Gameroween 2014: Video Game Characters that make good costumes (Meta Knight)

Meta Knight

There he is, the original bad boy of Dream Land – Meta Knight! He’s a mystery, wrapped in a enigma, stuffed in a nesting doll, you never know what his motivations are. Sometimes he’s trying to save dream land, other times he’ll try to conquer it, on one hand he’ll defend a sacred piece of the Star Rod to keep ultimate evil from returning, other times he uses phenomenal cosmic powers to awaken the strongest warrior in the galaxy – just to fight it. Meta Knight is definitely his own man. Sadly his actual skills in Smash are hit or miss, but hey maybe I couldn’t handle the awesome powers of the Meta Knight. As for him as a costume it’s pretty simple; other than a spiky sword (its name Galaxia in semi-canon) and a cape (wings are optional) the only key item you need is a mask over your face. Since Meta Knight is mostly face, similar to Kirby, what else you wear is completely up to you. Now I know that is almost like Vega, but when you show them Galaxia they’ll quickly get the point (Get it? Because Vega doesn’t use a sword and a sword is pretty pointy in general – you get it).





Gameroween 2014: Video Game Characters that make good costumes (Kirby-again)


Kirby, Kirby, Kirby is a name you should know, because he is as video game as anything! In fact he was the first costume choice we ever suggested when we introduced Gameroween back in dickety 2 ’11. So instead of writing a new post on why Kirby is still a great video game costume, while still maintaining the Smash Bros theme of this year, I’ll provide the link of the Kirby post I written and save some time, effort, and repeating myself – everybody wins (especially me).




Gameroween – Video Game Characters that make good costumes (Day 1)


Halloween is only 15 days away from us all people; but it’s more than its Celtic beginning or the sugar industry trying to make kids (and us by proxy) fat and happy. No, when it comes to this spooky time of the year – it’s all about the gear baby! Where the whole world for one day becomes cosplayers and no one asks why. So in celebration of that fact, Armada will present a daily segment called ‘Video Game Characters that make good costumes’ until the witching hour has arrived. Starting with the pink powerhouse himself – Kirby. Now this could be the easiest costume to make, it’s basically a ghost (a white bed sheet with two cut out eye holes) but only pink with red shoes (come to think about it, it could a perfect setup for Pinky as well). For more hardcore ‘weenies out there, get a rounded costume of some kind, put the pink sheet over it, then put flip-flops on your hands,and boom – instance Kirby. The best thing about this choice is that when you pig out on candy you can say: “I’m staying in character” to retain your dignity. got this pic, but was incorrect about Kirby being a 'anime' character. Nice try though.