This just in (Or not): Stars Wars



You know with all the celebrities who want a piece of the Episode VII goodness I’m tempted to create another segment on Armada to feature it. However I know it once the movie is made and canned I can’t use again until another I high profile Star Wars movie is in the works, and who knows how long that will be. So I’ve decide it will a sub-segment under the ‘This just in (Or not)’ line called Stars Wars (see I added an ‘s’), where I report on the huge onslaught of ‘A’ list actors wanting to be included in the next great sci-fi adventure. Today it’s Seth Green: you know him from such works as the Austin Powers movies, Mass Effect games, and Robot Chicken. He’s also quite the Star Wars fan and in an interview with Esquire (the killer of G4, remember) he mentions he wouldn’t mind being a part of the universe. Here the exert, but I recommend reading the whole thing, it’s very interesting (despite coming from Esquire):


 ES: Has J.J. Abrams given you his blessing for the inevitable Robot Chicken parodies of his Star Wars sequels?

SG: I haven’t had a conversation with J.J. since he’s gotten the job. But for the record, I think he’s a great choice, and the perfect liaison for the old generations and new generations of Star Wars fans.

ES: Do you know him well enough that you could give him a call and say, “Hey, put me in the movies? I’ll take anything! Make me a ginger droid, whatever!”

SG: I wouldn’t pitch a specific character, but I’ve definitely mentioned to Kathleen Kennedy that if there was anything that seemed organically reasonable to put me in any of these movies, this would be the only time she’d hear me ask.

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This just in (Or not) – G4 becomes Esquire… Yip pee *sarcasm*

Now your journey to the dark side is complete.

Now your journey to the dark side is complete.



Fokes, G4 has been dead and buried for a long, long time; the only thing it was missing was an ingraved tombstone. Well people that tombstone just arrived and on it’s called ‘Esquire’. A few months ago I reported that the former network for gamers was going to be rebranded as a network for ‘today’s modern man’ that will feature shows that focus on food, fashion, women, humor, travel, and competition. So Bravo Spike TV 2 then… I hate this, and everything about it. They ended their two most popular shows ‘X-play’ & ‘Attack of the Show’ and replace it with shows like ‘Knife Fight’ – an underground, after hours cooking show & ‘The Getaway’, a traveling show. I’ve already spread my vitriol about how G4 didn’t deserve its fate and how the video game culture once again gets the shaft thanks to the powers that be; so I really don’t have anything more to say but this: its stuff like this that justifies my choice to be a gamer because there isn’t anything on TV – now more than ever.


Linkara sums it up for me.

This just in (Or not) – G4 Rebranding in 2013, ‘TV 4 gamers’ is truly dead.


I’m got to make this quick because if I don’t it will be just a long rage fueled rant on what’s wrong with the universe. In 2013 the network that was for gamers and geek culture, G4, is being re branded for the ‘modern male’. Well you know what, @#$+ that *^$%! That kind of thinking had destroyed the once great channel years prior, my very first article on this site was on how they’re focusing their target audience to male viewers like ‘Spike TV’ – and that was FOUR YEARS AGO!!! To suddenly announce that you’re ‘rebranding’ G4 into something that it already is like being a dead horse! And what G4 is, and will continue to be apparently, is failed culture experiment. A channel that could have been an institution, a legacy for everything good and awesome in our world; but thanks to the ignorance’s of those in power, sticking their poop shooters in everything and knowing NOTHING about what made G4 special, they turned it into just another walking dead in the vast wasteland of television. I hoped in my heart of hearts that the G4 of old would return to us, but I know now that will never be. Now my new wish is that another G4 would rise from the ashes and bring forth a new network that not only gives us the gaming goodness we want, but the gaming goodness we deserve for all these years. Ok I’m done, rant over.


Goodbye old friend, you deserved better.

This just in (Or not) – Adam Sessler leaves G4

From all of us here at Video Game Armada, we wish him the best of luck in all his future endeavors.


