Let’s Review: Thor Ragnarok

And now, our Movie Review of Marvel’s Thor Ragnarok




Movie Review: Ghostbusters (2016)


The new Ghostbusters movie… Is it good? It is bad? It is ugly? Yes. Yeah, just, just, listen to the review.







Trailer-Rama: Godzilla (2014)


In books, games, and movies things that end the world sometimes are, admittedly, pretty lame if you think about. Zombies: they’re slow, stupid, single-minded, and they can’t use stealth; Monkeys: seriously, monkeys – I don’t care if a ‘virus’ killed 99% of the human race if the 1% still have the use of guns and access to ammo then guess what, man will still be on top of the food chain. That being said something are more believable and could doom us all like Terminators (Google already bought a robotic factory and already making robots so yikes) or Godzilla which is a subject of Trailer-Rama today. Yes they’re trying the old giant radioactive lizard again after the 90’s Godzilla movie and the Saturday morning cartoon (yes I’m a fan so sue me). However this variation of the big G will be based on the classic 1950’s original – meaning less humor, more thriller drama with maybe a lesson thrown in. The trailer is definitely impressive and it is a giant beastie trying to wreck up the place; so I’m going to watch this movie and see which Godzilla film is superior in resent times. It’s got a long road to go since they won’t be reprising Matthew Broderick role as the worm guy, but I won’t hold it against them.




This just in (Or not): Sly Cooper movie in 2016


I can’t believe it people, this is incredible. Sly Cooper has not only been a main stay of the Playstation (3 out of 4) consoles of years, but icon to modern video game culture in general. Their series has always been colorful, light hearted adventures where an anthropomorphic crew of Robin Hood style thieves steals from the crooked and dodges from the authorities. Even their latest title, Sly: Thieves in Time, was spot on and gave players another awesome Sly Cooper experience (even though it ended in a mystery). However never in my wildest thoughts did I think their next adventure would be a in the movies, but makes perfect sense when you watch the trailer. Good characters, a classic premise, humorous, family friendly, and who doesn’t like donuts. People, the melding of video games and all other forms of media is closer than ever before – and I love it, but sadly this movie won’t be out until two years from now. However this movie, made by the same animation studio, is only a year away:



Trailer-Rama Week: Anchorman 2 – The Legend Continues


And it’s about time people! Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy was a laugh out loud comedy about a newscaster who was like a deity among men, but the times were changing and not in his favor. At the end he learned a lot about himself and that journalism wasn’t (well mostly) about having good hair or fame but bringing the news to all. That movie was in 2004 and deserved a sequel two years later and not almost ten years later. Well… If there’s one thing I’ve learned on my short time on Earth so far, is that it’s never too late for a sequel.  I’m glad it’s a movie I like too in this case, so on December 20 get your rear and gear, comb your sweet stache, and jump in the family pacer to go see a great movie. After nine year, I won’t accept anything less.




Trailer-Rama Week: Out of the Furnace


Now we here at the Armada have our disagreements with one Christian Bale for his role of Batman, not that it was bad but it left a lot to be desired. However that being said, there is no doubt he can act, and Out of the Furnace will be his latest film to that fact. Bale takes on the role of the low-income worker who wanted a better life for himself and his younger brother. However all they found was bad luck, the younger brother especially since he ends up missing and all hands point a particular deranged crime boss. With allies few and hope lesser by the day; Bale’s character will take matters in his own hands, find his brother and settle up with the crime boss – if he can. This drama looks like it can win every award under the sun, rightfully so, but in all honestly the main reason this movie will rock all others is because it will have the One, True, Omnigamer in it!  That’s right; I will be the guess star in this gritty film noir…Well background extra… in one screen… But still, I’m in it! Check me out (if I didn’t end up on the cutting room floor) on December 6, trust me as long as we keep him away from any capes and cowls the movie well be fine.




Movie Review: Elysium