VGM – Kid Icarus: Uprising (Dark Pit theme)


Well people it’s time for another look into the more audio aspects of the video game culture and yes it’s another Boss Theme – technically. Now as we all know Kid Icarus: Uprising is an awesome game for just existing, but its natural goodness is magnified by its stellar soundtrack. Again I could have picked anyone of the game’s soundtrack and it would’ve have been gold. However at the end of the day I’ve chosen the Dark Pit Theme, because it surprised me with the instruments they used and made something epic. Composed by Motoi Sakuraba this little ditty herald the coming of Pit’s mirrored double: Dark Pit (or Pittwo to his friends). With the use of Spanish guitar, drums, bells, symbols, and horns this theme is not only full of its own natural energy, but its own uniqueness from any other boss theme out there. I dare you all to pick five boss themes from resent games and then play this one. They all have that intense cord of action that inspire players to do battle with an opponent; but only Dark Pit’s theme truly stands out.




Games & Gear of 2012 Reloaded – Kid Icarus: Uprising (3/23/12)


Hey, hey, hey people, just when I typed saying the list was done, they pull me back in. Thanks to release dates, the Game & Gear list of 2012 is back on and reloaded. Sadly its only for a few games, at least it’s a step in the right direction, and with that Kid Icarus: Uprising. Now the closest thing I’ve played of anything dealing with the Kid Icarus series is SSB:B. However the constant trailers I’ve seen on this game has got me excited to be newest member of the Kid coalition. Utilizing the full 3D technology of the Nintendo 3DS is only the beginning for this game. Uprising will feature both intense flight combat and 3rd person shooting elements, different interchangeable weapons, and even wireless multiplayer with created characters. Add to the mix an engaging storyline equal to any home console game and, for pre order gamers, the original Kid Icarus game and you got yourself a deal and a half. This game was the reason so many people wanted the 3DS in the first place; now that it’s only a few months a way it would be foolish to miss out on it now.