This just in (Or not): Diablo III Auction Houses sees its last days



Yep after a year and some change of life on the PC, and only a month and some change on the consoles the powers that be decided that on March 18, 2014 the cash/gold Auction Houses would be discontinued for Diablo III. Now for those that don’t know Auction Houses is an in game service that allows players to put weapon, armors, items, etc, on sale for other players to buy. They started with in game money (gold) but later allowed real money AH to be available. Depending on who you talked to the Auction Houses were a good thing or a bad thing. Good because it helped players to fully spec their characters without grinding for hours on end. However the bad is often gold farmers, price inflation, ninja looting, etc. Whatever our guesses could be Blizzard’s reason for shutting it down is because it defeats the point of ‘kill monsters to get cool loot’ – which is does, sort of, and  in their next expansion, ‘Reaper of Souls’, that the loot system will be much better. So people if you have any unfinished deals to broker within AH best to get them out of the way now – March will be here sooner than you think.




Gameroween 2012 – Video Game Characters that make good costumes (Day 14)

* Sorry I didn’t post this yesterday but lost power during the storm, but hey twofer for today.





Well people is almost all hallows eve (unless it got canceled by Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy) and a lot of you don’t think my choices are quote-unquote scary enough so here: Diablo from Diablo series. Let see Diablo is the demon lord of terror whose chief responsibility was to sow terror and fear in the world and send all life to the Burning Hells. What else? Oh yeah, he was the mastermind of an inter-dimensional war between humans and demons, where using a woman he slept with and possessed their daughter that came of it, absorbed  all the most powerful demons in Sanctuary to become the ‘Prime Evil’. Finally with this power he brought hell to heaven and almost destroyed goodness forever. Of course the heroes won the day, but this wouldn’t be the first time Diablo took a dirt nap and I’m sure it won’t be the last. There we go people, never say I don’t give the audience what they want; now good luck trying to make this bad boy.





Ok I was wrong, apparently you can make the latest Diablo incarnation. Joshua Smith from made this impressive costume out of simple items. If you know this guy personally give him a hardy slap on the back for advancing cosplay technology about a 100 years.




E3 Aftermath / My picks of the show – Heroes of Ruin


Now people be honest, we all love Kid Icarus: Uprising; we love the characters, the story, the many different weapons and abilities, and the multiplayer. But its been a couple of months now and even the most dedicated fan boy needs a change of pace every now and again. Fortunately in only a few weeks’ time a rather interesting title from SquareEnix and N Space for the 3DS goes live. It’s called Heroes of Ruin. Basically players take on the role of one of four mercenaries: a beast swordsman, a gunslinger, a mage, and a savage brawler. Their mission is to save the dying leader of a country from a mysterious curse; but knowing SquareEnix as well as I do I’m sure this will all lead to a chain of events that will affect the entire planet. Now despite only having four classes to choose from player can customize their fighting style, armor, and weapons to their liking. Also the world of Heroes of Ruin is quite large and expansive; literary everyday a player can find a challenge out there in the world for your character to overcome. Finally why play alone when anytime to can join a game with fellow players you know or online with anyone – easy as pie. So yeah this game sounds a little like Diablo III, but who cares; the one downside to D III is that you can’t take it with you on the road (and easily play). Now thanks to Heroes of Ruin that dungeon crawling itch that most gamers get on long road trips will be a thing of the past – like calamine lotion for the soul.




The just in (Or not) –Diablo III real money auction houses goes live in the states


The dungeon crawling dynamo Diablo III (try saying that three times fast( say ‘that’ doesn’t count either)) was perfect launch all things considered expect for the fact that the real money auction houses were unavailable – no longer. As of yesterday Blizzard activated the real currency option to be used at the game’s auction houses. Meaning that rare cudgel of oblivion just sitting around in your inventory can be now sold for actual physical money. Now there are rules, regs, and conditions but the possibilities are endless. A new economy has just been borne people, get out there and kill, kill, kill then sell, sell, sell.



What would Wario do? You know, make him proud.




Games & Gear of 2012 Reloaded – Diablo III (05/15/12)


You know ladies and gentlemen, some poor unfortunate souls think the world’s going to end this December thanks to some Mayan BS. Well let me tell you something people, if the gates of hell do open and demons show up guess what I’m going to do. I’m to take my +8 Resplendent Battersmash, find the nearest minion of the Burning Hells and bash it into Oblivion (or Skyrim, if I had the choice). Then repeat til the world is demon free once again; but how do I know how to put down the forces of evil? Why I would simply learn from the master: which is Diablo III baby – it will release in a little over a month. Admittedly I’m never played the other games in the series; however because of the hype from both Blizzard Entertainment and fans from all around the world I figured what the underworld I’ll give it a shot. Now being that the series is known for superior dungeon crawling I very much doubt I’ll be able to finish the game in an hour. With five customizable character classes, near-limitless arsenal and powers, locations that are also labyrinths, living cast of characters, and multiplayer – I’ll be lucky if I see the light of day before my late 50s.




This just in (Or not) – Blizzfucius says; to play for free you must pay for a year.


Star Wars: The Old Republic will be out in two months, Guild Wars 2 is shaping up rather nicely, Dust 514 will open up the twitch shooter crowd in EVE Online, and almost every other major MMO has gone or going free to play – so that means Blizzard’s days are numbered, right?




The king champ is ready to take on all comers; the proof is in the pudding – or in this case news.


So yeah, how do you top an end of the world scenario with all the classic maps being changed forever, new PVP modes, new races, more class access (human hunter – yes pls), reworked story missions, and a giant demon dragon cruising around the world and destroying it? By doing a complete 180. In the next expansion of the MMO juggernaut World of WarCraft, they introduced the mystical utopian lands of Pandaria. Where somehow both the inhabitants and the lost continent avoided all the events that has happened to Azeroth – til now. Players will not only have a new land to explore but a new race to play as: the Pandaren & a new class: the Monk. This reveal has caused mixed feeling in blizz fans but for me I’ll say this: if my future time didn’t already belong to swtor then I would totally try this when it comes out. Maybe I’ll still will.


Still on Blizzard news, remember Diablo III? No, it’s not out yet, but how bout this, you can get that game free of charge… Sort of. If you want the game free you have to sign up for the World of WarCraft annual pass, meaning you for full access of WoW for a year through monthly payments. You also get a special flying mount and beta access to the next WoW expansion; so for WoW fans this might be the best deal around but again thanks to swtor I won’t make much of this – at least for now.




This just in (or not) – StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty and Diablo III preorders are available at ebgames

Well the title says it all, both StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty and Diablo III pre-orders are now here – although there’s still no concrete release date yet. So fans get the gettin, this is the only bone we’re going to get at the moment.

*With the pre-order of ‘StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty’ from ebgames comes a beta key to the game; so again, get the gettin’

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