There & Back again: Destiny – The Taken King (Part 5 of 5)


“Everyone loves a bad plan when it works.” – Cayde -6

There & Back again: Destiny – The Taken King (Part 4 of 5)


“I’m surprised they left the cor – oh, bombs; they covered it in bombs.” – Ghost

There & Back again: Destiny – The Taken King (Part 3 of 5)


“Get your rock, off my map.” – Cayde -6

There & Back again: Destiny – The Taken King (Part 2 of 5)


We’ve awoken the HIVE!!!!!!!!11!!1!!!!!1 – Nolantron


There & Back again: Destiny – The Taken King (Part 1 of 5)


We waited, we trained, and now its here – The Taken King. Come everyone, join me in Bungie’s latest DLC as we start the second year in the title.

WTF/FTLOZ: Destiny – The Taken King / The ‘new’ voice of the Ghost


Well people as much and as many good things about the new DLC, The Taken King, has for us Destiny players; there is another side of this treasured coin. See the voice of the Ghost until recently was Peter Dinklage and his performance was just fine (contrary to the loudest minority and their baseless complaints). Throughout my adventure he was the ghost; adding commentary, dignity, and a little comedy to the story. However Dinklage was replaced by Nolan North (due to money or bungie cutting their losses, no one knows for sure) and as of now his voice is now the voice of Ghost. Nolan North is a vet video game voice actor who deserves all the respect in the world for all his work. At the end of the day  however he is not my Ghost, he is not the Ghost, and no amount of ‘ a better written story’ from the Taken King will change that. Maybe someday Dinklebot will return, but unlikely –  The age of Nolantron has begun.


GET HYPED: Destiny – The Taken King / Court of Oryx Reveal


Now the thing about Destiny I wish there was more of is public events. You know, where you’re patrolling a planet to get resources or testing out a new loadout. Then all of a sudden the screen goes a little darker and a new prompt appears telling you something’s going down. Whether it’s a resource raid on the moon, chasing down a cabal scout on Mars, or stopping the vex from – doing whatever they’re doing on Venus; public events keep players on their toes in Destiny. Like I said however public events are few and far between overall, but in the Taken King they’re making a comeback with the Court of Oryx. It will be their first attempt at a multi-stage public event, where the more you challenge the court and survive the better the rewards become. Be careful though in order to win you’ll need the help of your friends & complete strangers – and sometime that might not be enough. On September 15th the Court will be open to you all – and I’ll see you all then.




GET HYPED: Destiny – The Taken King / Shield Brothers Dreadnought Strike Reveal


Destiny hype keeps moving forward with the reveal of the newest strike “Shield Brothers” starring my favorite race: The Cabal. Now there are some that believe that the current stable of Destiny bosses are, and I quote: “Bullet Sponges”. To which I say: did those people ever play video games  between the 80’s and now? Bosses are known for two things: impossible large health bars and impossible large health bars. There are very few video game bosses that don’t take a half a day to put into the ground (weak point bosses don’t count). However since this is Destiny, and since high, unreasonable, demands are constantly being thrown upon it – the Bullet Sponges have to change. So in the Taken King they’re trying to make their Bullet Sponges more dynamic and thus we have Shield Brothers Dreadnought Strike. Watch and see, I think they succeed, and they’re only the firsts bosses we’ve seen; imagine what Oryx is going to be like.






GET HYPED: Destiny – The Taken King / Dreadnought Reveal Stream


Time for another new segment called ‘GET HYPED!’ It’s like the game preview spots but they highlights one game’s features to, you guessed it, get players hyped for their upcoming title. This week will be all about Taken King, Destiny’s latest and possible greatest DLC  to date. The new Dreadnought area is a place guardians will be exploring til next year’s event so it makes sense to show off the area. However for me I really appreciate them showing off the new class abilities (Sunbreaker 4 life), it good to know what your favorite guardian will be rocking on the 15th. This will be a glorious time for current and former Destiny players, and if you never played Destiny before watching this video may give you a reason.




This just in (Or not) – Destiny next expansion: The Taken King


With everyone still on a House of Wolves high (four weeks now) Bungie isn’t resting until Destiny lives up to the epic name. The next expansion, named ‘The Taken King’, will be a massive DLC that will feature more story missions, more strikes (yes, strikes, with an ‘s’), a raid, new PvP locations, and finally new subclasses. Warlocks brings arc damage storms, Hunters goes old school with void damage bows & arrows, and my class, the Titan, will make the enemies feel the burn with solar hammers. The big bad is Crota daddy – Oryx. Obliviously not happy with the fact of one dead son at the hands of the guardians, he’s coming to get us with his army known as the Taken. Whether it’s a new enemy type or an elite hive unit I don’t care, as long as I can punch them in the face (or smash them now with a hammer) I’m ok. The only downside to this DLC is that it doesn’t feature my favorite army of darkness, the Cabal. Before the title reveal the code name was Comet for the expansion, so I thought it was obliviously a Cabal themed DLC because only they would destroy the earth by throwing a giant rock at it. Oh well maybe next time – The Taken King will release September 2015.