canceling things these days anyway. With that I leave this as a memorial of the good writing and entertainment valve of The Looney Tunes Show. It might come back, but who’s to say.




This just in (or not) – Star Wars: The Old Republic release date (no seriously)

So I was about to drink my coffee, watch Cartoon Network (hey it is Saturday after all), and play Adventure Quest, you know, morning stuff. Then I said to myself:


“Hey, yesterday was fan Friday on, so I better see what on this week. Maybe an Holonet Galactic Timeline entry – finally…”


However, this is what I saw:

An actual screenshot from my computer (duh).


So yeah, there is nothing more to say here, December 20 is ‘the’ day game for ‘the’ game. So as the great portal host Dave Meinstein once said: “Get your affairs in order, say goodbye to your families, because this one is going to be epic.


Armada TV – Clips of Conan & MAD

I love video games, I love TV; but nothing brings a smile to my face quicker than our current culture giving video games its proper due in funny and awesome ways. For this segment of Armada TV I showcase clips of Conan O’Brien and MAD (on Cartoon Network) doing just that this week. Enjoy!