Game Review: Zombie High Volume 3



Halloween may have come and gone people, but the Zombies stay all year around in the world of Zombie High and guess what? Volume 3 is ready for your reading pleasure.




When we last left our crew they just survived the best & worst day of their lives: living the dream of being rock stars and enjoying the good life in Alpha Sector. However it doesn’t last as they come to find out that there is a new breed of Zombie out there; Smart, strong, knows how to talk and of course completely evil. What’s more, they want to turn what’s left of the human race into their own personal all you can eat salad bar and have an unknown plot to do it. Their numbers are hidden among normal humans and even the main character’s parents are suspect, can Jane Valentine uncover the HFVM plans and busts some un Ds heads? Only your skill will decided that.


*End Spoilers*

Zombie High Volume 3 is another well done ‘choose your own adventure’ book (CYOA) for the smart phones that been showing up lately, which I couldn’t be more pleased. The series has same excellent writing and storytelling that I expect from the people that made Wizard’s Choice. Volume 3 changes the formula bit however by removing the ‘bullet’ counter from gameplay, and focused on more the narrative. So in combat you don’t have any special weapons to use, instead players must select the best choice that is the most effective without causing any backlash – if possible. It’s tempting to use opal all the time in combat, but doing so in the wrong situation, might make things worse. While I do miss putting all my bullets I’ve saved into a sweet killing machine that is the bane of all Zombies everywhere, the change is not really bad. If you watch what’s said prior to the choices and reason the situations you’re in you can often find a solution that won’t have your face eaten. Of course social life in high school is just as dangerous as any zombie threat, and you must balance your status as ‘A Kid’ with your mission to stop the HFVM – I’ll be surprised how both will be hand in hand in Vol. 3. What else can I say but I’ve enjoyed another read here; the removal of special weapons and attacks via the bullet system is missed, but the story or is the challenge hurt by this decision.  After finishing this one, I can’t wait to see what happens next – the mark of good fiction.







Zombie High Walkthrough: Volume 3


Well people, you asked, and I went to work: Zombie High Walkthrough – Volume 3. Enjoy!


  • Make up
  • Be polite
  • ‘Tommy said’
  • Speak to Kristin alone
  • Bribe
  • Prompt him
  • Leave them
  • Question him
  • Decline
  • Defensive
  • Excuse yourself
  • Sven
  • You and Tommy
  • Close in
  • Talk
  • Office visit
  • Knock on the pod
  • For tutoring
  • No
  • Check
  • Crowbar
  • Impersonate
  • Take a minute
  • Throw the blanket
  • Watch
  • Ambush
  • ‘Let’s talk here’
  • Sorry, you don’t know
  • Chase
  • Watch
  • Take no action
  • Blubber
  • Cages
  • Take shot
  • Hide the nade
  • Hug tommy



Zombie High Walkthrough: Volume 2

Zombie High vol2

Zombie High Volume 3 Review and Walkthrough is ready, click here to get there.



So the first few days at Zeta High was very eventful for Jane Valentine: was a hall monitor, met the boy of her dreams, fought a lunch lady zombie, impressed ‘a lot’ of people at target practice P.E, made the zombie killing team, killed more zombies, discovered a mystery, tried to track it down but got found out by a squad of commandos – led by Jane’s father. What going to happen next? Well let’s just say that you’re going to rock, heads are going to roll, and you’ll never see what happen next coming.





  • Throw a fit
  • Crowbar
  • Sorry about Dana
  • Sigh
  • Pay attention
  • No
  • Let her down easy
  • Dance like Tommy
  • Confront
  • Take the Shot
  • Keytar (clearly the best instrument of them all)
  • Sign it
  • Electroshock keytar
  • Stop & talk
  • Sure
  • Don’t kiss & tell
  • Bullet (practicality over popularity)
  • Let it slide
  • Reveal
  • Not yet
  • Pin
  • Attack with guns
  • Open up
  • Save Emma with crowbar
  • Let him talk
  • Just eat
  • Ignore
  • Distraction
  • Bribe her
  • Snatch
  • Go with the flow
  • Take photos discretely
  • Start shooting
  • Hedge shears
  • Pesticide
  • Help him
  • Warn guards
  • No thanks
  • Use spray
  • Tell the truth
  • They’re alive
  • Tell them who you are
  • I don’t remember




Zombie High Walkthrough: Volume 1

ZH Vol.1

Zombie High Volume 2 Walkthrough is ready, click here to get there.

