Gift guide for great gamers: All the new Mii Plaza games



It’s Christmas Eve people, all the stores have sold out of games (even the crappy ones) and your pocket book could just float away because of how little you have in there. Yet you still haven’t brought the gamer in your life anything thing yet – looks like you’re going to be in the dog house this year. Nope. There’s still hope. Months ago Nintendo release four awesome street pass games for Mii Plaza: Mii Force, Flower Town, Monster Manor, and Warrior’s Way. Each one a barrel of fun and great way to use the Street Pass functionally (more Street Pass players = better results in the games). Sure they’re not very serious, and won’t win any awards for best game of the year but they have three things going for them: they’re cheap, they have a lot of replay, and they’re just plain fun. I mean I like how video games these days are written with a higher caliber than ever, showcasing society good and bad qualities just as well as any other form of media. But sometimes it’s just awesome to have nice, clean, fun with a game without the need to headshot someone in the face. Games that will never end up on Fox News for threating the valves of today’s youth. Bright primary color everywhere and no moral pondering about how my actions will ruin a virtual character’s whole day.  Don’t get it twisted however, these games are simple to learn but tough to master – especially since people with the same games will be your opponents as well as your allies in one way or another.  The new Mii Plaza games are a complete package of good times and simple innovation, whose only downside is that it’s only available for the 3DS. However if they don’t have a 3DS I’m sure they won’t mind having that under the tree tomorrow, I know I wouldn’t – then they could get the new Mii Plaza games for themselves. It’s a win-win.




The Fall of Games: Review Week – Flower Town



You know, after saving the Hyperverse for I don’t know how many times. It’s just good to sit back, relax, and garden. I’m serious. At first glance Flower Town would seem to be the weakest of the new 3DS street pass games, so wimpy looking, but not wanting to be ‘that guy’ I bought it and gave it a try – glad I did, this game is Zen garden in virtual form. See in this game your mii moves into Flower Town to become a master gardener, which by fortunate providence everyone in town is more than willing to help you with especially Mr. Mendel (the town busybody I’m sure – but he means well). And while Mendel offers advice, and rest of the town (in the form of stores in a mall) gives you assistance in other ways (for a modest fee) it’s once again up to street pass players that make this game work. Once you plant a seed in the pot you’ll need other players to water it until the flower blooms. After that you can get seeds from it and from there you can repeat the process with new plants (provided you keep getting street pass player) until you reach your goal. And that’s the beauty of the game; they give to goal of growing 20 different flowers, but really after becoming master you still want to grow more to see the different types of flowers you can produce. Or buy new items for your garden and arrange them just so to fit your style, you can buy new plots of land for more gardens, and even sell plants for more scratch on the side. Even more options open up over time giving you quite a bit to do in Flower Town; all without a ticking clock, an impending doom, or convoluted storyline – meaning that the game is very relaxing and fun at the same time. Now you action junkies and CoD fans might think this game is definitely not for you, but I challenge you to try the game. It’s not the best headshot of a match that unlocks the AC-130 killstreak (and what is really?), but you might be surprised about how much fun you’re having growing a Vibrant Coronet.