Mini Game Review: Dust 514



This one hurts deep, so I’ll make this quick like pulling out a broken tooth: Dust 514 is a bad game. Remember all, some odd years ago I said that Dust 514 was going to be better than sliced bread and going to finally bridge PC & consoles gamers together by working in tandem with the popular sci-fi economic MMO EVE Online? Well in reality it’s nothing but a paint by the numbers battlefield-clone with some slight sci-fi thrown it. And you know what; I wouldn’t mind that so much if they didn’t break the game with the addition of one irritating feature: finite gear. See, someone at CCP decide that buy weapons, armors, items, and upgrades once would be too easy and not a pain at all. So they made sure that you have to keep buying (with in game currency called isk) the gear you like by making the gear you equip on your character be destroyed every time you died. So players will have to keep bulk stocking gear just to keep competitive and if you run out of a certain item or money you’re out of luck. Never mind having to buy better gear as you level and vehicles (such as they are) are far too expensive and drive as well as drunken bull. And sure you can acquire special ‘blueprint’ gear that will let you equip gear without the fear of losing it – buuuuuut you have to buy them with real money (or be extremely lucky to get it for free). Now I’d had my issues with Baseball Superstars 2013 but at least buying items in that game only made it easier and not bring the game to freak par to the competition. *Sigh* this game is a disappointment of the highest caliber and the only reason it doesn’t get an epic fail is that I didn’t pay money for this turd. R.I.P. Dust 514, you were a great idea, poorly executed.








Game Gifts of 2012 – Star Wars: The Old Republic



For the next gift idea is, in my humble opinion, is a no brainner – Star Wars: The Old Republic. Why? Well let’s see: it has stellar personal stories for all the eight classes in the game, fanatic voice over work (and in a MMO no less), an impressive universe to explore, competitive PvP, HK-51, and now the best reason of all its free to play. I have no idea why anyone hasn’t played this game yet but now you have no excuses; on Christmas Day celebrate Life Day in a galaxy far, far away.





This just in (Or not) – swtor is free to play to-day.


That pretty much says it all people, anyone who wanted to try the Star Wars experience but didn’t want to fork over the $15 now the time. Don’t worry swtor subscribers we still get the best stuff for free and a head start on the new marketplace. Oh by the by this patch also includes a new zone to explore and the assassin droid HK-51 to acquire . So yeah, good times.




This just in (Or not) – Star Wars the Old Republic goes FTP (for the weekend)


Ah Star Wars the Old Republic, I remember the betas and release like it was yesterday… Well I’m glad to say that the game has performed as well as I predicted (and seriously fokes, when BioWare puts their name on something you know it’s good). Now they are offering those still undecided a chance to change the face of the galaxy with their characters for free up until the 23th. That right it is another free weekend that certain MMOs like to do in hopes to get more players on board with their game – only this time its Star Wars and that’s a big deal people. Trust me, as a fan and a player you won’t regret one moment of the planet hopping, ship battles, rancor busting, story driven, PvP, cantina fueled, adventures you’ll undoubtingly have. Oh, by the by, check out their new site layout – doesn’t hurt to be acclimated.




Game Preview – D514 on PS3 is a FTPFPS by CCP


Dust 514 just keeps getting better and better! An expansive game that an offshoot of a very popular MMO (EVE online), works in tandem with said MMO and its players to cause numerous proxy wars on many different planets for fame, resources, and sweet ISK; but now Dust 514 will be the first free to play first person shooter on console – freaken sweet. That’s right put down your wallets people this won’t cost you one red cent; oh sure like most FTP models you can put down money to buy vanity items such as hats or a Minmatar MH82-BCR  Personal Auto cannon in burgundy but in general it’s a free ride. Also worry not; the developers promise players who buy their gear with real money won’t have an advantage against players who don’t. Sadly the game is still in beta, but if you live in Iceland you can give this titanic game a try at EVE Fanfest on March the 22th through the 24th. I can’t reveal the location of the Video Game Armada bunker, but I’ll say this, it’s not in Reykjavik so we’ll miss out this time – but we’re counting the days this title goes live on PSN.





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