Game Preview – Crysis 3: Beta Multiplayer





YES!!! I was waiting for this! See nearly two years ago before Crysis 2 came out the good people at Crytek and EA released a multiplayer demo for all of our enjoyment – and thanks all that is good they’re doing it again for Crysis 3. I need this especially since I’m up to here with the lame and lazy Halo 4 multiplayer (seriously an over 4 gigabyte requirement install just to play). Nearly everything in War Games is uninspired and Spartan Ops is horde mode without the fun, so yeah I’m done with that; and once I’m done with this I’m going to play the Beta Multiplayer until I forget all my troubles.  However there are a few caveats unfortunately: first the demo will be only live until Feb. 12. Also the Demo isn’t live at PSN yet (although that may change between now and hours from now), and finally once the PSN demo does become available it will be available to the PlayStation plus players first then the free players on the 30th. Sorry PS3 owns. Anywhere I’m off.





Game Review – Crysis 2: In this case, the clothes do make the man.


Ladies and gentlemen, I like Iron Man. I always have, ever since I watched the old 90’s Iron Man cartoon on Saturdays (along with the Fantastic Four, they called it the Marvel Power Hour). He had it all: money, power, women, and to top it all off he was a genius that invented a butt kicking suit of flying, laser shooting, multipurpose, hyper-tech armor. Keep that boy scout Superman, or the moody downer Batman (although he does make a good video game); Iron Man was the perfect superhero. What does this have to do Crysis 2, not much really, except for a super suit that makes you faster, stronger, and invisible. The game behind the suit isn’t quite the charmer like Tony Stark, but it will get you through the day.


The hero of this story is Alcatraz (or Al to his friends of two minutes) the mute (and/or hung over) member of 1st recon marines sent in to aid New York City during a viral outbreak and to locate a person of interest, Dr. Gould. Well before you can say ‘alien invasion’ 1st recon and the horse you rode in on (which would be a sub in this case) was annihilated and poor Al was the only survivor. When he comes to he finds out he’s been outfitted with a full body black armor called the Nanosuit. See, its former user, Prophet, who also saved Al, needed the rest of 1st recon to save Gould and find out what happened in NYC. Them being dead, and he unable to continue his mission, gave the suit and the mission to Alcatraz (thanks buddy). So now Al (and the player) must figure out what’s going on, solve the mystery of the virus outbreak, complete Prophet unknown mission, and find out what the good doctor has to do with it all.



Now Alcatraz maybe the latest in the line of silent protagonists, but his actions definitely speaks louder than words, thanks to the Nanosuit. This suit I keep talking about makes anyone who wears it pretty hardcore: you can run at enhanced speeds, leap (up, to, and from) rooftops in single bounds, kick cars into enemies, become bulletproof (& near bomb proof), see infrared, scan enemies for potential weaknesses, and of course turning invisible on demand. These features alone are awesome; add to the fact you can still use different firearms, vehicles and explosives and players will have no trouble finding their way to fun and good times in war-torn NYC.



Sadly the game won’t just let you have fun with your suit; they try to harsh your mellow by killing you. The first thing is the C.e.l.l. narcs, I’m not quite sure who they are and that’s OK because: a) I didn’t play the first game (PC only and mine at the time couldn’t handle CoH/CoV all that well, so Crysis would have destroyed it) and b) they think the hero is still Prophet (seeing how I’m in his suit and all) so I’m KoS to them – and there’s a lot of them, armed troops, air support, and road blocks. As tough as they, are they don’t even hold a candle to the alien menace. They invaded the city that never sleeps for unknown purposes but they’re serious about wasting anything that gets in the way, namely you. But hey you have a suit of unknown, unstable, nanites, no backup, and more question than answers – You’ll be fine…



As I said before I never played the first Crysis, but from what I know of Crysis 2 is very different in structure. The original game put you on an island with your power suit and told you to get it done; in the sequel they put you in a battered city with your power suit and tell you to get it done – only in a straight line. The game’s very linear. There’s nothing wrong with that either I enjoy a game whether it’s choose your way or just following a script; now will this be a turn off for veterans of the series that’s another story. Crysis 2 is also a classic FPS (well classic Halo FPS); meaning players’ finds guns, shoot them, find ammo, get better guns, rinse, and repeat until end of game. The game’s real draw is, again, the powers and how players use them to complete objectives. The active powers all run off the same powerbar, the more you use the more  you lose until it recharges in a few seconds. The game maybe linear, but their stages have enough flexibly for players to achieve goals with your powers. Finally powers don’t end with active abilities, if you take down enough aliens players can use their tech to upgrade the nano suit with passive abilities like cloak detection, enhanced armor, faster firing for weapons and so on.


