This Just In (Or Not) – Community meets G.I. Joe



The quirky yet very awesome show Community has done many excellent parodies in its time so far: Call of Duty, alternative realities, 8-bit video games, Dungeons & Dragons, and even Anime (although the actual Anime parts were few a far between). Today they are going for the Holy Grale of pop culture – 80’s cartoons. I don’t know how, and really don’t care but the study group (I know they’re the student council or whatever now, but I’ll always know them as the study group) are becoming one off characters of everybody’s favorite paramilitary group G.I. Joe. People this episode will be ripe with tropes, gags, classic animation and maybe yelling “Yo Joe!” once – I can’t wait. For now though here’s a little something to tide us over, a PSA, another G.I. Joe mainstay that they were known for. Don’t forget though watch Community today at 8pm EST or you’ll miss all the fun.








That’s Gamertainment – Community: Digital Estate Planning


Community is not just a group of people living together in one place; but also an excellent show on NBC that creates the most off the wall yet totally relatable episodes you’ll see on basic TV. Using youth culture plus original writing made each 30 minutes showing something to remember; especially the ‘special’ ones. From paintball to dungeons & dragons, Community has redefined cool. Well yesterday they reached its apex, in the first episode of three that day they entered in the awesomest reality of all time ever: video games. It was epic, to say the least (it also) made me nostalgic for Code Monkeys for some reason). So not only watch this episode, but the rest as well. And afterward follow the save community twitter feed, make this show last forever: the world needs Community (in more ways then one).   #sixseasonsandamovie