Trailer-rama – Halo 4


What’s the old saying: “Just when i thought i was out… They pull me back in.” Halo 4 will be out November 6.




Games & Gear of 2012 Reloaded – Halo 4 (11/6/2012)


Well people, I know what you’re thinking: after your tirade on the pure dreck that is ‘Halo: Reach’ there no way you’ll going to play Halo 4 right? Actually, no. Like I said before on my Armada E3 pick last year, its Halo, so it’s basically a requirement to play. Plus I don’t condemn the son for the sins of the father. Reach was not all bad people, just the multiplayer (it made BioShock 2’s multiplayer seem good in comparison). Thankfully however the good people at 343 Industries heard my cries (and no doubt the cries of many others) and decided to overhaul the multiplayer almost completely. First of all the multiplayer is connected to the main story itself and have purpose and not just randomness within randomness. Next actual good weapons are part of a player Spartan load out; course you can still grab weapons at various places on the maps but they’re all random and people can’t just camp for the best stuff anymore. And speaking of load outs, your Spartan armor customizations aren’t just for show – they add stat mods to your characters and help tailor to your play style. They reworked the abilities (except for ‘sprint’ – which they made into a default command like every other game character in existence (f’n finally)) and more; just checkout the latest edition of Game Informer Magazine  (issue 229) to get the whole scoop. As it stands, Halo 4 is look like the next great step in the series; and I for one am glad.





The top three things Armada is thankful for this year

And that's why we eat turkey, cause they're jerks



Well its Thanksgiving here is the states where we enjoy a giant meal and be thankful for the blessings we got whether big and small – Armada’s no different. We got a lot to be thankful for really, it has been a very interesting year; so even though we’re going to be with our families we’re still Armada and here’s the top three things Armada is thankful for 2011.




3. Video Games



As True Backlash would say: “This is a big duh and a quarter”.  This site is called ‘Video Game Armada’ because we like video games a lot (well at least I do). There has always been something about them that was different from any other entertainment media in the world. They have the potential to have a story as epic as any novel, music as memorable as any symphony, cost as much as any movie to produce, be shown at home like any TV show, be as portable as any media player, and now use the internet as well as any computer. Video games are individual experiences from one game to the next, range from guilt free fun to truly educational. So in short Video Games are f’n awesome and they only get better from here.




2. Original internet media



Let’s face it, modern TV sucks… I mean it, I used to watch TV all the time and no matter what was on it was worth watching. Now all the good shows are either canceled (The Cape R.I.P.) or don’t exist. However there is an oasis of hope people – the internet. Everyone and their mama knows the entertainment valve of YouTube, but that’s just the start. There are various abridging series, homemade shows, and even podcasts that blow anything with a Kardashian in it out of the water. Seriously Tuesday nights are usually the best night for viewing and if want to laugh for booty off try ‘Z! True Long Island Story’. Thank you O.I.M. without you all our console would have been worn out this year.



1.  You



It’s cliché but its true, thanks to all the Armadaites out there Video Game Armada is more popular than ever! After all what’s an site devoted to the most awesome (and other) things in the world without people reading or watching? A sad exercise in failure that’s what, so from all of us here at Armada (or somewhere at this moment ) thank you. And as an added bonus we have a nice December issue of Game Informer to give away to one loyal site goer. The first person to shoot us with an email (at with the phrase: “Winner, winner; chicken dinner” along with a mailing address will get the mag with our blessings. Once again thank you all for your views and have an excellent Thanksgiving.



A free gaming mag just waiting for a home

Ban Hammer Abuse – Oh those testy game companies

I’ll admit don’t really have many gaming magazines, most gamer information one could need can be found on the internet, the ‘Video Game Armada’ for one(shameless self promotion rocks). I only have two that are privileged enough I should paid money for – Game Informer and EGM. They’re great sources of information and news in the industry but their dynamic is radically different: GI is like the ‘Mercedes’ of mags while EGM give’s it to you straight without fluff. Where I’m going with this is about a month or so ago I’ve read an editorial by Dan Hsu of Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM). It said that the mag was banned by Midway, Sony and Ubisoft from getting games from them to review. Why? Because they felt that the scores given to their games by EGM was less then flattering (especially Assassin Creed). I got to say from what I’ve read, the trio sound like a bunch of babies.Ban-Hammer-BabiesThat can’t be right, could it? I decided to do little research and from what I found EGM claims are true.

