Let’s Play a Little: Fortnite (3 of 3)


DEFENSE!!! *clap* *clap*
DEFENSE!!! *clap* *clap*
DEFENSE!!! *clap* *clap*








Let’s Play a Little: Fortnite (2 of 3)


OK class; time to pull out your note books, your No.2 pencils, and put your phones on silent because Fortnite 101 is just beginning. 






Let’s Play a Little: Fortnite (1 of 3)


$60+ for an early access game and people are buying it? (I know I did.) The American dream is alive and well! Welcome to part 1 of our Fortnite LPL where we take a look at an highly ambitious game six years in the making.







Games and Gear (of 2017): Bulletstorm – Full Clip Edition




“There’s no kill like overkill.” – Boss Bronze (2011)










This just in (Or not) – Borderlands 2 will make bullets fly via gun, Gamefly will make games fly via digital distribution.


That’s right people; the success of Gearbox’s open world carnage fest has earned the series an upcoming sequel. Now the first game wasn’t perfect; it had players keep doing the same ‘go kill’ quests, the character’s archetypes made customizing very limiting, and of course jerks with maxed out toons don’t make it easy for new (or casual)  players on Co-Op. But you couldn’t beat the frantic, devil may care, combat both in and out of vehicle. You know a game’s fun when you take down a giant electrified mutant ant queen – with your bare hands. Now details are little sacred right now, more info will be available in the September issue of Game Informer, but what we do know for certain is that one of the new characters in Borderland 2 is a heavy weapons dual wielding gnome. For the win people, for the win.



Ah Gamefly, for a few years you were a one, true, Omnigamer’s dreams come true. But then getting the new release became harder and harder and then impossible – and that my friends became unacceptable. Well it seems Gamefly wants to rectify that issue by going into the digital distribution business. Now this will help solve customers’ overwhelming need for titles that come out; however games that are handled by Gamefly are of the console variety. And since the digital goodness can only be transferred via PC, the question on how players will actually play all these different titles becomes apparent. PC controls suck, it’s a known fact I prove every time I play Team Fortress 2 with an Xbox 360 Controller; but how in the world do you play a Wii game on the PC, answer – you don’t. Also there is something to be said about having a physical copy of a game instead of a digital copy on the service. Let’s face it people, mess happens, if a customers’ internet was down or (heaven forbid) a hacker decides to do something malicious them your gamer plans will be shot. Again, not to say any of that will ever happen, but I’ve learn not to put all my games into one basket.