GET HYPED: Cloud Strife in Smash Bros.


Because Nintendo that’s why!

Armada’s E3 picks: Final Fantasy VII Remake (TBA)


The announcement that won E3 for Sony. It may never come out in our lifetime, but watching that trailer was enough to give me hope.  

Character Quote (Black History Edition) – Barret Wallace

When I’m through, there won’t be s single sucka standing!

Well then people, other than hearts and love and crap, February is also known for Black History Month. Africans Americans have come a long way since the start of our little nation here, however if there’s anything harder than finding a black person surviving past the first act in any movie is finding them as main characters (or at least main cast) in video games. As a black man myself (although my family tree is quite the genetic cocktail) I try to do right by my people so for the whole month I’ll be highlight great black characters in gaming – starting with Barret Wallace. Sure he’s big, large, had a mini-gun for a hand, and was Mr. T like character in general, but the fact he is an interesting (if not humorous) part of the main cast of Final Fantasy 7 makes him more than note worthy. Thanks to his inclusion, more and more people of color are starting to make their way into the gaming genre. Here to you my man, keep giving Shinra hell!