Inquiring about the Inquisition: The Inquisition is here!


Happy Inquisition Day! That’s right people the day we’ve (well mostly me) been waiting for is finally here! Right now I’m playing the crap out of this game; I’m not sure if I’ll do a Let’s Play of DA:I or not but I’ll be playing this game throughout the rest of the year (only to stop to eat, sleep, work, and play smash). Now I know yesterday I said I was tired talking about this game and not playing it; however now that I am playing it’s only prudent to show videos that help players (like myself) get started on the good foot. And with that here’s tips on Dragon Age Inquisition straight from the horse’s mouth.





Inquiring about the Inquisition: Final Prep Videos

A World Asunder


Well people I hope you enjoyed your six hours of alone time with Dragon Age Inquisition, I know I did! The sad thing is it when too quickly; good thing we only got one more day to wait! So here are the most recent videos about DA Inquisition to get yourself mentally prepared. One video gives an abridged back story of the events leading to Inquisition, another one is the final Q & A from the creators, and the last videos are a series that show’s the game multiplayer in action. Trust me people, there are more DA:I content available than the stuff I’ve highlighted. You can watch them at your leisure here & here; but in all honestly I tire of reading, watching, and hearing about it – it is time to start playing the dream. And we can do so in one. more. day.



Dragon Age Keep Q&A






Dragon Age: Inquisition Multiplayer

Inquiring about the Inquisition: Character Creation


A lot of players spend a great deal of time getting the look of their avatar just right, me included, seriously I won’t even start a game until my game character looks like me to the best of the software’s ability (the games I always play seem to have the worst difficulty getting high yellow black dude skin quite right – work on that developers). Anyway DA character creation for Inquisition looks extremely extensive and will be open to all genders and races so you can go crazy. Don’t worry it’s not all dress up with cyber dolls, there some gameplay too. Enjoy!



Part 2



Part 3






Inquiring about the Inquisition: Dragon Age Keep



Two weeks, two weeks; that’s the singular amount of time before my game of the year comes out: Dragon Age Inquisition. October should have been the magical month but they pushed the date back to November for some odd reason (my guess is because all the other ‘triple A’ titles were coming out on the same month as well). Thanks to said titles October went like a blur and now only two weeks separate me from the next DA game. So to get you all pumped about that, every other day will host Inquisition related goodness – like today! Dragon Age Keep, for those who don’t know, is BioWare’s neat way of giving players the ability to customize the lore for the upcoming game. It is now in open beta which means people start getting busy with it! For new players of Dragon Age you need this to help understand the ‘what’ and ‘who’ of Thedas, for vets like myself who traded up for new consoles we need it to reconstruct our save state stories since we can’t import them anymore. Heck we can even adjust them to create a new reality outside what we played (I’m making Hawke into a lady for example so in Inquisition when Varric finds the Champion he can profess his feeling for her proper – at least in my storyline).  Two weeks may seem like a long time, but trust me it’s not, take advantage of the keep while it’s there.






This just in (Or not): DA-I ability sneak peak (Part III)



Alrightly people the last base class ability sneak peak is the rouge: the stab first, stab later, stab today, stab tomorrow, stab now, stab later, stab forever class. It is a role with a lot of versatility and a lot of opportunity to cause some chaos on the battlefield. In more resent games I’ve been rolling rouge for, at first to do something different than a warrior, and now, because great fun. The move sets for the dual wield rouge, like the two hander warriors, is a little basic; but I’m convinced that the really interesting abilities will come from the specializations so I’m not going to complain. This post is for for you roguish types – enjoy:





This just in (Or not): DA-I ability sneak peak (Part II)



Man BioWare does work fast, it’s almost like their countering my some-what complaint about just showing some warrior skills. Now they’re showing a few skills from the Rogue and Mage base classes, today its the Mage. The Mage is the distance dominators of Thedas, however in Inquisition their attacks have more tactical importance than ever before – keeping the glass cannon class uncracked. Look below:


Glass Cannon



This Just In (Or not) – Dragon Age: INQUISITION Multiplayer


Well people, you’ve guess right once again: multiplayer is now a thing in the upcoming Dragon Age: INQUISITION game. Now  objective based Co-Op multiplayer in something like Mass Effect isn’t too much of a stretch; but in a fantasy, stat heavy, no guns reality of Dragon Age – well I had some concerns. However this trailer put those concerns to rest as Inquisition’s co-op will be more dungeon craws than run & gun. You play as an agent of the Inquisition who with four others (I think) will go on adventures to strengthen the organization as a whole. Players can choose 12 different classes for their agents and customize their class, weapons, and armor accordingly – just like in the single player game. And of course work together in each adventure not only to survive but to get the sweet lootz afterward to further pimp out your avatar. Ah BioWare I never should have doubted you – multiplayer, as well as the rest of the game, will be out this November.




Dragon Age Inquisition Week (Part 2) – The Future Age


There are certain things in life I know people; one of which is this game will be the best in the series and might be game of the year. Where to go from here? I mean my time machine isn’t quite really really (still lots of tech runs to do), and Sooth Sayers are ripoff artists. Worry not people I have something better than experimental temporal devices and crystal balls: professionals in the video game industry. For my money the best people to listen to about gaming actually because they will me making it. So guys (professionals in the video game industry to be), if you’re reading this: please, please, please, please, make the Jade Empire sequel! Two years is long enough but nine years is down right inhuman!




Dragon Age Inquisition Week (Part 2) – Inside the Age

(The video will lose picture for a moment midway but will pick up again soon, it happens, especially on these “smart phones”)



Dragon Age Inquisition is quite the game with so much to offer that it is hard to zero in on every little thing. However as much as I would love to make Dragon Age Inquisition Week: Part 3 (really I would); I think this is a much better way. This video is from an Dragon Age Panel that hosts a few of the team members of the game, answering questions and providing insight on this upcoming blockbuster. Don’t worry, as always, the Video Game Armada has got you covered on any new DA goodies that fall through the pipes; for now I’ll let the good people above fill in any blanks I’ve may have missed thus far.


Dragon Age Inquisition Week (Part 2) – The World


Now one of the chief complains that players had with DA II is that the land of Kirkwall was repetitious and lack any diversity in the dungeons. Again it didn’t bother me but I did notice it and I could understand how it could rub people the wrong way. I mean with fantasy your imagination gets set ablaze, but when you see the world your experiencing and it got a lot of browns, blacks, greys, and other underwhelming imagery you can’t help be a little disappointed. In Inquisition however they not holding back; not only allowing players to see the other lands of Thedas but each land has many different secrets, so much so that the designers fear that some of them maybe never found – that dedication! Now please note: this ain’t Skyrim, it won’t be open world, but it is a far cry from being liner either so I don’t think we have anything to worry about. On the whole this will be the biggest Dragon Age game to date, and I for one can’t wait to explore every nook & cranny possible when it comes out.