Well people, we’ve finally finished the Wizard Choice Walkthorughs, so where do we go from here? Why not get a jump on the Zombie High Walkthroughs of course! After reading/playing this series, its only a matter of time before people will start asking for a walkthough so here you go – Volume 1: You’re a teenage freshmen girl starting here first day in High School which also exists in a world after the zombie apocalypse. Let’s begin!

-Game Start-



  • Keep talking
  • Go to orientation
  • Stay silent
  • Volunteer for duty
  • Swallow your pride
  • Warn Val
  • Introduce yourself
  • Pay
  • Bring on the dissection
  • Tell the truth
  • Do the cutting yourself
  • Raise your hand
  • Come to rescue
  • Use tray
  • Come to rescue
  • Set her straight
  • Defend
  • Leave alone
  • Yes
  • Flamethrower
  • Ok
  • Help Dana
  • Shoot torso
  • Tell suspicions
  • Yes
  • Start shootsing
  • Pick up rifle
  • Give Dana locket


Mini Game Review: Zombie High Vol.2

Zombie High vol2


Jane Valentine is back baby! Bring the pain to VMs and winning cool points for the dude for her dreams Tommy. Yes – as you can guess Zombie High Vol.2, the latest FTP CYOA story written by Erin Foster Hartley is live and in living black ’n white text.  Like the first volume you play as teenager Jane Valentine, the daughter of a famous general father and scientist mother, who’s starting her first day at high school. However the catch is that this is thirteen years into the zombie apocalypse and what’s left of Humanity went into hiding. So in addition to trying not to be a lame dweeb, pull home straight A’s, impressive the ‘dreamy’ (her words, not mine – so technically I’m not saying again) Tommy Fernando, but you have to fight a random zombie horde from time to time AND not become one yourself. Yeah Vol.1 was a great game/story and Vol.2 continues from where that left off. The important stats points as always are: Infection, Bullets, Cool, and Humanity. Cool and Humanity points are gains by doing cool things (in the eyes of teenagers mind you) or not being a jerk. Those points will add to your final score at the end. Infection and Bullet points have a more active effect in the game where bullets allow you to use stronger attacks while if you get too many Infection points – then you’re a zombie and the game is over.  Vol.2 still has players killing zombies and mackin on Tommy, however we get to delve more into the universe of Zombie High and explore the mysteries of the VM Zombies themselves – there maybe more to them than meets the eye. This is another great game and good read in the series, the choices are challenging but players can usually make good choices if your pay attentions to the facts of the scenario. It’s a Pass and definite download today, just make sure you play the first volume before you do.





Mini Game Review – Zombie High Vol.1

ZH vol.1


As you all know, I’m a fan of the ‘choose your own adventure story’ games, especially the ‘Wizard Choice’ smart phone games written by Sam Landstrom. Well while we all wait for Chapter 6 of the series you might want to try a new CYOA story written by Erin Foster Hartley produced by Sam himself – it’s called Zombie High Vol.1. Since the story is set in a post-apocalyptic future where zombies infest the earth (isn’t that always the way); you know players will take on the role of a B.A., no non-sense, road warrior that’s set to purify the land one zombie at a time right? Well you’re close. You actually step into the shoes of Jane Valentine, a teenage girl who about to start her first day of High School… Now before you click to something else hear me out, the story and game is not that bad. The format is very similar to Wizard Choice: to read a column of text and at the end of it make a choice out of a number of choices. Depending on what you decided, you can come out ahead or be zombie chow, seriously. Because not only to you have to fight the forces of the undead, but navigate the social pitfalls of  high school life. Will you become a jock, a nerd, a teacher’s pet, an outcast, or will you excel with every clique and impress the dreamy Tommy Fernando (and yes I’ll never say ‘dreamy’ again)? On the whole, I’ve enjoyed the read and the choices aren’t too tough if you reason it out. The only thing that bugged me about this title is that is can get a little wordy sometimes, but hey I rather have it be too long then too short. So yeah download this title and enjoy the adventures of Jane the zombie slayer today.