AFK Address – The week and a half Armada forgot

Ladies and gentleman, I’m sorry (Wow, having a total Tony Hayward moment here)… We’re missed so much good stuff to report on since my last post, it’s almost heartbreaking.

However between the parties, Halloween, the democratic elections (or should I say republican election, ugh), the perfect storm of Kirby Epic Yarn, Fallout New Vegas, Fable III, and drags of World of WarCraft leveling grinds for the upcoming Cataclysm expansion I was completely transfixed.

But guess what?

I’m back, and I’m geared up for war – but first things first.

I still need to take care of the articles I had prepared for those weeks I, uh, missed; plus the somewhat not so current events during that time as well. As such articles with the ‘AFK Articles’ titles on them are dated entries we had prepared; as for the other news I’ll put it on the bottom here (plus my own added comments). Chances are you already know this stuff already, but then again you may not. Stay tuned people; we’re only just getting started.


PlayStation Phone– I don’t think adding a phone will help the PSP (or whatever) much.

Red shirt kid pOwns WoW panel at BlizzCon – The Red Shirt Guy a.k.a. Insane Guy of DOOM a.k.a. Time-Lost Proto Nerd (a special title granted by the Scrolls of Lore fan site) attended the quests and lore panel at BlizzCon this year only to bring the house down with his epic, l33t, gold bordered mastery of Wildhammer lore. This made The Soup people, so you know it’s good.

Supreme Court on video game violence – Seriously state & national government, seriously… Give it a rest please…

“It’s on like Donkey Kong!” trademarked by Nintendo – Legal licensing and product promotion (in this case Donkey Kong Country Returns) go hand in hand. I always buy games based on 1990’s sayings.

Nintendo gets an Ave in Spain, Boardwalk close at hand – You expect this stuff from Japan, but Spain? Well done.

National grow a Moustache month – This says it all, grow a Moustache today!