Gameroween 2015: Video Game Characters that make good costumes (Titan from Titanfall)


Robots are awesome, period, exclamation point. If they didn’t want to kill us so many times in fiction I would be an advocate for not the fast tracking of robots being made but having two in every house hold. Oh well I guess I can settle for anime mecha, robot movies, and Halloween. However with so many choices in the cybernetic costume arena which does one pick? Well people if I could make a suggestion, how about the Titans from Titanfall. Sure they’re not shape changing aliens from a mechanized planet, or time traveling killers from a post-apocalyptic age; but they are giant, bipedal, combat ready, tanks that can tip the scales in any militaristic engagement. They come in three flavors: the well balanced Atlas, the lithe Stryder, and (my personal favorite) the unstoppable Ogre. They have their strengths and weaknesses but once you see one, and you don’t have one, it’s over. Creating an accurate Titan costume is next to impossible; however if you put in the effort and love big, giant, robots, then your Titan will be glorious. Just don’t try arriving to your Halloween function via orbit, Titanfall technology sadly doesn’t exist yet.




This just in (Or not) – E3 2015 schedule



Yes people it’s almost that time again, the greatest convergence of gaming since my house in 1992: Electronic Entertainment Expo or E3 for short (but you already knew that). This year will be a year of firsts for in addition of the big three (Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo) and the triple A machines (Electronic Arts & Ubisoft) having press conferences; newcomers to E3 Bethesda, Square Enix, and PC gaming show (by PC Gamer and AMD) will have their own press conferences as well. Will they unleash the next stage of gaming evolution or fall flat? Will they defeat last year’s champ (Nintendo) or will their  E3 transmission this year blow us all away again? Tune in and watch it for yourselves – or watch our Let’s Watch reactions of every conference either way you can’t go wrong.






June 14 at 7:00pm -PDT-


June 15 at 9:30am  -PDT-


June 15 at 1:00pm  -PDT-


June 15 at 3:00pm  -PDT-


June 15 at 6:00pm -PDT-

nintendo_headerJune 16 at 9:00am -PDT-


June 16 at 10:00am -PDT-


June 16 at 5:00pm -PDT-

Gift guide for great gamers: Titanfall



The intro to Megas XLR said it best: chicks dig giant robots! Actually everyone digs giant robots because robots are awesome and making them giant is the most logical choice. Since Mech Assault went the way of the dodo there was a huge lack of giant fighting robo games out there, it took a while but there coming back thanks to Titanfall. A game that’s very Call of Duty-ish (with some Brink thrown in for taste) but instead of getting kill-streaks for doing a good job you get to summon a war machine from the heavens to lay waste to your enemies. Add to the fact of the game’s multiple modes and the ability to unlock other powerful advantages as you play and you come to find Titanfall does Advanced Warfare better than Advanced Warfare. Sadly the game’s only for Xbox One owners & online is required but like life, gaming can be unfair.

Let’s Watch – EA’s E3 Press Conference


EA’s, or the Evil Always Empire to some, E3 Press Conference wasn’t so bad as people claimed; they showed some good games, they weren’t boring us with pointless facts and figures and most of all: they made me care about the next Battlefield game – which before now I thought was impossible. They weren’t perfect however, it stills irks me that they added the greatest fighter ever, Bruce Lee, into their lamest series ever, anything UFC related, but whatever I’m not playing it anyway so I don’t care that much.

Anywho enjoy.




Mini Game Review: Titanfall



Never mind the 75+ awards it won last year, never mind the other critics saying that it’s more than what I’m about to say, never mind the hype and listen to your good old friend the One, True, Omnigamer: Titanfall is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare with MechAssault with a hint of Brink added in – and that’s it.




