VGA Quickie: Destiny (2016) Pt.5



Time’s up! The answer is assault & fusion rifle combo, it’s always assault & fusion rifle combo.





VGA Quickie: Destiny (2016) Pt.4


What’s the better attack: a grenade or a punch to the face?

You make the call!





VGA Quickie: Fallout 4 (2016)


Now it seems like overkill for a radroach, but it was a legendary radroach, so I’m justified.





VGA Quickie: Destiny (2016) Pt.3


The Best!




VGA Quickie: Destiny (2015) Pt.2


Good… But not the Best.





VGA Quickie: Destiny (2015)


Just me and my LMG, ah… Those were the dayz.



Let’s Play a Little: Destiny 2 PvP (Part 2 of 2)


Part two of two from the Destiny 2 PvP segment; the crucible (feat. AUG)