Sweet Christmas Gift Guide – Mortal Kombat X


I said it before, and I’ll say it again: MORTAL KOMBAT!!! Nuff said…

Let’s Play: Mortal Kombat X (Part 3)




Let’s Play: Mortal Kombat X (Part 2)



Let’s Play: Mortal Kombat X (Part 1)



Games & Gear of 2015: Mortal Kombat X (04/14/15)


MORTAL KOMBAT!!! Nuff said…

Gameroween 2012 – Video Game Characters that make awesome costumes (Day 9)


Ok people no more sidetracks (for now anyway), back to basics with honest to goodness game characters that are legendary and pretty scare to boot – the Mortal Kombat ninjas. Now the ninjas are not: “AHHHH!” scary but rather “They’re going to freeze me, impale me, choke me, melt me, fry me” kind of scary – which is still pretty scary. They’re all assassins but from different clans and thus have different fighting styles: Sub-Zero can create ice from his finger tips, freezing opponents cold or forming ice weapons out of thin air; Scorpion, a undead assassin, uses various weapons to decimate his victims including his world famous spear (git over here!); Smoke use his mastery over vapors and fumes to confuse fighters and quickly wear away their defenses – and it go’s one from there. Mortal Kombat is one of the longest running game series in the world and as such has plenty of ninjas to choose from. So for this Halloween people pick a color and start practicing your fatalities today.



Phelous of TGWTG fame is a big Mortal Kombat fan (I think), as such he shows up as Sub-Zero (which I call Phelous zero) every so often – if a random internet reviewer of random things can make a half decent MK ninja gear so can you.