There & Back Again: Rise of Iron (Part 1)



The wait (for the DLC, and the Armada coverage of it) is over! Guardians, it’s time to rise and become the next Lord of Iron. Yay!








There & Back Again: Iron Banner (with AUG & Co.)



The last Iron Banner before the Rise of Iron DLC came and went. As for a person who never did one before, I found that I enjoyed it and made me rethink my tactics for the next Iron Banner (whatever form it will take after the DLC launch). But hey, for the last day I decided to have fun with it, and what better group to have fun with than AUG & Co! 








My Top 5: Destiny OP moments



You know those times where you super hot in PVP, and just plow through anyone dumb enough to put you in their cross hairs? Yeah, those are great days; here’s some of my favorites in Destiny.








Game Preview: House of Wolves recap


The Reef: A new social area to pal around in, to meet new characters and explore.


The Trials of Osiris: A weekly event where you and two other players test your mettle against a rival fireteam for glory and sweet loot.


The Prison of Elders an end game dynamo that will either carve out your place among heroes or buried you in an unmarked grave.


Needless to say I’m getting the House of Wolves DLC on the 19th, and I hope you all will too.




Game Preview: House of Wolves – Prison of Elders


Now I know a lot of you Destiny players are a little salty that there won’t be a raid in the House of Wolves (won’t bother me much – raids were always a pain to find a party for). However the good people at Bungie won’t leave you in a lurch, for they will be unleashing a upon the world the Prison of Elders. Now we’ve heard of said prison before in cut scenes, but this will be the first time visiting it. Well ‘visiting’ maybe a little misleading; more like surviving the most dangerous enemies of the awoken in a horde mode game play style. Get ready for thunder dome people because it’s either going to be you or them – and them got nothing to lose.




Game Preview: House of Wolves – Trials of Osiris


The Reef was nice, but how about something that will get the blood pumping. How about something that I can take my two closest friends, team up and take down another team of three in a winner take all shoot out where respawning’s not allowed. Something that at the end you will all get some nice new weapons and gear that’s vaguely Egyptian? Well people the Trials of Osiris is that something.




Game Preview: House of Wolves – The Reef


Well people if you didn’t know I’m a big fan & player of Bungie’s Destiny. It’s an ‘easy to learn, tough to master’ type of game that keeps bring me back for more. Before the end of this month however Bungie will be testing our light against House of Wolves. In the past only bits & pieces were ever known about the DLC. However recently they’ve been revealing new content about the next chapter in steam, which now is available to watch on YouTube. So you know what that means – it’s Game Preview time! This first reveal is about the new social area: The Reef. Where you and your friends can meet, catch up on current events, and plan your next soiree of offensive strikes against your enemies – my kind of place. Enjoy!




Gift Guide for Great Gamers: Destiny


It’s been four months since Destiny released to a console wide market and not only are they still hittin and holding, but they just released their first expansion, The Dark Below, adding more fun to a game that’s already a woot to play. Now sure the game’s not perfect and there are haters (there’s always haters); but if you like shooting things, sci-fi themes, powers, and a multicolor loot rarity system (even just a little) then you’re going to play Destiny and not stop for a while. It’s just a fun game – and if you need to get the gamer in your life a nice fun game then it’s your destiny to get Destiny for that person. Seriously return that Call of boredom: Advanced Waste-timer and pick up Destiny; they’ll thank you for it when they next stop playing it in a week.




Armada Plays: Destiny


Ladies and Gentlemen – the long awaited Armada Plays of Destiny is finally here. It would’ve been here sooner but I got caught up with Hyrule Warriors , then Smash, then played Destiny some one then – ‘Holy crap it’s October already!? I better post this thing!’ So here we are, enjoy!