Aftermath/The End – Pacific Rim


Technically part 2 of the Pacific Rim review on Video Game Armada. Here we talk about the stuff we couldn’t in part 1. Enjoy!





Movie Review – Pacific Rim


Giant robots fighting Godzilla clones? You can’t go wrong here, our review of Pacific Rim.




Well swabbies here’s another odd gem from our brothers from th’ Far East: a music video called GANGNAM STYLE by Psy (I think). Now when I think o’ ‘Gangnam’ I think o’ somethin’ else entirely. So when me mom called me up an’ asked me if I be hip t’ ‘Gangnam Style’ (seriously, she’s a cool chick) I thought ‘t be about giant robots doin’ some wi’ style. Howerethe actual thin’ in question be much more insane. I’ll be honest fokes, ‘Gangnam Style’ be nay really a new style an’ th’ video itself be too random t’ be all that impressive – e’en if ye could understand th’ language. But ye know th’ old saying: 221,509,725 YouTube viewers can’t be wrong.