Games and Gear (of 2016): Quantum break


This ‘time’ on Games and Gear we take our ‘time’ talking about Quantum break, it’s about… wait for it… TIME!

Armada’s Gamescom picks: WiLD


We here at Armada want to focus on substance rather than style when we pick our game choices; however WiLD from Wild Sheep studios gives us pause because its unique look and theme. It looks like a hunter-gatherer setting with the player being the hunter-gatherer or even an animal. Outside of that premise there is NO info and a lot of guessing; which bases this pick on faith that it’s more than a pretty face. Then again my own picks on games in the past, to which I knew everything about it and played the beta for, didn’t turn as well as I hoped. So crossing my fingers here people and stay tune for more info.




Armada’s Gamescom picks: Hollowpoint


Ah, what once was old becomes new again. 8-bit style games are coming thanks to excellent game like BroForce and Shovel Knight; and 2D (or 2 & ½ D) games keep going strong thanks to games like this future title called Hollowpoint. In the future you’re the leader of your own mercenary organization (Big Boss would be proud) and go to war for various mega corporations against one another. Taking high steaks jobs will earn you prestige and money to make organization grow. However the best contracts require multiple organizations to complete; so work with fellow players from your own merc company, or even a rivals’, to achieve victory. Add to the fact the numerous armaments you can equip for your merc, the random, challenging levels you will encounter, and of course online play, and Hallowpoint’s valve is almost impossible to miss. Sadly it will only be available next year, but so is a lot of other good games, so I can wait.




Armada’s Gamescom picks: Quantum Break


Guess who’s back? Quantum Break, the game/show that died but lives again. Made by the same fokes who done Max Payne and Alan Wake comes a game that is both parts deep drama and 3rd person action shooter. The player is Jack Joyce, one of three people who survived a time traveling experiment gone a rye; so now he can stop time. Unfortunately the main villain of the game, Paul Serene – another survivor, can now control time as well and now using it to cause chaos for an unknown reason. You are the only one who can stop him, as well as fix time from coming undone. People I always love the concept of time travel / manipulation and from the Gamescom demo it looks like they do it very well in the combative areas and to set the mood so yay for that. Also I liked Alan Wake and more than a few of you out there like Max Payne so do yourselves a favor and keep an eye out for Quantum Break next year; it’s only a matter of time.




Armada’s Gamescom picks: The Escapists


Let’s face it people: Prison sucks. Bad food, bad attitudes, and no privacy; if we didn’t keep our most deranged members of humanity in there then I would say do away with them all. However in The Escapists you play a prisoner trying to get out. Easy said than done really because you have nothing and nobody but your wits and your jumpsuit. However with some improvised tools, hard work, and doing a few favors for the other prisoners, escape is possible – will you be the first to break out of 8-Bit pen (not its official name)? Well good news for you Steam users out there, out can find out first as they got an Early Access Game for $9.99. As for me and the other console bros we’ll have to wait for the full version next year (or early hopefully).





Armada’s E3 picks – Gamescom Edition: Cuphead (in Don’t Deal with the Devil)


You though it was over, nope, because Gamescom happened two weeks ago and guess what? It also dealt with games. If there’s anything the Video Game Armada deals with its games, so for one more week we talk about upcoming titles before officially launching into the Fall of Games next week. Cuphead (in Don’t Deal with the Devil) is a unique game that looks like it’s from a movie short from the prohibition era. Cuphead and Mugman are the protagonists in the game, which means there might be two player fun as well. They seemly go up against a madball, an angry flower, a bat, and a pirate in their trailers but I’m sure there will be more crazy cartoon combatants on the horizon. Other than that there not much info on the game except that it will be similar to contra & other 2D side scrolling shooters; and that the game’s animation is hand drawn and painted in like style to get that authentic look. Now I’m all for games look like art (because they are) but I hope it plays as well as it looks – we’ll find out next year.




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