Not that’s a bad thing mind you, like CoD games; Titanfall is incredible amount of fun. The combat is well-balanced as players control the agile, adaptable pilots and imposing, game changing Titans. The battlefields are large and varied (they had to be for mech fighting action) so smart pilots can create ambushes or quick escapes when things don’t go your way and Titan can use buildings for cover against enemy Titans or pilots with anti-mech weapons. They even done new things like streamlined the story into the multiplayer (due to the fact that Titanfall doesn’t have a single player) so while you’re fighting they play through the story. Sadly though people with something like this, I expected more. This is a flagship title for the new Xbox One; a physical reason why players (despite the controversies) choose this system over the PS4. Everything said and done, through the standard multiplayer match types, the uninventive weapons, the cookie cutter class customization, and not even a graphical update – Titanfall doesn’t measure up as next gen.







Fun’s fun but now is the time to step it up, and today this title fails. Fortunately its pluses out weight’s its minuses so it doesn’t fail outright and the game could become next gen thanks to future DLC (or at least expand the story), but for right now this game ain’t worth the $60 plus tax (thankfully for me I got the Xbox One Titanfall bundle, so basically I got the game for free). Rent it, have fun for a weekend, then return it; the future is now – but not here. Yet.







Games & Gear of 2014 – Titanfall (3/11/2014)



Now people, you ask any gamer on the street what two games will be the landmark titles that will define the new year and most likely your get Destiny and Titanfall as the answer. Sure they’re FPSes but their take on the genre makes a lot of players (like myself) excited. Titanfall, for example, is an online only game; however it features a single player story. How does that work? By adding elements like NPCs and plot based objectives into its matches. Another plus is that this game is a fantastic hybrid of mech and sci-fi shooter; meaning that normal shooting parts and mech piloting stuff, is all well-balanced and not lacking. Mech Assault 2 and Starhawk tried this, but once someone got in a mech it was over for the non-mech players; in Titanfall having a mech is an advantage but is not a killer app (or I hope not). Finally this title is headed up by Respawn Entertainment, the same talented crew who created the good Call of Duty games, and if we all know one thing the good CoD games excel at is frantic, awesome, balls to the wall combat glory. Pedigree + potential = win; pick this game up on March 11th.






Game and Gear of 2014 – Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare (2/25/2014)


Now people I’m the first to admit I never got into the Plants vs. Zombies craze. I mean it’s cartoon vegetables vs. Invader Zim looking zombies with hold the line style gameplay – what’s to get? However when I saw this trailer of their new spinoff, Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, I said to myself: “I get it now, this will be fun!” It features customizable characters, co-op horde modes, massive multiplayer maps, and even some modes for smart glass. I’m proud to say it looks like this game series has evolved passed its touch screen beginning and now ready to take its first steps as a complex title. We’ll find out this February.




Game Gifts of 2012 – Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning



Ok gamers it’s time to get your Christmas wish lists ready to be presented to Santa (or your parents/loved one depending on your age level). But wait Halo 4, Assassin Creed 3, Hitman: Absolution, no, no, no… Those games are great of course, and far be it from me to tell you all what to put on your lists, but don’t let mega blockbuster titles overshadow other great games that came out earlier this year – especially if you missed out the first time. So to that effect here’s a new segment called ‘Game Gifts’ where I suggest games that would make great gifts for the holidays/birthday/ because it was Tuesday. That way you can have your cake & eat it too; so without further ado: Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.


An ambition project by a number of famous enthusiasts (Ken Rolston, R. A. Salvatore, Todd McFarlane, and Grant Kirkhope) that created a single player MMO of sort for a future I.P. that was going to be a geniue MMO. However, like the saying, the best laid schemes of mice and men often go awry, as the two developers in charge of this game went under so this game is all that’s left – fortunately it’s a good game. Now it won’t rewrite the book of adventure RPG games but it did do some things right like dynamic combat, lively colorful world, interesting characters and their views on fate. As the ‘Fateless One’ the players has the ability to, passively or actively, change the fate of the people and places he encounters. The player could prevent a man from dying, which was his fate, at the hands of an ‘invincible’ monster by slaying the beast himself. However in doing so changes how things turns out and people will be effective accordantly. The daughter of the would-be dead man, who would have become a great hero to protect other people from monsters (a la Batman), will now just be another face in the crowd because you changed her fate along with the man you saved. It was a catch 22 being the Fateless One and I found it intriguing. So gamers if you like adventure, discovery, changing the fates around you, and of course bring the pain to some fantasy style baddies then Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning are what your dreams are made of.





