This just in (Or not): Destiny 2 Gameplay reveal


Who likes trailers? I do, I do! Who likes Destiny? I do I do (And I know you do too, come on admit). So you all should love today’s ‘This just in’.






Inquiring about the Inquisition: Character Creation


A lot of players spend a great deal of time getting the look of their avatar just right, me included, seriously I won’t even start a game until my game character looks like me to the best of the software’s ability (the games I always play seem to have the worst difficulty getting high yellow black dude skin quite right – work on that developers). Anyway DA character creation for Inquisition looks extremely extensive and will be open to all genders and races so you can go crazy. Don’t worry it’s not all dress up with cyber dolls, there some gameplay too. Enjoy!



Part 2



Part 3