Trailer-Rama Week (Part Deux): Man of Steel


I love it people, I mean video games are my thing in life but I love all forms of entertainment (as long as it’s good). And movies have been great this year, sure they’re always some stinkers but on the whole they were worth the money to see them – and the hits keep on coming. So once again I have to devote a whole week to the awesome movies that are coming our way because they to be watched – starting with Superman.

Oh I’m sorry, the ‘Man of Steel’, because rumor is that they won’t call Superman ‘superman’ in the movie once, which make no sense. Outside of that I think the movie is going to be a smash hit, especially compared to Superman Returns which, in my opinion, was the worst Superman flick to be put on the silver screen.  Since the movie will be opening on June 14 and I’ve already shown my fair share of the Man of Steel trailers I’ll only say one more thing: KNEEL!!!!!1!1!




Trailer-Rama (Superhero Edition): Iron Man & Superman


Yes, yes, yes! Iron Man 3 will be out tomorrow and you know the Armada staff will be seeing it and reviewing in a few days’ time. Rumor is that this will be the last of the Iron Man series of movies and in some ways I can see why. After all they want to bulk up more marvel heroes in movies and while Iron Man has already got his 3, there are still many more that haven’t even got out the gate yet. Still the more unreasonable side of me still wants more Iron Man movies no matter what. Well que sera, sera and all that because DC is finally there heavy guns into this fight with their upcoming ‘Man of Steel’ flick. You know the old say fokes (the other one anyway): when two competing comic book companies fight for movie viewership we all win!





Game Review – Injustice: Gods Among Us

TrueBackLash here with a review for Injustice: Gods Among Us for the Wii U. I bet you guys expected this review for the PS3 or the XBox 360, well we at the Armada decided we try the game on the the fresh new system we just got. In some ways it does pay off in fact, but that’s a bit later. So what are we waiting for? Let’s get to it.

Some of the plot is in the tie-in comics created by DC, not all of it is explained in the game.

The story takes place in a couple alternate universe from the main DC universe (typical) as Superman driven to the breaking point by longtime Batman villain the Joker. Not only does Joker kill Superman’s pal,  Jimmy Olsen but then he uses Superman and his wife Lois Lane to kill of Metropolis with Lois and their unborn child dying in the process. Forever changed, Superman kills Joker and becomes a tyrannical dictator bent on “protecting” the world with his rigid regulation. Several heroes and villains join him to make the Regime. Their opposition, the Insurgency is led by Batman who seeks to end Superman’s oppression.  Meanwhile, several superheroes and the Joker from another universe are transported into the Regime-verse’s conflict.

There are 24 characters to choose from (25 when you add Lobo when DLC comes), half are superheroes and half super villains and all have unique gameplay. Along with special moves that highlight each characters superpowers, tools and weapons. There is also a special button that activates a characters special ability. The button makes Flash faster (read-slows down the opponent), give Lex Luthor an energy shield for his armor, makes Superman and Bane stronger etc. You can also knock opponents into other areas of the stage and they take tons of damage along the way.

There is also the “Clash System”, which counters a physical attack and has players bid on portions of their life meter, with the highest bidder winning the battle. These “bids” are taken from your super meter, so the less you have, the less likely you’d win. Each Clash also has an brief but awesome (and sometimes personalized) cutscene discussion between the opponents.

In terms of the technical aspects, Injustice is a solid fighter. The game’s fighting engine feels a lot like a mix of Mortal Kombat (9) and the BlazBlue series. The battle system gives various opportunities for combos, super versions of special attacks that takes a block of super meter and each character has one super move that takes the entire super meter.  Graphically, this game is great and there is so much going on in the backgrounds. The voice acting is perfect and the music is okay.

Once you get done in Story mode and Battle mode (classic), there is still hours of battles fun to be had at the S.T.A.R. Labs battles.


Simply put, I love this game, it’s solid and fun. It’s not perfect or all that original, but it’s a great experience. Too tell you guys the truth, DC Comics deserved a good fighting game for their characters after Justice League Task Force. And while Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe counts as well, this being the first stand alone DC comic fighting game since Task Force and it be awesome is something special.


Mini Movie Review – Green Lantern


Hey, hey, hey! Listen all, I know it’s been a couple of weeks since we’ve posted, but truth be told we had an awesome game review line up and ready to post but let’s just say whining new technology you should always read the instructions first. Worry not, the re-edit of the review is nearly done and will be out soon (I promise). For now Backlash, Blu and myself went to go see the new Green Lantern movie and have come back with the definitive results. Well for those who don’t know, the movie is mired in controversy within critics and the audience. Some say the movie was terrible while other thought it was good, and numbers are disappointing at the box office. So we’ve taken upon ourselves to settle the debate once and for all using the fewest words possible:


Boss Bronze: I thought it was alright. The story was coherent, the characters were stable (although a little bland), the special effects were expected, all and all a general movie to go and see. Maybe that’s the problem, there’s nothing in this movie that really stands out (maybe the bad guy fight but). All the superhero movies released recently had something that made it stand out from the pact – Green Lantern had no quality. Again I enjoy the movie, didn’t regret seeing it, but will I see it again or buy the DVD of it in the future, probably not.


True Backlash: Backlash agrees with me for the most part. However he thinks the Green Lantern corp. needed more focus, the Hal Jordan’s family and ‘best friend tom’ need less focus, and the film was grainy(although that might have been the movie theater’s fault).



Blu: Unfortunately this movie did nothing but confuses her plot wise, and was generally found the movie underwhelming as a whole (like many people). However despite this she still said she had a good time.





This is one ‘middle of the road’ movie if I ever saw one, not terrible but nothing to write home to mama about either. My advice, see it just so you can put in your own two cents about it at your website of choice (did someone say Video Game Armada?).