This just in (Or not) – Dragon Age III: Inquisition announced


Well unfortunately this bit of news doesn’t technically follow this years line up for the  ‘Fall of Games’ but its still very good news indeed (plus with any luck it will arrive for next year’s line up) – Dragon Age 3 has been officially announced (natch). So yeah I like this series; I think its the next, big, medieval fantasy i.p.  There have been complaints for both main games, granted, but the good stuff (story, characters, combat (more DA2 than the original), & fun) overrides the bad (limiting personal options, repetitive missions & stages).  That being said DA3, now called Dragon Age III: Inquisition, will combine the best of both games (and hopefully leaving out the chafe), be hooked up is a new graphical engine, and quite possibly, and might possibly be multiplayer (Hey, if it happened for Mass Effect 3). Heck even if all that wasn’t on the table, the game would still be worth getting because how the last game ended – the beginning of the Thedas civil war. Sadly we got to wait for all this awesomeness, but ladies and gentlemen all good things comes to those who wait.




Game Review: Dragon Age Legends – The Fall of Games have begun again


Ah yes people, my favorite time of the year (ok second favorite) has finally arrived: the Fall of Games. Sadly after going over my notes a lot of my games I’ve been looking forward to have changed their release dates – making months or next year before they’ll see the light of day. But worry not, once again Video Game Armada brings the goods – from very unexpected sources. Let start with Dragon Age Legends.




A direct sequel to the flash strategy game Dragon Age Journeys and a some what prequel to Dragon Age II; Legends starts with a group of warriors, wizards, and archers fighting against the series special brand of bogymen: an Abomination. Lead by Viscount Ravi victory was theirs with the unexpected assistance of a small child – the player. So years later the Viscount rewarded him/her with a castle and a title; but before the party can begin news reaches Ravi that his son, Eiton, has disappeared. So with that the adventure truly begins with you, the Viscount, and his allies setting forth to find Eiton – and in turn discovering more than they bargain for.



Dragon Age Legends is part sim, part turn based RPG. On the road you’ll meet monsters, darkspawn, abominations, demons, and more. You character (ether a warrior, thief, or mage – which you can further specialize later ala other DA games) and two other party members of your choosing (you can add more up to six if you pay coins (more on that in a minute)). After your party’s set up you take turns with the enemy in phases; whoever’s characters are still standing wins. The enemy has numbers and the unknown but players have a lot on the side in combat as well: skills, allies, and various items will tip the scales in your favor. Now skills you learn through battle and allies you gain throughout the story, but items (mostly) from weapons and armors to potions and bomb are obtained at your castle. Right, I bet you thought that castle you got at the beginning there wasn’t going to have a part to play, but you’d be wrong. While your character’s busting heads out there, your castle is generating income in the form of coins. Those coins in turn can be used to buy new gear for your character or improve your keep to do more for you like create potions, bombs for your use. Heck, create some special rooms in your castle and you’ll get new allies to help you in your quest. Neither the Warden nor Hawke had a dragon as a party member, but if you play your cards right and made enough space for a giant sized roost that pleasure will be all yours.





A simple looking game that won’t blow anyone away in the way of action, sound, or character development; there is also a lot of guess work in the combat system too – not exactly knowing how certain attacks work and the game doesn’t explain it simply either. However it is a free flash game that is simple to install and if you’re a fan of the DA series then this will be right up your alley. If you’re not into flash, RPG’s, Dragon Age, or castle building then you won’t loose much sleep skipping this title.