That’s Gamertainment – Clueless Gamer: Conan Reviews “Super Smash Bros.”


Conan O’Brien + Super Smash Bros Wii U = Win

That’s Gamertainment – Clueless Gamer: Conan Reviews “Watch Dogs”


So the good news it that Conan O’Brien is doing another well done Clueless Gamer segment where this time he  reviews the just released  Watch Dogs title from ubisoft. The bad news is that they decided to push back the release date on the Wii U version til the end of the year for some bizarre reason; as such this is as close to Watch Dogs as I’m going to get til December (seriously Ubisoft what the fudge). Fortunately Conan makes lemonade out of lemons in this skit, proving that a clueless gamer is truly unbiased because it’s all the same confusing crap to him.







That’s Gamertainment – Clueless Gamer: AT&T Stadium Edition


Ladies and gentleman I don’t think of myself as that guy who wants to have the biggest or best to be happy, but to have just enough to enjoy my games and live well. I have an average sized HDMI flat screen TV for my three systems and all of that makes of my entertainment spending right there; outside of the odd fast food run and movie. Never did I want anything bigger because I was happy with what I got. Well Team Coco is at it again proving that bigger isn’t always better but it can be quite epic as they was able to play random games on AT&T Stadium’s diamond vision screen in Dallas, TX. It was glorious people and a record somewhere I’m sure: biggest screen that played video game on it, or something. So people if ever become rich, ether by the lottery (which I don’t play) or finding the lost treasures of Atlantis the first thing I’m going to do is take Conan’s advice and rent out the AT&T Stadium and play Titanfall and CoD all night long. I know it’s obvious but I can’t figure out how get Pokémon Y on that big thing.





That’s Gamertainment – Conan’s Clueless Gamer on WWE 2K14


There are loads of laughs and even laughing out loud, as you check out Conan O’Brien as he and Aaron review the WWE 2k14 video game for the Xbox 360.


Clueless Gamer, a regular feature of Team Coco (Conan O.), commands quite a few regular subscribers, over 1.5 mill.


Conan had just over 1.6 million views for this segment with thousands of comments from his viewers, both good and not so good.


You would think with such a massive following and with his regular offerings, that there would be some element of sanity or even a credible review. . .WRONG, hey it’s Conan we’re talking about. Not only are his reviews funny, profane and awful, Conan as the title alludes to, has no clue how to even play video games!


His fight with Kane, while he plays Sheamus, contain moves only he could have managed to come up with.


Conan’s successful style is attributed to randomly hitting keys on the controller. Conan has created a pretty spiffy character though, with an even cooler entrance, complete with special moves, GO Conan!


Well take a look, you wrestling fans and gamers, go nuts and be sure to leave Conan a comment or two to grow on.








That’s Gamertainment – Ninja Bird Bongol Battle



So a couple of months ago posted a funny clip from the late night Conan O’Brien show during a mock review of Resident Evil 6 – it was funny. Now, not to be outdone, Jimmy Kimmel takes it one step further by participating in the game development process – with his Aunt Chippy. All I got to say is the game looks like a winner.





Gameroween 2012 – Video Game Characters that make good costumes (Day 4)



For day four I decide on a more scarier choice, it is Halloween after all. Now the only question is what nightmare inducing character I should pick; gaming is no short of horror characters to choose from. I figured it would be best to pick a more current symbol of shrieks for this post, and then it hit me like a lightening bolt – it was perfect. Resident Evil 6… Itself. Yeah sadly this game was terrifying for whole other reasons; almost all across the bored reviewer agree that the game was quick time happy, had too many cut scenes, and was more a kin to a action movie than a horror story (though personally I like action films over horror). I was planning to play this game myself but still so I’m engrossed in Borderlands 2 (more on this in the next post) and DisHonored that I won’t be able to til next year. Anyway, with this suggestion you have two options: 1) make a sandwich board of the rez evil 6 cartridge box and wear it (but beware, people might want to rift you on the spot) or 2) wear your normal clothes, buy a copy of the actual game (return it later) and go as a fan of the game (again beware of possible rifting). Either way no one will believe you are what you are, but will respect you for trying.



Well at least someone liked it, I think.