Of course this game also comes with a multiplayer option which is just like most multiplayer games on consoles today. Deathmatch, team deathmatch, king of the hill, capture the flag, etc. Its breaks the standard online stuff with the inclusion nano suit power for every player. Making the matches not about who can get the lucky spawn or the better weapon on the map, but what player can maximize their suits’ loadout in order to dominate the match. Player loadout are customized by main & sub weapons, explosives, and passive nano-abilities. Gain levels on multiplayer and you gain access to better gear and abilities, simple as that. Finally in a nod to killstreaks of Modern Warfare fame, every time a player takes down another player AND collects their dogtags from their body they will gain a support ability once they have enough.



The Goods:

Beautiful Game: Now in my Bulletstorm Review I said I like vibrant colors in my games, because too many games these days take the drab color route for the sake of realism. Well I’m glad to say Crysis 2 heard my cries and tried to do better. Sure it’s still very realistic looking, little boring, but it each and every shattered building, every downed alien vessels, every rather disturbing liquefied human slurry is so sharp you can almost touch it through the TV screen (note – I bought the PS3 version and used the HDMI hook up, so individual player’s mileage may vary here).



Multiplayer: Maybe it’s the fact I played the multiplayer first (via demo) or maybe it’s just the single player (more on that later), but I don’t care I like the multiplayer on this game. Anytime you take an FPS and add techie based super powers and you get (wait for it…) Duh! Winning! Each one of the stages on multiplayer is large and different enough to make 16 players matches true challenges for everyone involved. Some games can be won on blind luck, but most victories are gained to through teamwork, skill, and knowing when to use your powers and where (like turning on your armor for one). Even their version of killstreaks takes more talent to access than CoD because you need to collect a number of player dogtags to do so. By doing that it forces the camping sniper we all hate to come down and get the tags, and then get shot by someone in cloak : ). Of course you can equip a passive ability that collects the tags automatically, but if you do you won’t be able to use a possibly much better ability in that line. Crysis 2 is a thinking man’s multiplayer.




The Bad:

Single player: In a couple of words – It’s boring. Seriously you would think a story that involves the alien takeover of NYC, clandestine originations and humanity being reduced to juice would be more interesting – but it is not. Also the single player is a little broken when it deals with choices of dealing with situations get to point A to B. Meaning in order to get to the next check point in most stages it’s better to run than gun. Enemies spawn almost immediately after you kill them and usually right behind you. If you try to stand your ground you will run out of bullets and then get overwhelmed. Sheathing is not an option either because you cannot hold a charge long enough to get anywhere safe enough to recharge and get through. The Radar doesn’t tell you where the enemies are outside of combat, so when you drop your cloak behind a shady tree thinking it’s safe you’ll just end up busted by the soldier you didn’t see or your radar didn’t detect. Stealth kill? Nope, you might as well as use a shotgun because whether it’s a sliced weapon, or a knife, or a neck snap, they’ll hear it two rooms down. Cloak out of firefights? Nope, once combat starts you might as well wear an “I’m over here!” sign because cloak won’t fool anyone at that point, and at least the sign will make good cover. I can go on but I really don’t want to; this may not fit all the situations in the game but there’s a lot in here and I didn’t sign up for this tour of duty to run like non-super powered civil.


Control Scheme: I don’t care how difficult this makes programmers job (and I can’t stress this enough) the player should have the ability to adjust button settings at all times! I have the PS3 version of this game and it won’t allow me to change the trigger buttons from powers to aim and fire; that is ridiculous! When I’m shooting I want to use the trigger buttons and not the shoulder buttons – it just common sense people.


