Black Friday Game Shopping Tips


It’s 3 in the morning, do you know where your loved ones are? Of course you do because its Black Friday and you’re all in the same place – a line. Sure it maybe a different store but its always the same line, but we all know the real fun begins when you get into the store and try to sift through the good deals with the bad. So for the sake of all the would-be shoppers for games, here’s an article I wrote last year that might help you and your shopping experience. You might be able to make your own deals as well… What? It’s not a cop out, give me a break, I’m fighting some dude for the last Wii U (or I think I am, you never know with Black Friday).






WTF/FTW – Mass Effect pre-order commercial


It all started in 2007 with a man (or woman) named Shepard. He saw the end of the galaxy by the hands (or rather mechanical tentacles) of a race living spaceships called Reapers. Shepard did everything in his/her power to prevent the Reapers from destroying all life in the galaxy – good to ill. Even commercialism is no stranger to Shepard, but now he takes is business acumen and breaks the 4th wall into our reality with a new commercial. All I got to say is: WTF/FTW & I’m Boss Bronze and this my favorite commercial on the citadel.





Game Trading Tips – Maximum gaming with minimal money


Let’s face it people: gaming is expensive. It always has been expensive since the 90’s and even more expensive in the 80’s. Long gone are the days you can plunk in a quarter and have some bit based fun from five to twenty five minutes at a time. These days the fun is longer and yours but you have to shell out at least $200 to start and keep paying $65.00 to keep the fun going, with no guarantee the game’s any good. What’s a gamer to do? I’ll tell you – trade-in. Games even as old as PlayStation can even be trade in for actual money; but how do you go about it, there are plenty of gaming stores with their own policies, which ones are the best for me? Thankfully that is why we’re here; in this segment we will look at examples of two types of gaming stores out there (that the Armada staff has shopped in regularly) and how they handle trades-ins. Together we will find the best way to get the latest games for you and get Christmas presents for everyone else with the money you saved.




1. Chain Stores (i.e. GameStop, BestBuy)

Chain stories are stores that either specialize in one subject, and for our purposes today that’s video games, or deal with many different products along that vine. As an example only two stores comes to mind – GameStop and Best Buy; they have over thousand stores across the world, they both own and control video game magazines, Game Informer and @Gamer, and of course offers some of the best trade-in deals available. Here’s their stats:


+ Knowledgeable Staff (GameStop)

+ Convenient locations

+ Pre order bonuses

+ Midnight pick-ups (some games, not all)

+ Trade-in range from Current to PS2

+ Trade-in pricing from $30.00 (for current ‘just releases’) and below (all other games) per game

+ Trade-in Memberships. Basic membership offer points for every bought or sold game, the premiums memberships offers more at the cost of a yearly fee ($15) (GameStop/Best Buy)

+ Used (yet current) games can be brought at cheaper prices

+ Now buying old iPods, iTouches and iPhones (GameStop).

+ The option of getting trade-in as cash (GameStop)

+ Can use trade in funds to buy other non-video game related things (Best Buy)


– Some staff is not as knowledgeable or helpful as others (Best Buy)

– Will not take Xbox or below games

– Each store may have a different price value for traded in games (GameStop)

– No trade-in as cash (Best Buy)







2. Local Stores (i.e. The Exchange)



While many say that local stores are on the decline, they won’t go quietly into the night. This is true for local stores that buy, sell, and trade in video games. Where the chain stores may say ‘no’ in, the local one tends to work things out. For the example I chose ‘The Exchange’; a business that may have stores in three states but they’re a far cry from Wal-Mart. They deal with music, movies, figurines, video games, and even board games. Here’s what they bring to the table:


+ Friendly staff

+ A surprising selection of new and old games at reduced prices

+ Trade-in range only limited to PC games

+ Trade-in pricing can be up 75% ($48.75) of original price (the newer the game the better)

+ Can use trade in funds to buy other non-video game related things

+ The option of getting trade-in as cash


–  No special for trade-in deals

– Trade in prices vary from store to store

– Stock vary from store to store



So those are pretty much your choices on the old school route, but nowhere near your only one. E-Bay, Amazon, and other internet sellers provide a greater opportunity for blingitude (but it’s never guaranteed), also different chain & local stores may have much better offers than the examples stores I’ve listed today. The best (and final) piece of advice I can give on this subject is to do a little research; go to your favorite gaming hole and see what they offer in trade-ins. If they’re good then go for it; if not then you have this guild to fall back on. Where there’s a game, there’s a way.