Gameroween 2015: Video Game Characters that make good costumes (Ghost a.k.a. Dinklebot)



You know what I’ll miss from year one Ghost (a character from Density, played by Peter Dinklage)? How he had presence, seeing how our protagonist was mostly of the silent kind, he was the voice of our adventure. Through all our triumphs to the most perilous moments, our Ghost a.k.a. Dinklebot was there to react to it all. As a function of the game he was useful, as I character he was a stalwart companion that served with distinction and had some funny lines to boot. Sadly nothing good last forever as the ‘loudest minority’ complained Peter Dinklage away and had him replaced with veteran voice actor Nolan North. Now North is excellent at what he does but he is not Ghost – a Dinklenot if you will. What was a powerful, commanding voice of the light and logic; is now a wimpy, sad, squeak that I swear is asking for a wedgey. In honor of the one, true, Ghost make your costume a Dinklebot. Your head will be the center and surround it with colored thick triangles. Now to make sure you’re the right Ghost wear a paper cutout of Peter Dinklage face on the center of the Ghost (i.e. your face) and you’re done. Dinklebot may be gone but thanks to us he’ll never be forgotten.





WTF/FTLOZ: Destiny – The Taken King / The ‘new’ voice of the Ghost


Well people as much and as many good things about the new DLC, The Taken King, has for us Destiny players; there is another side of this treasured coin. See the voice of the Ghost until recently was Peter Dinklage and his performance was just fine (contrary to the loudest minority and their baseless complaints). Throughout my adventure he was the ghost; adding commentary, dignity, and a little comedy to the story. However Dinklage was replaced by Nolan North (due to money or bungie cutting their losses, no one knows for sure) and as of now his voice is now the voice of Ghost. Nolan North is a vet video game voice actor who deserves all the respect in the world for all his work. At the end of the day  however he is not my Ghost, he is not the Ghost, and no amount of ‘ a better written story’ from the Taken King will change that. Maybe someday Dinklebot will return, but unlikely –  The age of Nolantron has begun.