Multiplayer glitching: Now not as bad as the multiplayer demo back in February; the full game still has some latency issues now and again. No more than any other shooter but it’s still annoying.





The game’s totally righteous multiplayer cannels out the mundane single player; and despite my gripes about the controls and the rare glitching you do get use to them – or rather I did. Everything else about this game is ok, even if you liked the first game I still would recommend renting the sequel because of the straight forward nature of the campaign. All & all Crysis 2 is like Iron Man 2, not as good as I was expecting but still a lot of fun. OK people bag ‘n tag this one I’m done, and not a moment too soon. Til next time, take care.


Oh, by the by, my multiplayer tips for Crysis 2 (located here) are still good, (not the melee damage however – it takes two strikes now to put down an unarmored opponent) so study up with the basics and unleash terror on noobs today.

Crysis 2 Multiplayer Demo Tips – Running and gunning with superpowers

Ok people, just so you know there was a Crysis 2 Multiplayer Demo available for Xbox live gold accounts. It been out for a while now and I’ve been having a great time with it; until the unseen time limit ran out and they close down the multiplayer demo – too bad. Well I have all this Crysis 2 knowledge and I can’t use it until March, so I decided to do the next best thing and teach what I know. Experimentation is always key, but with these. the learning curve won’t be slapping you in the face so much at launch:



1. Getting to know your Semiautonomous Enhanced Combat Ops: Neuro-integration and Delivery AI (S.E.C.O.N.D.) Nanosuit

Basically that’s the thing your character wearing and makes the game different than any other shooter so far. With a push of a button(s) it’s can make you run quicker (although it’s no more quicker than any other run/rush/sprint in any other shooter), be tougher by increasing your armor’s resistance to all damage, and even become invisible to get the drop on many unaware players. You get all these abilities at start which is awesome and you can use them whenever you want. However the down side is that all those abilities draw from the same power source which needs to be recharged the longer a power or powers are being used. The powerbar (my term, not the game’s) recharge is quick enough, but if you max it out you’ll be vulnerable and the bar won’t charge for a few seconds – and that’s an eternity on the battlefield. So while it’s tempting to go full throttle with the super jazz, I recommend against it, otherwise it will be your head being sniped in instant replay.



2. Power & Armor & Stealth highs and lows

Power means sprinting in most cases, and sprinting makes you go faster (obviously). It also helps you climb and reach ledges from structures, hops gaps in spaces, slide on the ground for tactical take-downs and make quick escapes when things get hairy. All this action eats your powerbar so watch the random parkour stuff chief.


Armor is a Rambo’s fanboy/girl dream come true. Turn it on and go to town on players who are too stupid to use it themselves (especially with the LMG), it does make getting multikills must easier. However once activated it will make you slower (even while sprinting) and drain your powerbar for each bullet hit. Also turn it on while being attacked doesn’t help much in the long run.


Stealth’s advantages are obvious and are great for guerilla style assassinations (seriously players freak the freakout) but be careful. Stealth has the fasting drain of your powerbar of the three abilities; add sprinting and your only have a few seconds – tops. Also attacking or being attacked while stealthed will automatically max out your powerbar. Manually shutting down stealth, then attacking, will incur no penalty, but again won’t help if you’re being attacked.  Stealth is very high risk/high reward; used property you can rule the field, used poorly and it will be nothing but an endless montage of pain and suffering.




3. Tools make the man

Incredible powers are only half the game, weapons are the other half. For the sake of the demo are only four main weapons available: assault rifle, LMG, sniper and the cheap ol’shotty. Now am sure all of you have played a FPS before so you know the basic mechanics of the weapons here: the assault rifle is deadly accurate and easy to use (good for beginners), the LMG is a very big gun that shoots lots of bullets (great for mowing down more than one enemy), the sniper is, as always, one shot – one kill (headshot that is), and shotguns low range/high fire power hasn’t changed since time immortal. Players can even add weapon attachments like hologram projectors, silencers and sight scopes to really ramp up the aggression.  It’s up to the player to decide what combination of powers, weapons and tactics will lead to victory. Of course there will be more weapons available at launch, these weapon types will be the ones players will use at the beginning.



