Let’s Play a Little: The King of Fighters ’98: Ultimate Match


Today on Video Game Armada we play the legendary fighting game: The King of Fighters ’98! Why? To highlight the most underrated fighting team in video game history, the American Sports Team! I’m serious!








Let’s Review: For Honor



Hey kids, do you want a post apocalyptic game that has nothing to do with nukes, demons, magic, or super duper sci-fi influences. Well at the same time having one of the most well made combat mechanics to date, but still gives you an option to spam quick kills. Then fokes, For Honor maybe for you in our latest Game Review.







This just in (Or not) – Soon…


Yeah, I said this before and I’m saying it again: AVG is coming back. Especially since the VGA has been upgraded for this year – we might as well go for broke here. Stay tuned.

Games & Gear of 2014 – Titanfall (3/11/2014)



Now people, you ask any gamer on the street what two games will be the landmark titles that will define the new year and most likely your get Destiny and Titanfall as the answer. Sure they’re FPSes but their take on the genre makes a lot of players (like myself) excited. Titanfall, for example, is an online only game; however it features a single player story. How does that work? By adding elements like NPCs and plot based objectives into its matches. Another plus is that this game is a fantastic hybrid of mech and sci-fi shooter; meaning that normal shooting parts and mech piloting stuff, is all well-balanced and not lacking. Mech Assault 2 and Starhawk tried this, but once someone got in a mech it was over for the non-mech players; in Titanfall having a mech is an advantage but is not a killer app (or I hope not). Finally this title is headed up by Respawn Entertainment, the same talented crew who created the good Call of Duty games, and if we all know one thing the good CoD games excel at is frantic, awesome, balls to the wall combat glory. Pedigree + potential = win; pick this game up on March 11th.






Gift guide for great gamers: The Wonderful 101



You like Viewtiful Joe don’t you? Of course you do, and before Clover Studios got shut down Viewtiful Joe was on his way to be the next great video game mascot. However we all know the sad tell of Clover, however most endings are just new beginning. A lot of Clover alliums founded and merged with other groups to make Platinum Games, the same company that made MadWorld, Bayonetta, and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance titles. All of them different like a fingerprint, but have only one thing in common: great fun, and when you put great fun and a spiritual successor of Viewful Joe (which was great fun to begin with) into one game you got The Wonderful 101. Like Viewful Joe you play as a super sentai hero who must save the world from evil, unlike Viewtiful. Joe you don’t do it alone (mostly). There are many ‘Wonderful ones’ in the game and when you find (or recruit) enough you can use the ability to Unite Up and morph into the form of giant weapons and objects. People you haven’t played a game until you take a couple dozen people and turn them into a massive fist to smack enemies up with. What’s more the characters are as colorful as the costumes they wear (and yes I know I made that joke on the review too) and both humor and action are well done. Fun for the whole family, challenging to gaming elite, and not bad to look at – The Wonderful 101 is not Viewtiful Joe but it might be just as Viewtiful.







Game Preview(s) – Nintendo Direct (10-1-2013)


As the new next gen console wars are about to begin, Nintendo is getting their games ready to bring the pain. Watch the latest Nintendo direct video and try to tell me you’re not excited about the future.




Quick Awesomeness: Triple Hypercube


Three hypercubes together, Bejeweled diamond mine, and a minute to kill, let’s do this.




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