Games and Gear (of 2016): Pokken Tournament


Pokemon battles aren’t rare things, I’m watch one right now (not really). However with Pokken Tournament, it turns those battles into straight up fights. Leave your Pokedexs at home they won’t be needed.

Gameroween 2014: Video Game Characters that make good costumes (Pikachu)



Pokemon – Gotta to check them all. Pikachu, hands down the most popular Pokemon of them all (although I’m more of a Mew man myself). Costumes for this little guy is easy, in fact it might be an over-saturation of Pikachus this year. The small electric mouse Pokemon can fit anyone: men, women, children, babies, pets – heck anything living really. You don’t even have to wear anything heavy just put on some yellow make-up on your face and orange dots on your cheeks and -BAM- instance Pikachu. The only down side in going as Pikachu is would-be trainers always trying to catch you, and if you tell them your not a Pokemon they’ll try to catch you even more because they’ll believe you’re a rare talking Pokemon now. Oh well going as the perfectly popular Pokemon Pikachu for one day is worth the risk of being a 10 year old’s pit fighting slaves forever, or is that just me.




Gift guide for great gamers: Pokémon X & Y


Its Pokémon; do I really have to say anything else? Ok, a few things: this latest game will be the first Pokémon title to be both in 3D & on a handheld at the same time. It also marks the return of legacy Pokémon like Bulbasaur, Charmander, & Squirtle to the Pokémon franchise.  Depth of the world of Pokémon has never been deeper as there’s more to do than ever – both in single player and online. I could go on, but really, its Pokémon, and Pokémon’s record speaks for itself.





Gameroween (Game Review): Pokémon X & Y



Pokémon has evolved. And I’m not just saying that to be a play on words of the evolution of Pokémon in general (although that was totally intended). No, out of all the games in the series, Pokémon X & Y is the one that truly broke the mold of the pocket monsters legacy.



Well don’t get me wrong the tried and true story still reminds: you start as a young boy or girl who just arrived in a new town and as it so happens to get an invited by the assistants of a Pokémon professor to, of course, become a Pokémon trainer. Which leads to gotta catch them all, to be the best (like no one ever was), and defeating the evil Team (insert name here (this year it’s Flare)). That stuff will never change, however after you re-familiarized yourself with the premise of Pokémon that when the game truly opens up: with the options. Actually, that’s a lie, the options are almost apparent when you choose your gender, and keeps going from there. And what are the options I keep talking about? Why the options are to maximize and customize your play style, no longer are you stuck with the straight forward:  grass > town > gym leader > repeat formula. From various clothes shoppe to dress your character in unique ways (you’re not stuck with the start Pokémon trainer template, I know I’m shocked too), Pokémon-aime and super training to empower your Pokémon and play mini games with them a la virtual pet, berry farming to supplement your supplies, random battle cafes and battle mansions to keep your skills up, exploring the landscape for rare treasures and Pokémon, to outright anytime (if you have a wifi connection of course) connect your 2/3DS to the internet and communicate, trade or battle with any other player at demand. The future is now people and it began with Pokémon, and I’ve only told you all few of the details of awesomeness here there are still plenty more to do. As much as I hate to say it, the game does have some flaws, hardware ones it fact. There is some choppiness during the battle panning shots, and when you close the 3DS it logs you out of the internet if you’re online – which is annoying. Really though, those flaws don’t even dull the awesome shininess that is Pokémon X & Y and every Pokémon fan, if not every RPG, no, if not every 2/3DS owner should buy this game as soon as possible.










That’s Gamertainment – The Mew(three?) reveal in Japanese show


So as we all know the new Mewtwo forme/Mewthree was revealed a week or so ago worldwide. Many people found out on the official website, however in Japan viewers of this show found  out here. By the by I’ve always been a Mew guy personally.




Mini Game Review – Pokémon Dream Radar


As the Fall of Games continues some titles aren’t large, magnum opuses or chaotic multiplayer free for alls; but rather smaller parts of a larger whole – like Pokémon Dream Radar. In this game players become the new assistant to Professor Burnet, a scientist that studies both the dream and physical realities in the Pokémon universe. As such players, using experimental gear, search out ‘Dream Clouds’ that are from the dream reality and collect orbs from them for Doc B. Easy enough, but the added kink of this game is that Pokémon also somehow breach reality through the Dream Clouds as well – if discovered they’ll fight back. Now Pokémon Dream Radar is pretty much like Face Raiders: using the 3DS camera you scan the room you’re in and zap the object that coming at you. However in Dream Radar you also have to collect orbs from the dissipated clouds. Those orbs in turn can be used to upgrade your tech and get items that help deal with Pokémon. Speaking of which, Pokémon in Dream Radar are in the form of a ball of light (why, I don’t know). Once discovered it will start firing smaller energy ball at you, the only way to beat it is by witling it down a la Ghostbusters until you win. Surprisingly the Pokémon still can get away but you’ll get the items they were holding like revives and berries. Now here what’s makes Dream Radar worth the $4.00 at the Nintendo eShop. The items & Pokémon players captured can be transferred to the recently released Pokémon Black & White Version 2 games. Now I’m not saying it will give players an unfair advantage but the Pokémon captured on Dream Radar are quasi rare (mostly anyway) and can make the game easier in the beginning. So yeah those who are a planning to get Pokémon Black & White Version 2 should get this title just to have nice ahead start to the poke mania, but everyone else can look the other way.










Games & Gear of 2012 Reloaded – Pokémon: Black and White 2 (10/7/2012)



People I’ve been a Pokémon trainer for as long as I can remember, I still have my original Red version cartridge in the bows of my gamer legacy vault – I’ve almost played them all. And in all that time nothing like this ever happened: a sequel. Every single version of Pokémon always started fresh with new characters, new gyms, and even a new region; but in Pokémon: Black and White 2 in continuing a story set in B&W. Two years after the events of the first games actually; the Unova region has changed and has more to offer than before. Remade locations, familiar characters, new mysteries to unlock,  and of course more new Pokémon to capture. They’re even including a new way to capture Pokémon now called Dream Radar; using your 3DS camera you get to search for the little beasties in our world. Once you find and capture them you can send them to B&W 2 and unleash Pokémon power the world has never seen before! Mwa ha ha!  So yeah, I can’t wait for this game to drop; my only real complain is that you can’t continue from your previous trainer from B&W – it has all my pimped out Pokémon. Oh, like the song says I gotta catch them all – again.




Characters of Color – Marshal from Pokemon: B & W


Finally we wrap up Characters of Color with Marshal from the latest installment of the Pokemon series. Now as it turns out Pokemon Black and White respectively had three characters of color in it (Lenora, Iris, and Marshal); but Marshal is my favorite because he’s part of the elite four – the most powerful trainers in the region (next to the champ of course). Now granted he’s not the most interesting character nor does he have a lot of screen time but he’s the stoic embodiment of the strong Pokemon trainer. Hear me out: first of all the Pokemon he uses are strong but lack in defense, but in battle it will take everything players have just to survive, even with using Ghost/Psychic types. Next Marshal is strong and knows the valve of strength; however he also knows that strength alone won’t be enough to be a great trainer and tries to tell that to you and your companions/rivals. Finally he learns from his defeats and comes back stronger than before. They could have made Marshal any type of character but they choose to make him strong, wise and icon to trainers everywhere. Personality I would have liked for him to be the Pokemon champ in B & W instead of that fop Alder, but hey one step at a time.