Game Preview – Killer Instinct: Chief Thunder Revealed



Before I start I would like to say something; I’m a man of African American descent (along with other nationalizes in my family) but to me I don’t see ‘races’ when I pick a character I use. As long as that character(s) kick many a booty and secure the win I don’t care if they’re white, black, tan, pale, red, green, blue, or rainbow. That being said, I do like the Chief Thunder redesign of the upcoming Killer Instinct reboot. Back in the day Chief Thunder was just some dude with a mohawk, now, he looks the part of the mystical defender. Of course Backlash was disappointed that T.J. Combo wasn’t the one that was announced, Chief Thunder isn’t a lightweight in any respects, because if he can close the distance on his opponent then the fight will belong to the good chief. Watch the video and tell me I’m wrong.