4. Mucho! Mucho! Melee!

Ok people, even in a shooting game I’m always the guy charging in to clobbering people with rifle butts, skull cracks, and yes even riot shields (but don’t tell my clan, Shhhh!). So I’m happy to say Crysis 2 fully support my warrior lifestyle, melee attacks are one hit, one kill (unarmored – two if opponent is armored). It’s almost too easy, if you don’t get gun down first; what’s more it almost makes using the shotgun useless. Even at close range you can miss an enemy (multiple times) if they’re moving around, smacking them in the head once and they drop. So be bold! Catch a player off guard and save some bullets all at the same time – Judo Chop.



5. Spawn cloaking

From the demo spawning locations are always random so there’s a possibly the full game will follow (nano) suit. In that case it’s a good idea to cloak as soon as you appear, it will cut down on cheap shots attacks against you and you’ll be able to recon the area before your power runs out (provided you don’t sprint for no good reason). Heck you might even catch an ambusher with an ambush of your own.



6. Make those shots count

Like the vaunted Call of Duty: Modern Warfare series, there isn’t any ‘ammo drops’ floating about in multiplayer. This means bullets (or whatever) are a finite luxury that are only regained through death or luck via finding the same weapon type drop from an enemy’s corpse. So make sure you fire with purpose, flank your enemies, or go for a cheap melee strike; otherwise you’ll be stuck using a pistol, and pistols suck.



7. Getting to know your Semiautonomous Enhanced Combat Ops: Neuro-integration and Delivery AI (S.E.C.O.N.D.) Nanosuit pt.2

Your gear doesn’t just give you powers, it also gives you modules as well. These modules help complement the Power, Armor & Stealth powers you use; making you an even more effective super solider. With your stealth module you can choose to make your footsteps silent to gain total sneak attacks, or maybe amp up your armor mode module to recharge your powerbar partially for every kill you make. Really shake up the competition with the air stomp power module and bring death from above in glorious resolution; the choice is really yours as there are many modules to choose from. Become the ultimate living weapon of your own design.



8. Dogging those Dog tags

Also like Modern Warfare, Crysis 2 has killstreaks, only you don’t just get them by killing players, you must also collect the downed enemies dog tags (which is also customized to the player’s liking). Which makes campers cry: a sniper on a very high vantage point can headshot people all the live long day, he won’t gain killstreak the first without coming down to collect those tags. Of course such people could always activate the Dog tag module and collect the tags automatically; they may lose a potentially helpful mod in doing so. Experimentation is key people.


Well that’s all I could take from my, short, short demo experience. I had fun and I can’t wait for March 22 to come. So readers take my words to heart; when this game go’s live and you’re starting up multiplayer for the first time, don’t be on the wrong side of a smackdown.


Games & Gear of 2011

Well people we’re in the full swing of the new year already, you can check January off, it is over. Just as well too because there wasn’t any new games coming out that month, but February then on its back to business as usual – and business is good. To assist my fellow man, woman, and childy-types I release my hit list of Game and Gear for 2011 to better prepare yourselves on what to get in the near future. I ask no payment for this service ( although I won’t refuse donations) for this type of work is my calling in life, plus its pretty fun too. Let’s get started:

Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds

Releases [2/15/2011]

Now if for some strange reason readers here been avoiding TBL’s awesome collections of updates for the 11 year sequel in-waiting, Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds, here’s the  gist of it. The best (or the most obscure) characters of both brands (Marvel and Capcom) come together and duke it out. Why? Reason is for suckers, just relish in the fact that people will have access to Deadpool anytime they want when the game comes out, I know I will.


Releases [2/22/2011]

This… This is a game that you ‘don’t’ take seriously, at all. Sure the story is standard fair: A one-man army, Grayson Hunt, and his merry band Gears of War look-alikes must stand up against the generic evil empire and the General who manipulated them in the beginning. Really though that’s just an excuse to allow players to unleash wanton destruction all over the place. The more impossibly sounding, the better; after all any chump can shoot a mutant but it takes some real brass clackers to shoot one in the brass clackers, boot them into a flaming slag pile, lasso them out, stick a ‘nade in their pie hole while they’re floating there, toss them into a group of other mutants, they get set on fire by the sticky molten slag of the first mutant then they all explode thanks to the slag hitting the ‘nade hole finally. Elaborate, yes that’s the point; familiar (i.e. Madworld (even down to the main character’s voice actor, Steve Blum, it seems) crossed with Gears), very, but if it ain’t broke right?

