Dragon Age Inquisition Week (Part 2) – The Future Age


There are certain things in life I know people; one of which is this game will be the best in the series and might be game of the year. Where to go from here? I mean my time machine isn’t quite really really (still lots of tech runs to do), and Sooth Sayers are ripoff artists. Worry not people I have something better than experimental temporal devices and crystal balls: professionals in the video game industry. For my money the best people to listen to about gaming actually because they will me making it. So guys (professionals in the video game industry to be), if you’re reading this: please, please, please, please, make the Jade Empire sequel! Two years is long enough but nine years is down right inhuman!




Dragon Age Inquisition Week (Part. 2) – Dragon Age Lore


Dragon Age Inquisition maybe the latest of the games in the series however the lore has crossed many forms of media: movies, comic, and of course books. To date the series has four books plus one more announced for August. Now people I’m not going to have you read all the books and watch all the made for Internet programing (although that would help); I just brought all that up to illustrate that the Lore for Dragon Age is quite massive. So with Inquisition only a few months away how can the creators not only keep all that was established together but also add to the Lore without being a complete mess. Fortunately Game Informer got a chance to interview Mike Laidlaw about and what he said made me believe the future of the series is bright.







As it should be – Backwards Compatibility

The only way to play great older games now, by wayback machine.

The only way to play great older games now, by wayback machine.


You would think after yesterday I wouldn’t have any hate left in me right? Think again, as we reveal another new segment called ‘As it should be’ where we provide commentary on a particular subject – primarily about video games. Today it’s about Backwards Compatibility, and I promise I’ll keep it short. Now for those don’t know Backwards Compatibility is a feature in modern video game consoles that allow gamers to play their older games on them. Of course the older games would only play on the updated versions of the systems you bought for them originally (i.e. PS2 to PS3) and most game systems made before 2002 generally didn’t have that feature. But Backwards Compatibility allowed gamers to continue enjoying their favorite games anytime they wanted – or they did. The next generation of Sony (PS4) and Microsoft (Xbox 720?) consoles will not have backwards compatibility because of the changing technology in which I say: bull pucky.


Now I’ll buy they couldn’t do backwards compatibility back in the 80’s and 90’s because computer technology was still coming into its own and video game systems were still considered ‘kids toys’. – in 2013 however there is no excuse.  Do you know you know about many games I’ve collected since 2002? How many of those games I still play and enjoy like Okami, Jade Empire, Legend of Mana, and of course Conker: Live & Reloaded? Those games, more resent titles (like BioShock Infinite), and even downloadable ones (this includes saved game data fokes) can’t and won’t be able to be played because the next gen systems are so advanced that it’s just not possible? Again I say: bull pucky. That’s just sad people because the games we loved are now useless pieces of plastic and programing, and after the PS4 & Xbox 720 launch the only way you can play those games is with the old systems. Which I hope you kept in good condition because if you didn’t you’ll be screwed.


Jade Empire

Jade Empire – almost ten years old and its still better than alot games out there. Too bad I can’t play my copy on the 720.


Oh wait no, Sony and Microsoft has a solution to their lack of Backwards Compatibility. Sony wants you their emulator or cloud services for all your favorite games. How & when, never addressed, thanks Sony. As for Microsoft they said that 720 won’t be Backwards Compatible but the Xbox Mini will. The Xbox Mini is an Apple TV rip off that allow people to play older Xbox games if used in conjunction with the 720. The catch is it doesn’t come with Xbox 720 as it’s sold separately. So my choices are emulators, the cloud, or extra peripheral – all of which I’m sure will cost me extra money… You know, I fully suppose the industry part of the Video Game Industry, but this is too far. In which they left me no choice but to take the follow actions:



Buy all multiplatform games for the Wii U because Nintendo is still Backwards Compatible (because Nintendo’s cool like that)


Liquidate my entire ‘2005 to now’ non-Nintendo library of games to the nearest Game Stop (save my personal favs)


And keep doing this for every next gen system change



I love the industry, but I won’t be a slave to it. If my games won’t play in the future, they’ll be put towards future games. I’ve loss a little respect for the Industry now, but it didn’t have to be this way. If they only thought of the gamers first, and kept backwards compatibility in there systems – as it should be.






This just in (Or not) – The end of a legacy, Nintendo Power’s last issue this December.


