Games and Gear of (E3 2017): Crackdown 3


New-new-new-new-new-new-new-new-new-new world order! Finally!





Gameroween 2015: Video Game Characters that make good costumes (Crackdown Run Orb)



Since we’re almost to the big scare day it’s time to make this simple for people didn’t like (or waited to late on) our previous costume choices but need something right away, right now. Crackdown is one of my favorite games, an action oriented title with a killer twist ending. However to get to that ending I needed to chase down and capture a lot of these things. They increased my agility, tested my skills as I collected them and a good time was had by all. Now you can be this helpful icon and its easy to make. Just print out this pic, tape it to some cardboard or yourself and BAM your done. It won’t be the most impressive thing ever but it will be fine for a last minute thing. Just be careful about people dressing up as Crackdown Agents, they may try to run into you to collect you if your costume is conniving enough. Just saying.




Games & Gear of 2015: Crackdown (2015)



The original Crackdown for the Xbox 360 back in 2007 was a sleeper hit. whose ending was one of my top five endings in video games. The sequel wasn’t bad, but it didn’t push the series to the limits like the first one did (also I was really looking forward to starting that new world order). So the newest game in the line, just named Crackdown, looks like it’s upping to ante with multiple player takedowns, new smart weapons & vehicles, and possible even building destruction. Yeah, yeah, I know that’s lot of wishful thinking from a non-game play trailer but it’s a new Crackdown for a new system. I would be excited if they only showed scribbles on coffee napkins and it called Crackdown in development, because it would still mean a new Crackdown is still being made. In a world full of grim, gritty, and serious games; Crackdown is an open world paradise full of super soldier players, explosions, parkour, driving stunts, sick tricks, and voice of the agency. It’s worth getting excited for people.






Armada’s E3 picks: Crackdown (TBA)


Info’s light, there’s not a website, and people don’t even know if there’s building destruction in it or not (p.s. I don’t care); but man is it great to have Crackdown coming back home!