Well people I got some slightly sad news today. As of two days ago Adam Sessler has left G4 due to a ‘contract dispute’. For those poor unfortunate souls who don’t know any better; Adam Sessler was one of the first video game journalists to be on television. And one of the few video game journalists that went the distance without disintegrating into the twisting nether (truly one of the people I try to aspire to). For many of us ‘he’ was TechTv (with all due respect to the cast of the Screen Savers), then G4 TechTv (with all due respect to the cast of all the old shows (Judgment Day, Blister, Portal and so on)), and then back to G4 but with crap programming (with all due respect to no one – it was crap when Armada formed and it is still crap now). His opinions were informative but also amusing, and even though I didn’t always agree with them, I did respect the reasoning behind them. With him leaving the network I’m not sure if Xplay (the show he was on) can hold on and if that happens the old G4, which was all about video games, will be truly gone forever. Now Sessler may have left G4 but he hasn’t left the industry; he plans to be an advisor to film companies on video game adaptions. So who knows, maybe we’ll get a half decent video game movie out of all this – and if Sessler need a dashing leading man, they know who to call.






This just in (or not) – Google+ and Facebook make Bounty Hunting in the future easy to do!


Ah, the dominance of video games continues forward, so much so the two biggest names on the net are vying for your gamer time (or soon will be). Recently Google+, Google’s social network: ‘Faceoogle’ if that helps you, has enabled games to some of their users and more every day. Google+ games are small, colorful, mini games that will at least kill an hour if none of your friends are online at the moment. It’s a small selection now, but it is reported that they will add more games in time. Oh well, you already play Angry Birds on your iPhone, iTouch, Chrome browser, Android phone, and what have you, might as well play it on Google+ as well.



This story isn’t over yet because Facebook, the world’s largest social network, is upping the ante. Everyone knows Facebook is used to keep track of your friends and current events, but surprisingly it hosts quite a bit of mini games as well. Not just solitaire people but proven winners like Farmville or the upcoming ambitious f2p mmo Prime World. Facebook has the gamer market covered and is not letting go without a fight. So they made improvements to their gaming interface, made it easier to track player scores and achievements, and finally a booking marking feature to make getting back to their games that much easier. As for me, I was never a ‘Farmville’ kind of player (although I did dabble in the Harvest Moon series for a time / however the Prime World games has peaked my interests) on this tale of the tape Google+ has a long way to go before they can dethrone the champ.





Finally a new MMO was featured on the MMO Report, it called Bounty Hounds Online. It’s your standard post end of world war three scenario with the players playing as sci fi Bounty Hunters to take down alien and criminal scum. This games’ draw however is that each hunter gets their own Combat & Tactical Unit or CTU; think of them as your own personal transformer that can aid in attacking enemies, defending, or supporting your hunter – which is great, who wouldn’t want their own android girl Friday with rocket launchers attached. Now the good news is they’re in open beta now, the bad news is that it excludes North American for now (or so the website told me when I opened it up, I think I’m going to try to sign up anyway) as a result is holding a beta key give away. Just favorite them on Twitter and Facebook, keep an eye out around Aug. 22, and cross your fingers. Me, myself, I already got Star Wars: The Old Republic, Guild Wars 2, and Prime World to look forward to on the MMO front so if I don’t get into the beta here no sweat off my back. However if I do get in, play it, and like it; well I guess I got to kick more friends to the curb – I didn’t like them anyway.

If you can believe it (or not) – A.O.T.S. is following us (on Twitter)!


