Let’s Play a Little: Fortnite (3 of 3)


DEFENSE!!! *clap* *clap*
DEFENSE!!! *clap* *clap*
DEFENSE!!! *clap* *clap*








Let’s Play a Little: Fortnite (2 of 3)


OK class; time to pull out your note books, your No.2 pencils, and put your phones on silent because Fortnite 101 is just beginning. 






Let’s Play a Little: Fortnite (1 of 3)


$60+ for an early access game and people are buying it? (I know I did.) The American dream is alive and well! Welcome to part 1 of our Fortnite LPL where we take a look at an highly ambitious game six years in the making.







Game Preview – Sunset Overdrive


This is what I like to see people, honestly, more new games showing me cool stuff to look forward to, yesterday was Evolve and today it’s Sunset Overdrive (And Fortnite is on its way, yay!). So Sunset Overdrive takes place… in the future! Where your characters have to survive a world infested with monsters… I know this sounds very familiar but what sets this game apart is its stylized look, lighthearted take on shooters, and crazy unique weapons – and as we all know Insomniac Games is one of the few video game developers that can pull it off because their past speaks for itself. Now there isn’t a ‘official’ official release date yet for you can pre-order it right now and I suggest you do so because you just know when E3 shows up next month they’ll drop that date like a potato. Til then here’s some informative videos on game giving you some details on the plot, premise, and… Hah ha ha! Just kidding, it’s just clips on how to awesomely dispatch mutant monsters in the game – enjoy!







Games & Gear of 2014 – Dying Light (2014 – Maybe)



Who’s sick of zombies being used as cheap plot devices for melodrama! I am I am! Who sick of zombies being used as endless fodder for games? Not me, but Dying Light decided to be little different in the zombie survival genre.  You play as a one of four people surviving in zombie town USA; scavenging, creating weapons and traps, saving other survivors, and knocking undead skulls – which is all pretty easy thanks to the character’s agility. The can leap, bounce, grab, and hurdle like Spiderman all over the town, all they’re missing is the web shooters. Now you would think that would make the game way too EZ, and you’re right, but when day turns to night your advantages will melt away and surviving becomes very difficult. Zombies become more powerful, can climb ledges, and are relentless in finding you. While very similar to Fortnite and a combination of Techland’s other property, Dead Island: Riptide and Mirror Edge (not their property), Dying Light never the less will be the next great survival horror game of 2014 – and sweet looking to boot.





Game Preview – Clouds over a Fortnite


Ok people, now you know me, I’ll do almost anything to push the gaming agenda – at the same time I have my standards. The Video Game Awards (on Spike TV – and in no f*n way is affiliated with the Video Game Armada) have no such standards; every year it’s the same boring, nonsensical, placating, totality out of left field show its always been. True Backlash said it best: “It’s more like video game dinner theater than an award show.”  But my duties as the one true Omnigamer demanded I watch it, whether I liked it or not (and I didn’t). It would have been a complete waste of time if not for Cliff Bleszinski, from Epic Games, announcing a new colorful title about surviving some sort of zombie based doom using the environment. It’s called Fortnite.  And other than the fact it will be devoid of hulking commando types (a la Gears of War), there’s really isn’t any information on it. But worry not, the Armada is on it, once we find out something we’ll let you all know. Til then, stay tuned…






In other news.


The Xbox 360 had another system update, no biggie right? Well the format now looks like the Window Phone 7 if that matters to you; but the big thing is that now Xbox live gold players can store their game saves on ‘the cloud’ storage up to 512mb. Now ‘the cloud’ storage is a convenient way of taking game saves to other Xbox 360 consoles you can sign on to without the need of taking memory sticks and hard drives everywhere you go. Neat, but 512mb is not a lot of space all things considered and the whole cloud storage thing may not translate well to the next system rotation (we’ll due for one soon), so use this in good judgement.