Trailer-Rama Week (Part Deux): Man of Steel


I love it people, I mean video games are my thing in life but I love all forms of entertainment (as long as it’s good). And movies have been great this year, sure they’re always some stinkers but on the whole they were worth the money to see them – and the hits keep on coming. So once again I have to devote a whole week to the awesome movies that are coming our way because they to be watched – starting with Superman.

Oh I’m sorry, the ‘Man of Steel’, because rumor is that they won’t call Superman ‘superman’ in the movie once, which make no sense. Outside of that I think the movie is going to be a smash hit, especially compared to Superman Returns which, in my opinion, was the worst Superman flick to be put on the silver screen.  Since the movie will be opening on June 14 and I’ve already shown my fair share of the Man of Steel trailers I’ll only say one more thing: KNEEL!!!!!1!1!




The End – BioShock Infinite ending



Hmmm… Well it looks like 2013 is going to be the year of firsts for Armada as well because we’re going to unleash another new segment here called ‘The End’ where we give you our opinion about the ending of a work of a story – primarily video games. And what better game to first talk about then BioShock Infinite’s ending. Now it’s been a couple weeks now so I’m safe to assume the majority of players bought the game and seen the ending already. However if you’re one of two people who has not seen the ending and doesn’t want it ruined for you please leave come back when you’re ready. For the rest of us, here’s the ending recap:




I’ve enjoy the game immensely, I’ve reviewed it to that effect but to be honest – this was the worst ending of all three games so far… Why? Because I saw nearly the entire plot coming: I knew Anna DeWitt / Elizabeth was Booker’s daughter, I knew Vox Populi would turn against me in the second half of the game, I knew the Lutece twins weren’t twins but alternate reality versions of themselves (and that they would never make sense in the story), and of course Booker DeWitt was in fact alternate reality Zachary Hale Comstock. How did I see this coming? Because not only did they borrow heavy from the BioShock games but other entertainment medias. What non-BioShock elements did they borrow from, well let’s see, there’s Lost, Sliders, the Jet Li Movie ‘The One’ and even Hypertime from the DC Universe. I’m sure there are more examples out there but these are enough. Where these other works did their take the whole ‘alternate realities’ in a somewhat the original way; BioShock Infinite ending just mashed all these elements in, added some questionable (and confusing) science, and called it a conclusion. And you know what, I’ve could have ignored all of that because fiction has a habit of copying other fiction (intentionally or not), but what I can’t condone is the fact the Infinite was the original and the sequel uninspiredly retold.


The original BioShock’s reveal


The first game’s outcome was brilliant, a masterwork of storytelling that questions whether we are our choices or are we choices made by others. The characters are awesome, just an enjoyable in general. The sequel characters were less memorable but the main baddie wanted to convert her daughter into a powerful symbol of her ideals (sounds familiar right). Also the main character in the sequel, named Delta, want’s to save the daughter from her fate and in turn the daughter sees Delta as a father figure (again familiar right). Its ending was less epic than the first but, I left satisfied. Infinite sums up like this: let make rapture again, but in the sky this time, and have only one little sister but make her the literal daughter of the main character and the antagonist at the same time, have nearly all the plot secondary characters killed off very easily like Andrew Ryan but without important subtext on the why, and finally end on the high note of lighthouses, magic science, and a non-noble sacrifice that, in the grand scheme of infinite parallel universes, is pointless.


BioShock 2 endings



Even that, that, is something I could give a pass to, but, and I mean it this time, the true issue I have against Infinite is the lack of choice. BioShock 1 & 2 allowed me to choose in key moments various outcomes (mainly good or evil, but still) that would affect the overall outcome.  In Infinite the choices are stupid, pointless, and had very little to no bearing in the story at all. For BioShock that’s freaken ridiculous. So what I’m supposed to accept fate as is, there’s no changing in so let your multiple dimensional daughters drown you in a baptismal pool for the good of the world? No, no BioShock Infinite, ending failure. In the end we have the power to transverse time and space and to see infinite number of worlds, outcomes, and choices and the story chooses to settle on one solution – the dumbest one possible because the plot demanded it. No. BioShock I expect better out of you, I expect, when it comes to story, you bring it – you didn’t this time. The game is great but its story’s a letdown and even though there’s DLCs in the future I’m not quite sure how they’ll be used story wise (my guess would be they just unlock new areas to explore).


I’m sorry if I went off the deep end there, but I wanted BioShock Infinite to be the next great chapter in the series. Not some reboot/rewrite of the first two games with an ending that’s equally lazy. It robs the player of being part of the BioShock universe (multiverse) and lacks the satisfactions of doing something meaningful in their world. Sadly like Halo 4 and WWE 13, BioShock Infinite will be one game that does everything right accept the most important thing, and what that thing is depends on the game, for Infinite it’s the ending and the outlining story. Not much to do now but to trade the game in and hope the next BioShock returns to form.






Trailer-rama – Injustice: Gods Among Us


It wasn’t too long ago to I talked about ‘Injustice: Gods Among Us’ an elsewhere fighting game starring DC heroes and villains. The game is still pretty far away from being released, so there’s very little information available now. However they did produce a new trailer a month ago showing the fragile state of their world. I’ll be honest people it’s a little creepy; not at first but… *shivers* just watch it (at night, and alone if you got the junk).