Back in March, the 9th, 2008 – Video Game Armada went live; the very first post I made was bashing G4 and what it became. I was displeased at the time; the very first all video game channel ever & Tech TV, a notable technology and informational channel, both become one channel – and then became terrible with shows that had nothing to do with gaming (or common decency for that matter). Now it hasn’t changed all that much in three years but at least they’re trying to be entertaining. The Attack of the Show (or A.O.T.S.) was the symbol of the old G4’s death, a show that’s a combination of ‘Jackass’, a 24 hours frat house, and youtube poop. When it came on TV, all I can ask is why? Why does it exist? No answer would produce, so I chalked it up to the vast wasteland called TV and moved on with my life. I was satisfied with this conclusion until a few days ago. To my surprise the newest follower on the Armada Twitter Account (run by True Backlash by the by) was AOTS, the Official Attack of the Show Twitter Feed. I was stunned, and happy. Don’t get me wrong we appreciate all fans of Armada, but until yesterday, AOTS was kind of an enemy of the state. What a conundrum… While AOTS still isn’t my kind of show as a whole, and maybe they’re just following us because we’re following them, but at the end of the day a famous TV show devoted to gaming (in part), tech, and other is follow a website (us) who has very similar interests – and that my friends, is awesome. Thank you AOTS.

G4 – Geared towards mutant shut-ins that nobody likes


Ladies and Gentlemen: I am a video gamer; it is something I take very seriously. I have devoted much of my short life to this art form and, to a lesser extent, technology (for obvious reasons). I can’t name the actors who played in ‘Sewer Shark’; but I’ve played Sewer Shark and to this very day I believe it should get a sequel, that’s right, I’m hard core. This isn’t about the unfair treatment of an overlooked gem, no this particular rant has ‘G4’ written all over it. Let’s go back in time to the year 2002, Comcast (yes that Comcast) and Insight Communications revealed to the world a TV network that focused on the gaming industry. Well when news of that hit my ears I had to get it, no matter what. When I did, it was like the Super Nintendo all over again, pure nirvana.

For a while, life for a gamer was pretty good – sure the shows were a little green but they were good. My personal favorite was Portal; a scripted show about MMORPG’s, funny and brilliant.

In time I figured their shows would improve greatly and give creditability to video games as a true art form to the masses, but sadly they would never get a chance. In March 25, 2004 (almost 4 years anniversary now) the powers that be decided to combine the networks of both G4 and ‘Tech TV’ (another cool network I used to watch) to into one super network. Now on paper it’s a beyond excellent idea, especially for me; the best of both networks on one channel – win/win right?

Well little did I (and the general G4 viewership) know that this was beginning of the end. No sooner did the ink dry on the paperwork, they started making changes. Not the kind of changes that means move to a different time slot, but the kind that guts all that was good about both networks and replace them with B.S. which the world has never seen before. ‘Attack of the Show‘ is the best example of this. It tries to be ‘cool’ or ‘generation now’ but all I see is a bunch a jack-offs who got lucky. Seriously I think they’re high half the time; they would have to be to come up with the warped segments on their show.

Don’t get me started with the hosts either, a 2nd rate model with a dude who makes anyone else look good by comparison only completes the bastardization of this show. The things that come out of their mouths make even our 43rd president’s own words seem intelligent.

This is the stuff I have to content with every time I change to G4 now; and remembering how it uses to be – makes me even more upset! Instead of creative, game-centered programming; I get freakin’ ‘Cops‘, ‘Cheaters‘ and soft-core porn (after 11 pm)! The only reason I still pay $45.00 extra every month for it, is that still provide small residue of tech and gaming information in the form of X-Play and other news bites. I’ll give the devil its due too, not everything in this G4 is complete P.O.S. The foreign T.V. shows ‘Ninja Warrior’ and ‘Unbeatable Banzuke’ are interesting, but I would gladly trade them both to get old G4 back; or at least the Canadian version of G4, because unlike here in the states, they wisely keep a lot of the Tech TV / G4 programming. The main reason they changed G4, is to focus their target audience to male viewers like ‘Spike TV’; to create a network ‘inspired’ by video games.

This is simply NOT the case.

All this network is now is a mish-mash of random shows, pointless commentary, you-tube trash, & questionable commercials. It’s like a popular child actor who has fallen of hard times, no longer the ‘TV 4 gamers’ (Their former motto) now the ‘TV for who the hell knows’.


Oh well, we’ll always have Portal