Final Definitive Review: Star Wars – Rise of Skywalker

Why is it called the ‘Final Definitive Review’? Because it is the review to end all reviews, and I determine the fate of the the sequel trilogy forward moving. Enjoy!





Let’s Review: Incredibles 2

Better late than never right?







Movie Review: Star Wars – The Force Awakens Aftermath



You have been warned.

Armada’s E3 picks: Kingdom Hearts 3 (TBA)


So now that the Last Guardian has finally been announced and has a feasible release date of 2016; we need a new video game series that’s been around forever but refuses to have a release date on their 3rd game in the line. Oooo… Sorry Half Life 3, Kingdom Hearts 3 has you beat because they just released a new trailer at E3 this year. Still ‘Now in Development’ the game may not be out for a while, but the trailer has shown me that they’re still on the right track (at least graphically). I may not be able to remember the story by the time it finally comes out but I’ll still play it.





WTF/FTLOZ – Let it go (please)!


It didn’t have to come to this…


Hey everyone, remember the pop-culture diarrhea known as The Harlem Shake? Well I did and it was one of the most musically stupidest things of the last year. Well guess what? I found the most musically annoying thing of this year: ‘Let it go’. For the few lucky people who don’t know what I’m talking about ‘Let it go’ is a musical number from the Disney animated movie “Frozen‘. Now I never watched the movie before (although I may in the future), but I know the song is from the movie, and how do I know that? Because every radio station in creation has told me before they start playing the song, and YouTube, forget about it, they are ridiculous.  So here and now I say: No more Let it go, no more on the radio, no more on YouTube, no more singing it to yourself – that song is banned in the Armada. It’s not a bad song people, but it’s soooooo whiny I can’t it anymore – plus the one millionth time is fine but one millionth & one, that’s where I draw the line. So to kick off the anti Let it go campaign here’s some video for viewing pleasure. Enjoy!







WTF/FTLOZ: Dr. Doofenshmirtz on Shark Tank

Why… Why must Phineas and Ferb destroy everything I love!!!

Movie Review – The Lone Ranger


Dusk off that old 10 gallon hat baby, because its time to hit the trail again with the Lone Ranger and Tonto. Will the trail be an easy one or give you saddle sores? Listen to this around the prairie fires and find out.




WTF/FTLOZ: Phineas and Ferb – Mission Marvel

Why… Just why…

This just in (Or not): Stars Wars



You know with all the celebrities who want a piece of the Episode VII goodness I’m tempted to create another segment on Armada to feature it. However I know it once the movie is made and canned I can’t use again until another I high profile Star Wars movie is in the works, and who knows how long that will be. So I’ve decide it will a sub-segment under the ‘This just in (Or not)’ line called Stars Wars (see I added an ‘s’), where I report on the huge onslaught of ‘A’ list actors wanting to be included in the next great sci-fi adventure. Today it’s Seth Green: you know him from such works as the Austin Powers movies, Mass Effect games, and Robot Chicken. He’s also quite the Star Wars fan and in an interview with Esquire (the killer of G4, remember) he mentions he wouldn’t mind being a part of the universe. Here the exert, but I recommend reading the whole thing, it’s very interesting (despite coming from Esquire):


 ES: Has J.J. Abrams given you his blessing for the inevitable Robot Chicken parodies of his Star Wars sequels?

SG: I haven’t had a conversation with J.J. since he’s gotten the job. But for the record, I think he’s a great choice, and the perfect liaison for the old generations and new generations of Star Wars fans.

ES: Do you know him well enough that you could give him a call and say, “Hey, put me in the movies? I’ll take anything! Make me a ginger droid, whatever!”

SG: I wouldn’t pitch a specific character, but I’ve definitely mentioned to Kathleen Kennedy that if there was anything that seemed organically reasonable to put me in any of these movies, this would be the only time she’d hear me ask.

Read more: Seth Green Interview – Seth Green The Story of Luke – Esquire




This just in (Or not) – LucasArts is put on the bus



First THQ, then Junction Point, now LucasArts, what the heck man, what the heck… See a few days ago Game Informer broke the story on how, the now Disney owned, LucasFilm made the decision to close down their game studio LucasArts and focus on licencing due to:


“minimizing the company’s risk while achieving a broader portfolio of quality Star Wars games”


Now I’ll be honest people I do not recall the last time LucasArts made a game that wasn’t Star Wars centered and/or really got people excited to play. That being said when they do a game that works, it works (Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction, Sam & Max, Monkey Island, 48% of their Star Wars games, etc); so having this interactive entertainment company being shut down really sucks. I also find it interesting that it’s Disney once again killing these companies. Look Disney – I’ve nothing against you, I like your movies, watch some of your TV shows, and generally don’t listen to the rumors about you. But stop messing up my video games would you please, because if there’s one IP out there who has way fewer title hits than LucasArts, is yours.



Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction. It was like GTA with awesome and LucasArts made this… Sometimes life’s just not fair.

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