E3 Aftermath / My picks of the show – Injustice: Gods among us



Hey fokes, remember Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe? It was a simple premise: take two very different groups of characters and put them in a setting where they have to duke it out a la Smash Bros (just not with their fighting style). Now me, I thought it was a stupid idea, I mean come on its DC superheroes fighting against the brand that invented over the top digital executions – no way that was going to mesh. But to my utter surprise many gamers and reviewers enjoyed the over the top fighting. They found the MK reality could only be matched by the icon heroes of comic book legend; any other brand would be inadequate. Both WB Games and NetherRealm Studios (who was Midway at the time of MK v DC) learned well from that team up and once again ready themselves to impress gamers with another super powered slobber knocker in the future called Injustice: Gods among us. Now besides not having the MK crew this time around, and a few confirmed characters (Supes, Bats, W.W., Grundy (like Sunday) Flash, and Quin) there is nothing outside the boiler plate info available yet. However, like the Flash, it doesn’t take much for a game site to update info and usually without anyone seeing it coming so we’ll be keeping our eyes on their site from now on. As for the game itself, and in no short part due to its pedigree, it will do very well; but victory will be insured if they add the main man Lobo to the roster. Heroes, villains, whatever, always vote on the wildcards people.




WTF/FTW – The Flaming C on Young Justice (sort of)


Conan O’Brien, a sort of living legend on the late night talk show circuit. From the whole ‘Tonight Show’ debacle which he handled with style and panache to his current show on TBS that always keeps the entertainment industry on its toes he’s just the host to make a late nite into a great nite. However, thanks to True Backlash, I’ve think I’ve beaded down my personal favorite Conan O’Brien moment: The Flaming C. Basically he had Bruce Tim create an outlandish superhero based off O’Brien – it was just a sketch and quite ridiculous but it didn’t go any farther than that – until a year ago. I’ll let Conan explain the rest:







This just in (or not) – DC is free, DLC for DAII is not, arr…


Heroes an’ villains. Thar be a fascination wi’ both forces, an’ in comic books they’re super (sorry I couldn’t help myself)… But in Octobree they be free, well at least in DC Universe anyway. Playin’ follow th’ leader t’ many MMOs ou’ thar, they too become free-t’-play t’ th’ satisfaction o’ cheap skate players like myself. O’ course them still willin’ t’ pay $15 a moon will enjoy certain advantages o’er th’ “freemium” players. In th’ long run howerewhether ye pay or nay, this will definitely boost numbers fer th’ game an’ finally give swabbies on th’ fence a wee push in th’ starboard direction. On Dragon Age DLC news th’: ‘Mark o’ th’ Assassin’ story, startin’ Felicia Day, will go live on Octobree 11. This time around Hawke must help an elf assassin named Tallis reclaim ancient relic o’ some kind. How this will affect th’ overall story remains t’ be seen, but at least will give players a new challenge t’ overcome.



Armada’s Game coverage from the San Diego Comic Con – Part 2


People our time has finally come, the wait is nearly over. Yesterday, like a glorious symphony, the people at BioWare announced the purchase of pre-order packages for the long awaited MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic. This means ladies and gentleman that a release date will soon follow, I can’t wait… Now the packages are available to purchase right now in various video game providers in store and online; they come three awesome flavors –


Standard Edition: Which is just your game saved at launch, better safe than sorry right? It also comes with a Color Stone which changes the color of your weapon’s fire and saber blade.


Digital Deluxe Edition: Now this one’s only available via Origin, and is a direct to download deal (say ‘direct to download deal’ three times fast). You get everything the Standard has plus a few toys for your in-game character to play with:


  • Flare Gun: Fire a dramatic and inspiring flare high into the air.
  • Training Droid: A small but advanced training droid to hover at your side for combat assistance.
  • Holo Dancer: Portable entertainment system to project your own holographic dancer.
  • Holo Cam: Keep visual records of your in-game adventures as you travel the Star Wars galaxy.
  • STAP: The STAP is a sleek and unique in-game vehicle you will acquire during your journeys


Collector’s Edition: Here’s the big daddy right here, it has it all; not only more in-game gear but some real life tchotchkes for the hard core swtor fans. It’s already sold out in some places, but never say never and these are the things you can get as a reward:


  • Exclusive Gentle Giant Darth Malgus statue
  • Game disks collectible metal case
  • The Journal of Master Gnost-Dural as annotated by Satele Shan
  • The Old Republic galaxy map
  • Custom Security Authentication Key
  • Music of Star Wars: The Old Republic CD
  • High-quality Collector’s Edition box


  • Exclusive Mouse Droid: A little Mouse Droid to join your adventures.
  • Exclusive Collector’s Edition Store: Unique in-game vendor with a dynamic assortment of items available only to purchasers of the Collector’s Edition.


Now I’m already sure everyone and their mama already got five pre orders in, but for those who haven’t – do so NOW! Trust me, when the insane nerd posse returns from comic con, there won’t be copy left til launch day.









Now on the more spandex side of things the action MMO DC Universe will be releasing its very first DLC ‘Fight for the Light’. It stars the Green Lantern and his arch nemeses Sinestro, giving both heroes and villains adventures (or crimes) to undertake. Of course players don’t watch epicness but join in, by joining either the Lantern Corp or the Sinestro Corp. Once they do they gain access to the new seventh power set: Light Powers. Say what you will about the Green Lantern movie, but the powers were teflon cool, the same powers players can now weld once the DLC goes live. I’ll admit I don’t play this MMO, I’m saving myself for swtor, but this DLC has peaked my interest… Nyaaaaa, I’m wait unit they give me a seven day free trial like Rift.