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Game Review – BioShock Infinite

BioShock Infinite


Three things: one you guys didn’t think the “Really real” Game Review two days ago was really my thoughts on BioShock Infinite did you (come on just look at it), also did you all think I was really going to review  ‘Club Penguin’s Puffle Hotel Grand Opening’ today? No, no I am not, because, three, April’s fools. Of course you all knew that, hopefully, so today is the no joke game review of the long awaited entry in the BioShock series: BioShock Infinite. So this game already starts off with a fresh change of venue from the underwater city of rapture to the skyward metropolis that is Columba. You play Booker DeWitt, a down on his luck ex-solider & Pinkerton agent who has a colorful past. Well that past as caught up with him and in order to see another day he has to infiltrate Columbia to rescue a girl named Elizabeth. However DeWitt (as well as the player) will soon learn that this job will test him (and you) in ways anyone can’t fathom.



Infinite is one part social commentary, one part lesion in the theoretical, and the rest brilliant first person shooter. Half the stuff said throughout the game is basic period piece with the main characters reacting to it. However various portions of the game also throws in some pseudo-science that tries to suggests why Columbia (and the people living there) is able to do the things it does (like fly for one). Honestly I found those parts of the game more than a little confusing and unnecessary. Combat is similar to BioShock 2‘s style of play but includes new elements like an personal shield and equipment called Gears that add abilities or modifies DeWitt’s attacks. Finally once you have Elizabeth, players will come to find out she’s not an escort mission but a handy helper both inside and outside combat.







Yeah want did you expect really, BioShock Infinite proudly continues the series epic storytelling and fantastical settings. But my favorite part ladies and gentlemen is the combat, never have I had such a balanced FPS than Infinite. Sure the weapons aren’t very inventive (pistol-shotgun-machine gun-repeat) but every weapon has weight and impact and can be upgraded overtime. The Vigors take the place of Plasmids rather nicely as well, again the not the most original, but they too can be upgraded and can used as an attack or a trap. The added shield and gears really makes the combat more survivable, especially when you run out of bullets or salts (vigor juice). The Sky-hook may not look like it, but it is the most versatile weapon/tool in BioShock history. You can use it to make quick escapes and get to higher ground (via rail system) or beat down baddies and perform rather visceral finishers on a poor fool. And Elizabeth is the best thing to happen to players since Alyx Vance; interesting character you want to protect and know more about. At the same time in combat she’ll help by giving you ammo, health, salts, and more as the game goes on. Other than fuzzy science and some butt ugly NPC (which I’m pretty sure are nitpicks on my part) BioShock Infinite is one of those titles that you’ll want play again and again and again. You might have already (those who played the game will get that comment). Anywho get the game, play the game, enjoy the game, would you kindly (those who played the first game will get that comment).