Like many of you back in the day, before the rise of the internet, I got all my video gaming information from magazines. Yes I’ve bought & subscribed to PSM, EGM, Tips & Tricks, GamePro, GameFan and Game Informer. However for me it all started with Nintendo Power. Interesting articles, letters from fans (and art), advice section for games, and yes game reviews; it was total package-or at least as far as I was cornered. I had the Nintendo Power subscription for many years, and equally enjoyed it for that long. As I got better at my craft and bought more consoles; I decided it was best to expand my knowledge by subscribing to more diverse gaming mags and letting go of Nintendo Power. It was a tough decision but the correct one I believe, plus still picked up a copy every now and again. Well fokes it is my sad news to say that Nintendo Power will see its last sunrise at the end of the year. I’ll be honest I rather not see it go even though I haven’t brought an issue in years; but all good things from come to an end – and Nintendo Power was definitely a good thing. On behalf of all gamers you helped over the years: thank you and we all hope that all present Nintendo Power staff find new places to write for. The game may change, so change with it; but always remember where you came from.



Both the 100th & 250th issues of Nintendo Power are in my private collection, and soon last one will be apart of it as well. Funny… I always thought the mag would outlive me – such is life.




Trailer-rama – Halo 4


What’s the old saying: “Just when i thought i was out… They pull me back in.” Halo 4 will be out November 6.




Games & Gear of 2012 Reloaded – Halo 4 (11/6/2012)


Well people, I know what you’re thinking: after your tirade on the pure dreck that is ‘Halo: Reach’ there no way you’ll going to play Halo 4 right? Actually, no. Like I said before on my Armada E3 pick last year, its Halo, so it’s basically a requirement to play. Plus I don’t condemn the son for the sins of the father. Reach was not all bad people, just the multiplayer (it made BioShock 2’s multiplayer seem good in comparison). Thankfully however the good people at 343 Industries heard my cries (and no doubt the cries of many others) and decided to overhaul the multiplayer almost completely. First of all the multiplayer is connected to the main story itself and have purpose and not just randomness within randomness. Next actual good weapons are part of a player Spartan load out; course you can still grab weapons at various places on the maps but they’re all random and people can’t just camp for the best stuff anymore. And speaking of load outs, your Spartan armor customizations aren’t just for show – they add stat mods to your characters and help tailor to your play style. They reworked the abilities (except for ‘sprint’ – which they made into a default command like every other game character in existence (f’n finally)) and more; just checkout the latest edition of Game Informer Magazine  (issue 229) to get the whole scoop. As it stands, Halo 4 is look like the next great step in the series; and I for one am glad.





The top three things Armada is thankful for this year

And that's why we eat turkey, cause they're jerks



Well its Thanksgiving here is the states where we enjoy a giant meal and be thankful for the blessings we got whether big and small – Armada’s no different. We got a lot to be thankful for really, it has been a very interesting year; so even though we’re going to be with our families we’re still Armada and here’s the top three things Armada is thankful for 2011.




3. Video Games



As True Backlash would say: “This is a big duh and a quarter”.  This site is called ‘Video Game Armada’ because we like video games a lot (well at least I do). There has always been something about them that was different from any other entertainment media in the world. They have the potential to have a story as epic as any novel, music as memorable as any symphony, cost as much as any movie to produce, be shown at home like any TV show, be as portable as any media player, and now use the internet as well as any computer. Video games are individual experiences from one game to the next, range from guilt free fun to truly educational. So in short Video Games are f’n awesome and they only get better from here.




2. Original internet media



Let’s face it, modern TV sucks… I mean it, I used to watch TV all the time and no matter what was on it was worth watching. Now all the good shows are either canceled (The Cape R.I.P.) or don’t exist. However there is an oasis of hope people – the internet. Everyone and their mama knows the entertainment valve of YouTube, but that’s just the start. There are various abridging series, homemade shows, and even podcasts that blow anything with a Kardashian in it out of the water. Seriously Tuesday nights are usually the best night for viewing and if want to laugh for booty off try ‘Z! True Long Island Story’. Thank you O.I.M. without you all our console would have been worn out this year.



1.  You



It’s cliché but its true, thanks to all the Armadaites out there Video Game Armada is more popular than ever! After all what’s an site devoted to the most awesome (and other) things in the world without people reading or watching? A sad exercise in failure that’s what, so from all of us here at Armada (or somewhere at this moment ) thank you. And as an added bonus we have a nice December issue of Game Informer to give away to one loyal site goer. The first person to shoot us with an email (at vgarmada@gmail.com) with the phrase: “Winner, winner; chicken dinner” along with a mailing address will get the mag with our blessings. Once again thank you all for your views and have an excellent Thanksgiving.



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