Let’s Review: Pacific Rim – Uprising


Our review of the latest giant robot punching movie: Pacific Rim – Uprising.








Trailer-Rama: Godzilla (2014)


In books, games, and movies things that end the world sometimes are, admittedly, pretty lame if you think about. Zombies: they’re slow, stupid, single-minded, and they can’t use stealth; Monkeys: seriously, monkeys – I don’t care if a ‘virus’ killed 99% of the human race if the 1% still have the use of guns and access to ammo then guess what, man will still be on top of the food chain. That being said something are more believable and could doom us all like Terminators (Google already bought a robotic factory and already making robots so yikes) or Godzilla which is a subject of Trailer-Rama today. Yes they’re trying the old giant radioactive lizard again after the 90’s Godzilla movie and the Saturday morning cartoon (yes I’m a fan so sue me). However this variation of the big G will be based on the classic 1950’s original – meaning less humor, more thriller drama with maybe a lesson thrown in. The trailer is definitely impressive and it is a giant beastie trying to wreck up the place; so I’m going to watch this movie and see which Godzilla film is superior in resent times. It’s got a long road to go since they won’t be reprising Matthew Broderick role as the worm guy, but I won’t hold it against them.




Aftermath/The End – Pacific Rim


Technically part 2 of the Pacific Rim review on Video Game Armada. Here we talk about the stuff we couldn’t in part 1. Enjoy!





Movie Review – Pacific Rim


Giant robots fighting Godzilla clones? You can’t go wrong here, our review of Pacific Rim.

This just in (Or not) – Godzilla and Jurassic Park 4 next year



Now as we all know 2013 is the Year of Luigi but what will be the theme of next year? Why giant reptiles of course – more to the point Godzilla and Jurassic Park 4. Yes Godzilla, the original overseas giant monster, is succumbing to the rebooting rage of current times. The 2014 version will feature:


“a much darker tone instead of having a fun, campy feel like the original Godzilla movies”


Which might be a mistake, don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against the move but certain movies are legendary because of its origins – warts ‘n all. Take the Evil Dead series for example, sure the originals were scary as sheez but they were also funny as sheez too (and they had Bruce Campbell in it –WTF). However the Evil Dead reboot, premiered earlier this month, had the horror but none (or rather very little) of the humor (nor anyone close to a Bruce Campbell character) and people did take notice. Again I’m not wishing doom on it before they can the sucker, but Godzilla is so memorable for the ridiculousness of it all – or are they telling me I need to take a giant radioactive fire breathing (green fire by the by) lizard who sometimes fights a golden three headed hydra seriously.


As for Jurassic Park 4, I’ll be honest, after the first one, I loss interest in the series because I knew the first one was going to be the best one –and once again I was right. Lost world and on was a sad, boring mess; even the CGI dinos was phoning in it. I thought this would never get another chance at greatness, but I underestimated the power of nostalgia. So now it’s got another chance at life, however since there is very little information on JP4 right now it’s hard to get excited for this one as well. Now if those respecting movie houses somehow combine Godzilla with Jurassic Park I would see that flick in a heartbeat, but as of now it’s just sometime worth mentioning. Stay tuned.


Godzilla the 90’s cartoon show was (say it with me now) awesome. Watch it on Netflix today!