This Just In (Or not): R.I.P. one Simpsons character



I know it’s October (aka Halloween Time) & they just did their Tree House of Horror episode of the year so these factors don’t count in the statement that’s coming now: the show’s creators are planning to kill off a long time major Simpsons’ character. This hasn’t happen since Maude Flanders (I don’t count Fat Tony or Mona, Homer Simpsons’ Mom, because Mona wasn’t a major character and they just replace Fat Tony with another Fat Tony (same voice actor and everything)), and I’m a little conflicted about that. I mean don’t mind characters dying in fiction especially if they help the overall story (a la the Avengers) but once Maude Flanders bit the dust Ned was never the same. Ned at first was a perfect man with a perfect family, went to church, never swore, the whole nine yards. This severed the purpose of A) fueling Homer’s unjustifiable hate of a perfect neighbor which led to comedy most cases and B) having the audience relate to the Simpsons because we’ve all had our Ned Flanders in our time. Now he’s a judgmental, republican Christian stereo-type that is just a shell of his former self. Ah, but maybe I’m overreacting here, after all they have a lot of characters they could ‘retire’ without destroying what’s left of the Simpsons. Many people have their opinions but for me I think its Old Abe Simpson. He’s close enough to the main cast to have an impact, he’s been showing up in a lot of episodes lately, and the most obvious reason why: he’s old. Seriously he was old in the 1988 on the Tracey Ullman Show when he first appeared; I think it might be time. But hey, I’ve been wrong before so we’ll only know who bought the farm on the day of a very special episode of The Simpsons – til then stay tuned.





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