Pokemon: Black and White

Releases [3/6/2011]

Ok ladies and gentlemen, I was into Pokemon since day uno; I got the Red version while TBL got Blue. Ah the matches we use to have, and even though it was always the same: fight trainers, earn badges, become champion, style of game play throughout their entire game series – I can’t help but be excited about this upcoming title. Maybe it’s the contract between the colors of black and white and their deeper meaning (maybe even series maturity) or maybe just the fact I can’t wait the get online and make 9 year olds cry with unbeatable Pokemon. Only time will tell.

Dragon Age 2

Releases [3/8/2011]

Now we’re getting to the good stuff. I loved the first Dragon Age so much that the only way I was ever going to give it up is when Dragon Age 2 was confirmed. Now the bad news is that your character from the first game is not the main character in the sequel (even though he or she does impact the world, the Grey Warden did save all of Ferelden after all) nor can you change the physical look or race of the main character Hawke. The good news is everything else; improved fighting mechanics, new lands to explore and effect with your actions, new companions to befriend or abuse at your digression, and another epic experience just waiting for ambitious players. Viva Va Dragon Age 2!

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Releases [8/23/2011]

I like many things, but I don’t like prequels – in anything. It’s like the writers (or whoever) says: “Forget taking an IP to the next level; let’s just milk that cash cow for all it’s worth! Mwa ha ha!!!” all evil and sinister like that. However since there’s nothing I can do about ‘intellectual backsteps’ I might as well as enjoy the good ones like Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Here you play Adam Jensen who starts as a simple lawman, but after a few artificial implants become a superman tasked to find a conspiracy that threatens to rewrite the world. It a good thing players come armed to the teeth with skills ranging from shoot outs to stealth takedowns. You can even talk your away out of many situations without firing a shot. The Deus Ex series has been doing the ‘choose your own choice’ thing long before most others so they’re pros – which means expect brilliant written storylines, hard consequences for your decisions during the game, and many, many, many replays in the future. Not bad… for a prequel.

Crysis 2

Releases [3/22/2011]

Well the 202X’s to 203X’s seems to be a busy couple of years for us in the near future. First cybernetic conspiracies in Deus Ex: Human Revolution and only a few scant years later the world gets invaded by aliens in Crysis 2. Now even though aliens may seem like a bad thing, players get to strap on a Nanosuit 2 to deal with them. The Semiautonomous Enhanced Combat Ops: Neuro-integration and Delivery AI (SECOND) Nanosuit 2 makes you faster, stronger, tougher, and even invisible whenever you want. No special icons need. The first game was known for two things: outstanding beauty (which is why I’m getting for the PS3… Despite the fact the demo is only available for the 360 gold members) and excellent gameplay. I hope the true can be said for this game when it comes out.

Nintendo 3DS

Relesases [3/27/10]

Ah… Here is the reason I changed the title to Games ‘&’ Gear for 2010. Despite the CES having an above average showing this year the only gear worthy thing I was going to put on this list (that would also come out this year as well) is the Nintendo 3DS. Thanks to a confirmed release date we’ll be having this miracle of modern technology in our hot little hands that much sooner, happy happy-joy joy. Now I hear what some of you are saying:

$250.00 for a handheld?! What am I the queen of England?!


Pilotwings launch title?! Where’s my Naked Snake damnnit!

Put your minds as ease boisterous few for the 3DS is worth the money and your patience. $250.00 may seem like much to spend on a handheld, especially since consoles like the Wii is cheaper (places may vary) to buy. However many seem to forget that this handheld (and the models before it) is also a console; many gamers I know only have one console and the Nintendo DS (models vary) is it. It is shortsighted to believe those same gamers wouldn’t buy the next true generation of DS because of price alone, and if you don’t believe me take a quick search online of the sales charts of each new iPhone that comes out. Besides brand loyalty Nintendo has an unbeatable track record on portable gaming; from the Gameboy to now there have always been challengers they’ve beaten to obscurity or extinction. So buying the 3DS is not only a good idea but sound investment to any gamer. As for the launch titles, well launch titles are rarely good accept for a couple. The strength of a console is never judged by its launch titles but its first year of life – and from what I see on the horizon the 3DS (and their owners) is going to have a long, happy life indeed.


