Character Quotes – Dilbert’s presentation on corporate energy


A few years ago I did a character quote on Dogbert the omnipotent canine of the Dilbert comic, this time around its the ‘Star’s’ turn in the following short. I was kind of surprised I found this on youtube, or the fact its three years old (seeing how I just saw this today on iTunes). Never the less its good, good stuff. So much so in fact I couldn’t decide which quote of the short was my favorite so you get to hear them all plus an bonus Dilbert short that’s not bad either. Enjoy!





Character Quotes – Dogbert

Today, this particular character spotlight come from the Dilbert Animated Cartoons shorts from itunes. Spoken by the shrewd business genius and manipulator of men: Dogbert. The anthropomorphic mutt drops one of his pearls of wisdom on an undeserving audience.


Dogbert: I like to con people, and I like to insult people. If you combine ‘con’ and ‘insult’- you get ‘Consult’.

*Scene change, in an office now*

Dogbert: “I’m here to ‘Consult’ you.

Boss: “It’s sounds expensive and demeaning… Okay!”