This just in (Or not) – Now some words from J.J. Abrams


The director of the latest Star Wars movie (Episode VII) J.J. Abrams decided to take a break from, well, directing of the latest Star Wars movie to promote the ‘Force for Change‘ charity which: ‘dedicated to finding creative solutions to some of the world’s biggest problems’. Also they are hosting a special contest of people who donate, that lucky person will get once in a life time moment to be in the next Star Wars movie. This is a very noble cause and a fantastic opportunity, but people the real story is the the bird handler, er, thing that went across the shot while Abrams was speaking. As you can see he was practical effects, not CGI, meaning all you ner- I mean hyper serious Star Wars fans know that J.J. Abrams have heard your bleats and will be using them in the next movie. Yay! Victory for the fans at last!  Down with CGI and there ability to make  awesome looking movies people still enjoy in animated films but mixed in other movies is a no-no for some reason. Seriously though donate to Force for Change and try your luck silver screen immortality.




Sweet Christmas (April Edition)! – Greetings from Chuck


Yes I know it is neither Christmas nor that is the actual Chuck Norris (but rather a convincing CGI facsimile) but got dang that was amazing. Too awesome to wait for next Christmas, so I didn’t. Enjoy!





This just in (Or not) – Dragon Age animated movie is coming to town


Well it’s more like and CGI / Anime movie but that just nit picking. Now love it or hate it the Dragon Age series have taken a life of its own; books, comics, slight tie ins’ with other games (i.e. Mass Effect), and the like grows their anthology by the day. This latest look into Thedas is called Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker where it chronicles the tale of Cassandra Pentaghast, a Seeker of the Chantry (and years later the interrogator of Varric in Dragon Age II).  In the film she seeks (get it) to stop a conspiracy from destroying the Chantry by demonic forces; this task is made difficult by her being label a traitor and hunting by both enemies and allies. Never the less she will stop at nothing to expose the truth and take her place as a holy knight. Now for me these ‘expanded universe’ stories are usually hit or miss, but throughout DA II various sources of information said that seekers are the most elite and fear of all Templar Knights – having no equal on the battlefield. Since Cassandra is a seeker (albeit a rookie one) we can finally see if these claims hold water or just disappointing story padding; the DVD will hit the states on May 29.