Releases [3/29/2011]

Well since I went I little long in my 3DS profile *ahem* I’ll just let the video explain this one for me.

Mortal Kombat

Releases [4/19/2011]

MORTAL KOMBAT!!!!  The game that brought the world to a standstill, where it turned mothers against their gamer sons and daughters (not mine because mine is cool). They’ve come out with many sequels since the first, second, and third games but they didn’t have that same violent magic. Well guess what? It’s coming back home baby. Mortal Kombat (2011) is both sequel and remake to/of the best of the MK games: 1 through 3. Here players once again tango with the klassic kharacters of khoas and karnage in this komplete kombat ka-patchage. Oh, and Kratos is going to be in it as well, so you know things are going to get awesome (and bloody).

LA Noire

Releases [5/17/2011]

The city is a hard place, full for hard people. I am a Detective for the LAPD and I’ve been given the assignment of my lifetime: to stop an insane serial killer and his mad butchery. Team Bondi and Rockstar Games brought me here; they know Noire like nobody else. As the whiskey burns down my throat things swirl in my head: how will I catch him, who is he, does he work alone, and finally who can I trust? To a tourist this city is beautiful, and its people real, but the city is a hard place, full for hard people – who I must save from itself.

Portal 2

Releases [4/19/2011]

The cake was a lie, but Portal was good. Seriously people went nuts for this game from the beginning to its parodied to oblivion credit ending. So Valve got to perform a miracle by catching lighting in a bottle again; I got to admit it doesn’t seem likely – I can count on my hand the number of sequels that where better than the original in every possible way. However with the continuing story of Chell and her murderous, yet humorous, counterpart GLaDOS, a new co-op mode that brings the pain as well as challenges, and new mind bending puzzles, gadgets, and pitfalls it hard to count out Portal 2 by any stretch of the imagination.


Releases [5/10/2011]

You know people I love Team Fortress 2 and I still time and time again. However the problem is I have that copy of the game from the Orange Box; which means I have the buggy, no upgrades, no updates, no new ANYTHING version. I’ve waited about four years for both Microsoft and Valve to settle their issues with DLC and get something out there; but it seems to be a lost cause. Fortunately the people at Splash Damage and Bethesda Softworks have heard my prayers for frantic class-based action by their creation of Brink. Players pick from two sides, from there anything goes; becoming a chain gun toting bruiser and mow down the enemy line, or a lithe escape artist who skilled at siding through small holes and headshots, or use turrets, machines, and the like to do the killing for you as a mechanic. Try them all, you can, it’s as easy as switching a weapon. However this game has so many options, weapons, skills, customizations, and methods of completing objectives you’ll never wish for a Team Fortress 2 again (sorry…).

Red Faction: Armageddon

Releases [5/31/2011]

I love the Red Faction series, Red Faction: Guerrilla wasn’t bad but, it wasn’t what I was expecting either. Neither is Red Faction: Armageddon, In this game the new rebellion isn’t just fighting greedy corporations or jerkwad military forces. This time their going scary; fighting inhuman terrors similar to creatures found in Dead Space in close, often dark, caves and tunnels. Fortunately what never changes in Red Faction is the ability to blow a hole in anything and anyone in the game. Add to the fact that new weapons, vehicles, and fighting robots are added to the mix and well one has to think who should be afraid of whom here?

