Armada address of 2016


Don’t worry, it’s short – but no less important. Let’s start the new year right.

Trailer-Rama: Godzilla (2014)


In books, games, and movies things that end the world sometimes are, admittedly, pretty lame if you think about. Zombies: they’re slow, stupid, single-minded, and they can’t use stealth; Monkeys: seriously, monkeys – I don’t care if a ‘virus’ killed 99% of the human race if the 1% still have the use of guns and access to ammo then guess what, man will still be on top of the food chain. That being said something are more believable and could doom us all like Terminators (Google already bought a robotic factory and already making robots so yikes) or Godzilla which is a subject of Trailer-Rama today. Yes they’re trying the old giant radioactive lizard again after the 90’s Godzilla movie and the Saturday morning cartoon (yes I’m a fan so sue me). However this variation of the big G will be based on the classic 1950’s original – meaning less humor, more thriller drama with maybe a lesson thrown in. The trailer is definitely impressive and it is a giant beastie trying to wreck up the place; so I’m going to watch this movie and see which Godzilla film is superior in resent times. It’s got a long road to go since they won’t be reprising Matthew Broderick role as the worm guy, but I won’t hold it against them.




& a happy new year!

Under the tree


Well people we did it, another great year of gaming and entertainment – we ourselves have a great haul to sort through for what Santa brought us. And even though it’s sad to see 2013 go, 2014 should be an extremely good year because it will be the official first year of next gen console games. Can you imagine the awesome crop of games that await us? I can because a lot of games got delayed. I rather have a game delayed however then be crappy, but which games should be the ones we aim for, you ask? Why tune in all of January and out with ‘the Games & Gear list of 2014’ – til then Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday!




This just in(Or not): Bryan Cranston staled as Lex Luthor for upcoming Superman/Batman movie



Update (8/30/13): Sorry guys, but as I just found out this is just a rumor. Bryan Cranston is not going to play Lex Luther (stupid internet). Again sorry all, but I’m going keep the post up because the pic is cool.


Update (4/25/14): Lex Luthor is being played by Jesse Eisenberg… Ok…




So after Ben Bat-gate, the people of the Man of Steel sequel probably said to themselves:


“Hmmm… So Ben as the Bat didn’t get the fans as excited as we hope. We need the guy playing Lex Luther to be nerd favorite, have villain cred, star in a Fox sitcom, and most importantly – be bald.”


And thus Bryan Cranston was chosen, all kidding aside though this actor a very good choice for Lex because of his resent role of Walter White, a drug kingpin in the show breaking bad. I’ve never watched the show, but I know people who do, and they never shut up about him and the show in general. Two big reveals in a span of a week, the Superman/Batman movie is on a roll, stay tuned for more.




Movie Review: Double Feature – Turbo & The Wolverine


That’s right people we got, not one, but two movie reviews for you all today. One’s a movie everyone wants to see while the other is a movie people should see. So sit back and take it in; see if the Wolverine lives up to its hype and how well the snail told its tale.





Movie Review – Man of Steel

Late to the party, but always fashionably, the Armada reviews the Man of Steel. Despite our thoughts and feelings at the time of this review, there was something I couldn’t put my finger on about this movie. Fortunately you can always count of the Nostalgia Critic…. And of course General Zod.






WTF/FTW – Star Trek media blitz


So as we all know Star Trek: Into Darkness is  live and in living color today (or yesterday depending on where you live) and, surprise, people have mixed feelings about it. Well you all know the real deal on darkness will come from the Armada review soon or later. Til that time enjoy some of their creative and wacky commercial tie-ins that will no doubt make you scream with joy: These KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAN-mercials are great! Engage!