It’s that TIME again where we take TIME out to tell you all about the Christmas Hit List game of the day. This one took a little TIME to think about, but TIME was ticking so we pick this one in the nick of TIME. Quantum Break – it’s about *wait for it* TIMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Christmas Hit List: Destiny



Come on now, if you thought Destiny wasn’t going to make the list, then you don’t know me at all.

Christmas Hit List: Star Wars – the Old Republic



Christmas is only 11 days away, and you still don’t know what to get that special gamer in your life, for under $40 no less? Don’t worry, just in time for the holidays, the Christmas Hit List will be your guide.





Sweet Chirstmas Gift Guide – Fallout 4


You know I been playing Fallout 4 pretty heavily since it’s release, so much so that just when I think I got an handle on the game they introduce and new element, faction, story line, side quest, character, event, enemy, or all of the above that makes me fall in love with the title all over again. With seemingly endless places to explore, people to meet (and or frag), and sweet, sweet, items to collect; Fallout 4 is not a game- it’s the game of the year. If they don’t have this game and you got no idea what to get for a gamer, then by all means get this, it is a lock trust me.




Sweet Christmas Gift Guide – Batman: Arkham Knight


The Batman Arkham series had a good run for very good reasons: combat and stealth game play, puzzle solving elements, excellent characters in the Batman universe, and finally a superhero game that doesn’t suck (that one in particular). However the swan song of the series, Batman: Arkham Knight, pulls all the stops as it opens up Gotham entire to the player. To stop Scarecrow and his new army, led by the mysterious Arkham Knight; Batman must drive, glide, fight, solve, and hunt down in every corner of the city to save the day. Even then it might not be enough save himself. So if you got a DC fanatic in the neighborhood and for some reason hasn’t picked up this end to all ender be a bro today and leave it under the tree for them.




Sweet Christmas Gift Guide – Star Wars Battlefront


Star Wars – The Force Awakens was amazing, and everyone knows it! But sadly now the adventure is over and we have to go back to our daily lives – or we? Thanks the power of Star Wars Battlefront we can join the conflict between the determined rebels and the brutal Empire. SWB is the most impressive looking game of the series by far, I swear some moments feel like I just got dropped into Hoth right then and there. And facing down a AT-ST (pronounced -“at~sssssit”) is downright intimidating with these now visuals. Now most battles do take place on the original movies (ep 4, 5, & 6) but owning this title also allows you to fight a battle on Jakku, that’s right, the same planet where the newest movie starts. Players have the added pleasure of knowing their battle helps with the newest Star Wars lore. I would say buy this game for all lovers of Star Wars, but that everyone these days so let the force guide you on this one.




Sweet Christmas Gift Guide – Destiny: The Taken King (Year 2)


Destiny talk? On this site? NO WAY? Yes, Yes, I know I am the Destiny fanboi, but seriously people now is the time to play this game. Despite my best efforts some people still hated this game for one reason or the another. If it was up to me I would ignore those people and keep doing what I’m doing. Bungie’s smarter than me however and took account of all the complaints from the nay-says out there about the game’s failings. When ‘The Taken King’ year two patch came out for Destiny it was like meeting an old friend for the first time all over again. Everything was the same, but better. Items were dynamic and fresh, but familiar. Quests were challenging and inventive, but still rooted in their core game play. And even when I finished the main story of the Taken King, that’s when the Year 2 patch really opened up! So yeah, the first year of Destiny wasn’t perfect but it was still worth the money I spend on it; Year 2, yeah, that’s perfect, and they only can go up from here.



Sweet Christmas Gift Guide – Tales from the Borderlands


Ok people time to hear a sad truth: with Gearbox Software focusing heavily on their newest IP, Battleborn, they have said on many an occasion that Borderlands would be put on the back burner. A bummer I know (though on the plus side I’m sure Battleborn with be an excellent addition to their line up of games), but worry not for the story of the Borderlands is not over yet thanks to Telltale Games and Tales from the Borderlands. Following a little bit after the end of Borderlands 2, Tales (the game, not the developer) starts two main characters: Fiona, a con-woman looking for the big score, and Rhys, a corporate lackey looking to become the next Handsome Jack. Through misfortune and mistrust they become tie together as their fate will be up to you. While this being a CYOA game, it lacks the frantic run and gun play style fans have grown accustom to in the Borderlands series. However it still retains the humor that the series is also known for, and since these character aren’t vault hunters the dangers are more real for them, and me, as we go along. The best thing about this title is that it fills in the Borderlands lore, which before Borderlands 2 was slim to none – and Borderland 2 only as necessary. A must download for all Borderlands fans, seeing how this might be the only thing we get Borderlands wise for a while.




Sweet Christmas Gift Guide – Smite


As you all know me and MOBAs have a ‘Tolerate – Hate’ relationship, I think the game type as a whole lacks the white knuckle excitement of FPSers and at the same time dumb down versions of MMORPGs. However there is no denying its rise to popularity in the major gaming circuit. Whole internet channels are devoted to MOBAs and many gamers I even know swear that MOBAs are the master race of gaming. Whether that’s true or not only time will tell, however even I see the potential in one: Smite. Recently fresh off an open beta Smite is a MOBA that use gods, goddesses, and cosmic level beings are the characters. Sure you still do all the things MOBAs do (Spec you character with items, select a role, runs the lanes, work the jungles, etc). However since this MOBA was made in mind for the Xbox One they made the controls tighter for that purpose. The view is 3rd person for your character instead of a top down like other MOBAs. These changes make all the difference and set Smite apart from the rest. Add to the fact that it’s a Free-to-Start game (you can pay for certain characters individually or all of them, past, present, and future, for one lump sum price) and you got EZ choice gift for your favorite solo mid player out there.





Sweet Christmas Gift Guide – Mortal Kombat X


I said it before, and I’ll say it again: MORTAL KOMBAT!!! Nuff said…