Infamous 2

Releases [6/7/2011]

Poor Cole MacGrath, there is so much riding on his skinny little shoulders. I won’t ruin what for the people who haven’t played the first game, but if you have a PS3 and not played Infamous, you should, post-haste. Sadly things have not improved in 2 for him, because the apocalypse nightmare he needs to prevent in the future – had come early. He was on the run, looking for answers, then found him in an area known as New Marais. Unfortunately the city’s in deep turmoil and if there’s any hope in defeating what’s coming, Cole must decide the fate of the city: savor or conqueror…

Gears of War 3

Releases [9/20/2011]

The one and only roided up super soldiers are back for the third tour of duty. It seems like their actions in the previous games only made things worse for humanity on Sera. Now Marcus & co. are little more than hobos (BA hobos, but still…) trying to survive the overwhelming odds of not only one enemy force but two. But you know they old saying you don’t kill a COG solider, you just p— them off. They’ll show their rage by introduction new enemy executions; new weapons like the Bayonet Lancer; new four player co-op and so much more! The only thing you don’t have when buying this game is a portable toilet, you should get one because once you start playing you won’t want to stop.


Releases [9/13/2011]

I got to admit ladies and gentlemen, out of all the games that are a cross between Fallout and Borderlands, Rage seems to be the most interesting – and I don’t know why. Maybe it’s the crisp look of the game that gets my attention, or perhaps it’s the ability to pimp out your weapons, vehicles, tech and skills to unleash them on a unsuspecting world, heck id Software and Bethesda Softworks both have a hand in Rage’s creation those are pedigrees that you can take to the bank. So no matter the reason (or lack thereof) Rage could be the one to beat in the fall.

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

Releases [10/1/2011]

I’ve played Call of Duty, Medal of Honor, and Battlefield games before, they good depending on the title, but you only have one first people and Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter (GRAW) was mine. Rather it was the first military shooter game I really enjoyed, plus one of the first 360 games I’ve played. I’m personal glad the series is continuing despite the fact that CoD, MoH, and B-field IPs have a proper chokehold on the genre. This time around players will be controlling a four class (Commando, Sniper, Reconnaissance, and Engineer) character squad to protect American and her interests. However the big draw point of the series is the use of military hi-tech like UAV’s, Crosscom HUD, armored support, tactical drones and the like. Combining soldiers with sci-fi is not a new concept but Ghost Recon does it so well it’s very hard to ignore.

Batman: Arkham City

Releases [10/3/2011]

Now I don’t talk about it much on Armada but I do enjoy comics, or rather comic book characters. Yep I watch most shows about them (by the by Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes is very good by the by), and movies too, but not so much actual comic books (don’t know why). I also don’t play video games based on comic book brands because their horrible and terrible or terrible and horrible. However there are exceptions to everything and Batman: Arkham Asylum was it for bad comic book video games. It was brilliant from writing to voice acting to gameplay, it had it all. Now with Batman: Arkham City there are many (myself included) who expect this to have it all again and then some; unfair – yes, but something tells me we won’t be disappointed.  And for the people who haven’t played the first game – do, it’s almost a requirement now for good gamers.

Twisted Metal

Releases [12/1/2011]

Wow, now we’re going back here. Back in the day I couldn’t even afford the massive amount of games (or systems as a matter of fact) I play now; the only time I’d played the legacy Twist Metals were at other people’s houses. Even then I was awe stuck by the beautiful chaos and destruction caused by these odd ball characters, and now they’re back and I mean back-back. Like Mortal Kombat (2011) earlier this year this game is a sequel and a revival of sorts focusing on same the awesome, frantic, balls to the wall action they were known for while at the same time bring something new with teams (the Clowns, the Skulls, the Preachers or the Dolls), interchangeable cars, crazy play modes (Nuke comes to mind) and of course putting them all together with 16 player rumbles online. All I got to say is welcome home Twisted Metal, we’ve missed you.

Mass Effect 3

Releases [12/31/2011]

Finally we come to the end of the list and with a game whose prequel ironically was at the top of the list last year: Mass Effect 3. What can I say really; the first ME was an awesome space opera that kicked much booty, ME 2 did the impossible and made a nearly perfect game (closest game to ever do so), now ME 3 is only 11 months away and will (or rather should) end the adventures of Commander Shepherd. Depend on the player; the story could have gone countless ways reaching this point right now. What is known now is the Reapers have come to Earth (sounds like Halo 2 to me) and the only one who can stop them is Shepherd (of course) but can he/she? Everything we’ve done since the start has worked to his point now, do we have what it takes to finish the job – one way or another…