Where to begin…

Well first of all, EGM (and Dan Hsu respectively) congras for saying what you did. For standing up for your ethics and integrity as a serious media; for not bowing to the pressures of companies who think money can solve the problems of sucky games; and for showing the world that game journalists ‘are’ journalists and should act as such. However, despite the support of myself and others, there have been criticisms about this editorial. Some say that EGM (and their reviewing system) are flawed and got what they deserved; even the escapist’s Russ Pitts finds Hsu’s editorial too well timed according to low (after the holidays) magazine sales. Hsu even caught flames from other game journalists for not naming’ names in his editorial. To these people, I say, get off his back! It’s bad enough to cast stones (and suspicions) generally, but to do so on the subject of fixed journalism, just because you don’t like the magazine or the person, is quite sad. And also for those game journalists concerned about “no names” – don’t be. If your mag or site or blog does everything by the book – great; don’t get self-conscious on what Hsu said and start pitching fits. G.I. editor-in-chief’s words (Issue 179, page 10) were especially disappointing. Before I call it a post I turn my attention back to Midway, Sony and Ubisoft. You’re companies are very fortunate to have good games, that I cannot ban you all from my consoles. However your lack of maturity on game reviews was so infantile that it forces you to ‘ban’ EGM is border line insanity! I’ll tell you all a secret – reviews, everywhere, are based on opinion… You always have the option to ignore them! Also reviewers don’t make or break a game, the people who buy them do. Look at “Psychonauts” and “Okami” great games that scored very well, but did the public receive them well, no. Hard to say why, but it just didn’t happen, which is exactly my point. To blame (and then ban) a magazine for pointing out the short comings in your games will only cause way more problems than solve them. Now what you did leaves a bad taste in the mouths of the EGM reading base (and all the people they know) by excluding their mag, and by doing that its makes the chances of those people buying from you again very slim.

Gee… Who would have thought trying to spit in the eye of free press would be bad for business.

We are 2005’s disappoint in G.I.’s eyes – Time to go to work (Reviewer’s Review)


You know, sometimes I don’t know what I’m going to write about next, so for a little help I cruse the internet and turn to gaming mags for some inspiration. Luckily I found direction for my rage in the form of Game Informer Magazine, Issue 153. In the section entitled “Top 10 Disappointment of 2005”, the number 5 slot was:

“You(meaning the general gaming public) – Great games come out every year that the general gaming population doesn’t latch on to, and lack of sales means less experimentation and evolution in the pastime we all love so much. Get out there and buy what’s good, support what you love, and give weird a chance.”

Ah… It’s moments like this the V.G.A. was made for. Generally I have no complains about their Magazine, they have good features and a simple reviewing style. However this statement above is so full of it, that I had no choice but to express myself logically and show whoever wrote this P.o.S. to get off their smarmy high horse, all at the same time.

Now I understand that the staff there plays 5 or even 10 times more games over the normal gamer. They have first crack at find new, neat little games such “Psychonauts” or “Shadow of the Colossus”. The problem is that the average gamer does not have that opportunity; your jobs ties in to “the pastime we all love so much” but people who at Sears or McDonald’s 8 hours a day may not want to go to nearest game store, buy 5 unknown game titles and do little “experimentation” after a hard day’s work of flipping heart stoppers. No that’s just not how it works in real life.

Ok, they’ll probably say to me now: “That’s no excuse, what about a rental place or GameFly?” True enough, but any gamer worth anything knows that most rental places sucks for video games; no selection, annoying fees, and having to the thing back, no thank you. Then there’s GameFly; an excellent, reasonable video game resource, but between the fact that it’s still relatively unknown, and that they send the games through the mail, which takes two business days (that’s four days in real time, not including weekends). It’s almost easier to deal with the local rental places.

What really gets me puppy-kicking mad is the fact someone actually had the nerve to say “buy what’s good” when what’s good is all a matter of preference. For example if somebody who has the extra $50 to buy a game had the choice between and game that looked like a 5 year old made it while on a sugar fix or Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas 2 which one would they pick? Short Answer: RSV2! Why? Because it is what’s good you freakin smart asses, even though it’s not the new kid on the block anymore, look at Mario he’s been around for 20+ years still cranking out excellent games people love. I am truly sorry that unique and fun games sometimes fall through the cracks (To this day I still love Mischief Makers for the N64) but don’t blame us for not having same opportunities and resources that allows gamers like yourselves to play cool games, and for free no less. So if you want us to “give weird a chance” then buy the general gaming populous their own copy of Psychonauts, we wouldn’t mind. So that’s about it; I know you chumps said something about the Alliance from World of Warcraft, but I’m going to let that one slide. However as  Steven Colbert would say “Game Informer – You’ve been put on notice…”